Thursday, May 08, 2008

Erhm... Lulu's Picture Lain Sikit

do you know that if you go to dbkl's traffic portal, you can view the KL roads to see if it's jam or not?
most people use it for that purpose.
Lulu learnt that there are people who use it for pther purposes. During the Bersih rally, there were some who were watching the rally via the traffic cameras.

Lulu just took a peek at what the camera is showing over at Dataran Merdeka.
Currently, at the Dataran, the bomba folks are there preparing for some pertunjukkan tomorrow.

What is not happening there is the Raja Petra solidarity vigil.

which, obviously is not happening due to the heavy police presence.

But it has not stopped some from coming
this group got together at the appointed time. They were there for a short while before the police dispersed them.
After that people stayed around the fringes.
Even so, the people advised those around the fringe to "datang balik besok" to take pictures and visit the dataran.

oh... maybe dbkl's picture looks different because of the angle.


Anonymous said...

what-a-blardy good one, seems like those boys from pdrm keep spooking themselves like crazy.

guess these boys - with movin' target, big problem but when come to 'sitting ducks', darn blardy good.

firm, fair and courteous... mana pi?


Muda said...

Hah ! Mula lah takut. Tis' only the beginning of another tsunami that will change Malaysia for the betterment .

Josh said...

Looks like the police or BN government are monitoring us (blogs) even more this days.. Haris has to find another way of getting people together...

Anonymous said...

Police cordoned off the area like an airtight can. Couldn't go in. Judging by the high number of police there, one can guess how significant RPK is to them.

L said...

There are tonnes of RPKs here, they can't shut them all up...

Khun Pana said...

Its not that nobody came.
But the " hantus " sealed off the Selangor Padang .
Lower pangkat Hantus obeys chief Hantu , and chief hantu obeys chief of bn
One cannot exercises his/her democratic rights anymore when bn is still in power.