Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lulu Is Very Sad That National Service Training Department DG Refers To It As "just because of one or two deaths (this year)

"just because of one or two deaths"
somone's child
someone's brother/sister
someone's best friend

"just because of one or two deaths"
they've brought laughter into people's life
they've touched someone's life
they've giggled with their best friends
they've argued with their siblings

"just because of one or two deaths"
they'll never grow old
they'll never get married or have children
they'll not be here to celebrate Mother's Day with their family today.

"just because of one or two deaths"
Too Hui MinAfiq Zuhairi
Ili Ameera Azlan,
P. Prema
Mohd Rafi Ameer
Nurul Ashikin Karino
S. Theresa Pauline
Awang Mohd Fazil Awang Borhan
T. Saravana

"just because of one or two deaths"
Lulu hopes National Service Training Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kecil will never have to go through the grief one or two deaths in his family.

National Service program has to be stopped.
Parents send children there, not sure if they will return or not.
The aim and purpose [the official one-la] is nothing that 11+2 [if you do form 6] years in the school system cannot acheive.
Lets not waste lifes and money on this monstrosity

NST - National Service to stay despite another death

Do you have enough concern and passion to see some correction, if not the end, of the National Service?
from haris ibrahim's blog [click here]
I’ve had a quick look at the National Service Training Act, 2003 this morning and I’ve got to say that it requires further study. Until then, I would not want to get anyone’s hopes up without good reason.
Are those who wrote in to say the would like to try and do something serious about this? If so, can we put together a team who would like to work together on this effort?
If you are, I will create an e-group to facilitate discussions on how to move forward with this effort. What you need to do is send me an e-mail, with the subject ‘No more Non-Sense’ to

other readings on National Service at People's Parliament here


Scott said...

Angry posters here

Harris said...

A penny for the DG's thoughts . What if his only child or children who went to NS died during their stint at NS ? Will he behave diffirently ? Or is it ,all children of BN leaders and the top civil servants are exempted from NS ?

Anonymous said...

Lulu should take up this matter seriously and put a stop to this nonsense program. DAP have started it. After the march 8, we have seen the true colour of the previous gov, lets not take tis as a coverup for a hidden agenda, The program will never bring about any.....any interaction among our youth when you look at the situation in the country now. No tolerance, pig farm issue, karpal, everything is only to benefit a certain group of people. As Anwar has pointed out that a certain group is cooking up a storm for their agenda. Lets not put our kids in their dangerous hands.Lulu should do something.

Michelle said...

I agree with Lulu. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

The objectives of the national service programme:

* Develop a young generation who are patriotic and with love for their country
* Enhance unity among the multi-racial communities in the country
* Instill a spirit of caring and volunteerism among society
* Produce an active, intelligent and confident generation
* Develop positive characteristics among the younger generation through good values


~~~ beeranyone

Anonymous said...

In my industry which involves heavy mechanical construction, job safety is a paramount priority. Most of my clients have more than 100,000 accident free manhours. One fatal accident, even a near miss at work will shut down the operation pending a thorough investigation. In most cases, the manager in charge will be 'reprimanded'; even transfered into isolation. Shamefully, Lee is also the chairman of NIOSH which supposedly prioritise safety above everything else. Why didn't the people at NS follow the SOP or ERP for matter relating to complain of health and discomfort. Do they have such plans and policies in the first place? Really angry too. w9

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Lulu, First their children are not among those listed NS participants so how to understand the pain of those effected.What is most important is to enrich wealth in this present life so even bad omens to happen for what ever wrong doing, if they are lucky it befall back on them if not pity their next generation to suffer.This world do you agree with me that we have this selfish goons in the private or public sector.
Do you think the DG will be bothered by any death with I do not understand of only one or two.
Can one one enlighten me if I refuse to allow my kids to NS is it any offence and the consequences.
It is such a depress that we have this so call humans that have no heart.


puavanan said...

This is pure rubbish. How can they give such an excuse like “just because of one or two deaths”?

Don’t they feel guilty for their own carelessness and lack of efficiency?

Looks, like it’s okay for them to have one or two deaths every time during NS camps. I wonder if the DG is having a verbal diarrhea, with his mouth overtaking his brain, uttering words even before they can be processed for release.

wits0 said...

The NS program was wrong in spirit from the start. It attempts to tap the energy and imagination of youths to be patriotic without providing the real cause for them to be so afterwards. How long would kids be able to be brainwashed into a lifelong support(some wild hope indeed!) of a flawed system that is both racists and elitist? Meanwhile it is already causing many parents much grief with its very sloppy management.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the family of the child.

The moron who gave that statement should resign

wits0 said...

Just because of maintaining and pampering the image and interests of one or two ministers, the bad idea and implmentation of NS cannot go!

When these one or two two goes, the impossible becomes the possible. We have seen this sort of typical reaction before with the BN governance!

Malaysian said...

It's obvious the NS program is still a work-in-progress, "let's write the SOP as we go along" deal of money first and safety second, and not a carefully thought of national integration camp from years of carefully thought out formulation. The only way to bring it down is to send massive emails out to inform parents and future candidates to boycott the program. It's just like Bersih, except instead of going out to the streets, all the parents have to do is to keep the kids at home.

Anonymous said...


thumbs up if parents follow your suggestion. but would they be as brave as RPK to go to jail rather than send their kids for a possible last meal?
chairman lee no longer cries for the deaths. they are mere statistics only. afterall, the many parties involved aka fat cats are more important.

Anonymous said...

"Just because of one or two deaths". Is this how indifferent you are? Have you no shame? These are our children, we send them to you because you said so and you don't even care whether they have the basic security and medical support? Tell us again in the next election and we will know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would like to find out too, which BN leaders's children have been to NS so far. Pls ask them to list down all the top BN leaders children, nephew/nieces, grandchildren who have been selected and actually attended and completed NS.

Pls Haris or Lulu, help us get the figures.