Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Little Piece Of News Lulu Suspects You May Have Missed Out

can't find it online on both NST and the Star, so, will type it out. It appeared on the NST 1st May, page 4, small little piece on the bottom right hand corner.

RM790,000 spent on jets
The government spent RM792,325.20 for the use of executive jets by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Razak between Feb 24 and Mar 7.
Abdullah said this in reply to Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (PAS - Marang)

in a time where even eating rice is getting so expensive that a stupid minister [man.... there are so many of them in Malaysia, yah?] tell the rakyat [ref here cos it sounds so unbelievable] to eal less rice, our caretaker PM and his deputy burns RM792,325.20 during campaigning period.
Prior to this, the usual "using the government machinery" during elections involved things like govt land build cabin, using the dewan serbaguna and things like these. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has brought it to new heights.

Some Lulu thoughts
1. He obviously wasnt using it in his capacity as PM but more like head of i-want-to-campaign-and-help-you-win-not-realising-that-i-was-one-of-the-factors-why-you-lost Barisan
2. why must the rakyat's money have to be used for his own party's activities
3. good thing they won enough seats to still be the government. else the new government would probably be able to make a case to recover that expenditure.

Lulu will be looking forward to the questions which arise from the answer of this question.


CK Tan said...

didn't miss that out. was going to blog about that as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CY said...

Hi Lulu, appreciate if you could scan the original article and upload it here please :)

cherry tree said...

the government tells us we are the ones who have to 'ubah gaya hidup'... if they give the rakyat RM900 minimum wage, they will go bankrupt. If they give more oil subsidies, they will go bankrupt. three words: pot kettle BLACK.

most of these ministers are only in office to enrich themselves - they're only shitting about *aheM* 'serving' the rakyat. boooo!

rational thinker said...

how come this is not a big issue? my goodness! a million dollar jet fee...

for BN campaigning too! they re just caretaker govt!!!

LC Teh said...

We are actually so immune to the stupid proclaimations by equally stupid ministers we really can't be bothered with what they say anymore!!! Just tighten our belts and hang on until new goverment takes over, either soon, or 4 - 5 years time... Doesn't matter.

kittykat46 said...

For the US and UK heads of government, security rules require that he use the official transport, but if the travel is for campaign purposes, the political party has to refund the Treasury.

Khun Pana said...

Both of them must pay from their own pockets , or as "malay" prefers to pay by easy payment, deducts from their salary.
Such abuses cannot be tolerated.
Anyway to recovers the amount spend?

Anonymous said...

subsidis for foods now is more important than fuel

msApple said...

it is too much. RM700k for their jets while we are suffering with all these fuel price, rice price increase.

all they gave us just excuses and more excuses... (a stupid one)