Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lulu Is Glad RPK Is Supported By His Friends In His Time Of Trouble

as of 6pm,
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Look at the comments in solidarity with RPK at his site.
Look up the blogs linking to the incident, and the number of bloggers standing by him.
You may say, talk is cheap, but in this case, talk is substantiated by the donations given for RPK's bail money. RPK's supporters within 5 hours raised RM24,500 +USD 3,283.61 USD.

Lulu cannot help but think, how many people would still be standing with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his son-in-law, Khairy when AAB is no longer PM. AAB may still have some loyalists/old friends who stood by him through the seasons of his life, but KJ....? nah.


huey mei said...

wah...this is cool

wits0 said...

The people are not amused. Can this be denied away?

Khun Pana said...

Now they the Barisan Beruk ( bn ) all know that we Walk The Talk and we mean it.
RPK might be a blogger , but most of us appointed RPK as our unofficial representative .
The best part is that RPK is not even a politician .
Something will comes out of this,by charging RPK is a bad move indeed done by umno beruks.

myop101 said...

Free RPK! Free RPK! Free RPK!

Actually, better still, let RPK expose the case in court!

Anonymous said...

hope he's given all the strength to fight it thru

wits0 said...

Glad to know his wife has posted bail. For him, jail is certainly not a safe place. His enemies could dispose of him easily by various means (even via sorcery)and get away with it.