Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lulu Hopes That Your Donations Will Reach The Cyclone and Earthquake Victims

it helps if you do not use channels like these. Think johor floods, tsunami and even the j.e, and you'll get what Lulu means.

If your heart is moved by the plight, and your wallets are waiting to be emptied, please pass your money through a temple, church or mosque. [Lulu's not sure if the mosques has mobilised anything, but the temples and the churches would have.] Check first how your intended choice will channel the money. If it is through tabungs like the one pictured above, you may want to look for another avenue. If possible, look for groups which has direct patners with those affected.


novice101 said...

TZU CHI Foundation is sending volunteers, medical supplies and foodstuff to Myammar. It has been recognised by UN as an NGO. It can be contacted below:

www.tzuchi.org.tw - Taiwan
Melaka - www.tzuchimalacca.com
Penang - tzuchi.org.com
Tampin - Tel : 606-6331934/6331936
Seremban - tel :606-4416068
Muar - Tel-606-9544375
Kluang - Tel: 607-7736115
Kedah Tel-604-7339620
Kelatan Tel_609-7433013
J. Bahru - Tel 607-5547703
Perlis Tel- 604-9763208
Ioph - Tel-605-2551013
Sungai Patani Tel 6044218732
Terengganu Tel-609-6228811
K. Kinabalu Tel-6088-381779
Sandakan Tel-6089-212886
Miri Tel-6085-419753
Kuching Tel - 6082-344706
Tenom Tel - 6087-736001
Tawau Tel 6089- 911896

CK said...

dun worry, i won't donate to this. i will donate straight to red crescent.

wits0 said...

Beware of such gomen-sponsored charities! Decades ago even the initially Star sponsored one for the then newly liberated Cambodian people were mismanaged.

ezrazlin said...

hey there..
the pic of badawi, what a joke! big cheques for glamourous life! write a cheque for a mil and you'll get back two mil, great way of life huh we have now!

team bsg said...

without sounding bigoted nor parochial or even smart-aleky why it is that when there is a disaster somewhere, anywhere all our local big men and women will show that they really actually care...such as the pix here giving "donations." then on the other hand ripping the poor disastrous Rakyat with multi-billions of ringgit eg cyberjaya, port klang , monsoon cup this corridor that corridor , then jet planes, submarines , fighter jets etc etc etc etc.

what is happening to us ? Are Malaysians by and large idiots and fools ?