Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lulu Couldn't Find The Word To Describe Najib's So Whatstheword

Najib Like So [whatstheword?] powderful?
Lulu hopes the government will also respond to the wild and baseless allegations that "some irresponsible people had smuggled in indelible ink and had influenced villagers in Perlis, Kedah and Kelantan that they would not be allowed to vote if they did not have the ink mark on their fingers" which were raised by the Election Commission chief Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, IGP Musa Hassan and AG Abdul Gani Patail.

news source of the allegation

Lulu Dah Gemuk, Needs To Take A Walk This Sunday

Lulu was most pleased to have lost a few kilos a few months ago.

However, now that Mar8th is over, Lulu now lives a contented enough life. Instead of living on bread and water, Lulu now lives on cake and milo. so, how-lah not to gain weight?

so, Lulu has decided. This Sunday morning, sometime between 9:00-9:45 am, Lulu wants to take a walk, and this looks like a good route for a fat Lulu. Simple, flat ground and not a long, long walk like the Bersih route.however, maklumlah, the streets of KL are not the safest in the world. Lulu, not being the bravest of bravest, would like to take this walk/stroll with someone. Lulu dare not go alone-lah. If you are a member of the press, be it mainstream or alternative, or an editorial contributor [like Malik Imtiaz or Ong Kian Ming that type], Lulu would love it if you could actually walk with her. cos maklumlah, KL not very safe-lah, and it would make the walk so much more meaningful and less lonely for Lulu.
If you could be so kind to walk with Lulu, could you drop Lulu a mail at Thanksabunch!

Lulu feels its good to once in a while give you something to read, so here goes -

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lulu Thoughts Strikes Again!

you know how DrM quit UMNO and will not return as long as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the president?
"Wait till Abdullah quit as the prime minister and party president and then we can return to Umno," he said.

maybe, just maybe, there's this whole bunch of ex-UMNO guys [and gals] who left UMNO eons ago as a protest of DrM's presence. Maybe there's a group out there who thinks,
"Wait till Mahathir quits the party and then we can return to Umno," they're thinking.

maybe, just maybe, this is the beginning of the in-xodusstarts with Ezam, and cummulates with Anwar? well, Lulu wouldnt discount that. Stranger things have happened. Afterall, who would have thought that DrM would quit UMNO.

Lulu Is Glad She's Not In A Position Where She Would Receive Suggesstions/Letters of Recommendations for The Cabinet

really, what are you supposed to do when you receive such things?

Look at what happened with the indelible ink fiasco/cover up/that-was-what-they-had-planned-for-from-the-start-anyway
The Elections Commissions, a kononnya independant body, received a "mere suggestion" from the Cabinet to not use the indelible ink for the general election.
What does one do with a suggestion from the cabinet?
Now, really, what can one do with a suggestion from the cabinet? Take it as a mere suggestion and do what is right?
The poor EC Chairman, whose tenure was so valuable to the government that they took the trouble to ammend the retirement age so that this trustworthy servant could serve another year, took the suggestion seriously, and cooked up excuses to not use the indelible ink during the elections.
and when all this terbongkar-ed, our esteemed Prime Minister says, "It was not a directive".

Then we have these four Letters of Support by former Transport Ministers in support of the issuance of bonds to Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd (KDSB), the PKFZ turnkey contractor to raise RM4 billion bonds.
Now, really, what can one do with 4 letters of support from no less that the Transport Minister? Two Transport Ministers some more, as one was issued during the time of Ling Liong Sik, and the other two by Chan Kong Choy. Take it as a mere suggestion and do what is right?
When a minister endorses a support letter, one would treat is as an implicit guarantee as it gave the impression to the credit rating agency that the letters were coming from the Government.
Now we have Ong Tee Keat, the current Transport Minister who has promised to reveal the whole truth about the PKFZ later disclaiming the importance of the letter, saying that it was not a guarantee letter.

The lesson learnt from these two events is to pray real hard that you will never ever receive any suggestions and/or letters from the PM, his ministers or cabinet.
Cos if you do, and you don't act on it, you will kena immense pressure from "powerful people". If you act on it, you will have your moments of peace from them [peace within not guaranteed] but when it meletups, they'll disown you.
damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lulu Hopes That Your Donations Will Reach The Cyclone and Earthquake Victims Part2

Lulu's MP will be going around the pasar malams to do a collection for the victims of the Nargis cyclone in Burma and the Sichuan earthquake in China. All the money collected by DAP will be channeled to the respective countries via World Vision Malaysia.
Tonight, they'll be at the SS3 pasar malam and tomorrow night, it's SS4.
pix from Snap Happy

aisehman.... Lulu Seems To Have Missed Out On The Good UMNO Era

from aisehman,

You know, Umno was once a party that truly cared for the downtrodden, the dispossessed and the under-privileged.
I know it sounds crazy, and maybe some of you are too young too remember, but it really was that kind of party.
Lulu is from this era, where she saw

Along the way, however, Umno forgot the reason for its existence, and began entertaining the notion that the reason behind the existence of other things was Umno.
That every single person, not to mention every single Melayu, in this country owed every single thing to Umno.
Adios, Muchachos

Lulu pula saw an UMNO who cared only for the UMNOputeras, neglecting the bumiputeras.
an UMNO who whenever they had problems internally, would divert the attention of the members by stirring racial hatred, believing that the Malays would go for a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" unity
an UMNO who would out-Malay and out-Muslim everyone out there even though their favourite business partners and lawyers werent necessarily a Malay Muslim.

Lulu would like to see UMNO continue in its existense only if it would return to be a party that truly cared for the downtrodden, the dispossessed and the under-privileged.
only if...
if only...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lulu Thought Only Children Tantrum Like That

It does sound like one, doesn't it? Like a schoolboy who didnt want to come out to play cos his "enemy" was in the playground. To a certain extent, Lulu can understand [thought Lulu does not agree] his frustrations with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Lulu wishes the Tun all the best, and that many, many UMNO members will emulate him.
Malaysiakini Mahathir quits UMNO

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Lulu Fill In The Blank

The Prime Minister's Department has lodged a police report against several newspapers for publishing the Royal Commission of Inquiry report on the V.K. Lingam video clip ______ it _____ made public.

a) before / was
b) forcing / to be

what do you think should be in place of the blanks? a- the official reason or b- the lulu version.

btw, is Lulu alone in thinking that if it were a more "borderline" newspaper, think Makkal Osai,which published the details, it would have been hit with an instant license tarik balik?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lulu Is Mighty Peeved At The Evil One's Talk On "Substanse"

he goes on and on about "substance" when the reporters met him outside parliament after he and Amirsham got caught for the sham Q&A.

Lulu "hansard"ed the interview after listening to it carefully the 2nd time as what he said during the interview left Lulu mighty peeved.

dia tak nak dengar soalan, dia tak nak dengar jawapan
dia tak nak dengar perkara yang sebenar.
mungkin dia takut dengan substanse
mungkin dia takut bahawa apa yang dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan DAP Pulau Pinang tidak dapat penerimaan daripada rakan-rakan kongsi yang lain, dari PAS dan Keadilan.
soal sama ada itu adalah errr soalan dan sebagainya, itu tak penting
yang penting adalah substanse
substansenya adalah dasar ekonomi baru dan ikrar ketua menteri Pulau Pinang yang mengatakan beliau akan meghapuskan perlaksanaan DEB daripada pentadbiran kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang.
dan sejauh mana itu adalah satu masalah bagi kita di negara Malaysia.
Itu soalannya, dan menteri cuba jawab, tapi saya rasa mereka takut dengan jawapan tersebut.

ikrar ketua menteri Pulau Pinang yang mengatakan beliau akan meghapuskan perlaksanaan DEB daripada pentadbiran kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang???
He is SO evil, he deliberately left out the part where Lim Guan Eng said, "we will run the government administration free from the New Economic Policy (NEP) that breeds cronyism, corruption and systemic inefficiency", meaning that the NEP will still be practised in Penang, but it would be one free of cronyism, corruption and systemic inefficiency. It has a totally different meaning for menghapuskan NEP fullstop.
Its like saying, "I'll fly you to London on first class in your dreams." and omiting the "in your dreams" when you tell your friends that your husband is flying you to London on first class. A world of difference.

Entah budak ini pergi Oxford belajar apa.
At one point, Lulu actually asked a friend who graduated from Oxford around the same time if this evil one was really, really there or not cos maklum-lah, a lot of fakes going around. Lulu was told that indeed the evil one was from Oxford. After that, Lulu began to wonder if he played games in Oxford. Games which involved a lot of hitting on the head that left him in this narrow minded, racist, manipulative mindset.

Lulu, Unlike Amirsham Abdul Aziz, Was Never Successful In Spotting Questions

Back in school, did you spot exam questions and study/memorise terra-terra what you spotted?
Say you're convinced that the question would be on photosintesis, and so you memorised everything about photosintesis and practically become an expert on the subject matter.
So, when the exam question is revealed to you on d-day, ah... photosintesis! and because you have spotted that, you are able to answer the question brilliantly.
However, if tiba-tiba, the question is on plant reproduction system, and because you had spotted photosintesis and therefore only studied photosintesis, totally neglecting everything else, you have nothing much to write. blank. susah-lah....

Lulu was NOT one of those who was successful in spotting questions.
Nope. An utter failure in that. Lulu's short journey of spotting was marred by failures, and hence, Lulu never got onto this "spot"ting boat.

Reading from Uncle Kit's blog and Malaysiakini, Datuk Amirsham Abdul Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department overseeing the Economic Planning Unit seems to have done a semi-marvellous job in spotting the questions in Parliament.
Some background to this. Before Parliament commences, MPs submit their questions to the various ministries who will prepare written answers to the soalan bertulis and "prepared text" for the minister/deputy for the soalan lisan. Two supplementary questions are usually allocated to each question during the question session. The MP who submitted the question is guaranteed one spot in the follow up question. The ministers or their deputies are usually have to answer the supplementary questions off the cuff as they are asked on the spot by MPs chosen by the speaker randomly, unlike the original question which gave them sufficient notice to prepare for the answer.

So, today, everyone's favourite son-in-law's written question regarding the NEP was answered by the minister himself who [o-wow!] was in Parliament today. The standard answer was given. No drama yet.
Drama began when Khairy asked his supplementary question over a statement made by the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (DAP-Bagan) on the NEP.
That one memang drama, but the mega drama was when Amirsham, in responding to the question, read from a prepared text to the supplementary question meant to be impromptu and extemporaneous.
Not only was the answer prepared, it was so prepared that it runs into two pages!

Lulu mentioned earlier that he seems to have done only a semi-marvellous job in spotting questions.
Semi because the answer to the subsequent question posed by Prof Ramasamy was shallow, of no substance and did not answer Prof's question.

Either Amirsham is a "spot the question" minister OR he was informed of the Khairy question earlier.

Uncle Kit has a more intersting take on this.
Read about the drama in Malaysiakini here.
The Sun calls it a "caught with his pants down" moment

This incident would have been funny had it taken place in a classroom, but it took place in Parliament, and the question and answer that followed was paved with evil intentions.

Updated 7:33pm
Lulu thinks KJ's explanation is pathetic!
"It is not planted, it's a supplementary question that I asked. The minister is a very intelligent man. I sure he has anticipated what might be the question," he added.
A question which began as whether the government is planning to change existing policies which were formulated based on the NEP spirit, especially those related to assisting the bumiputera could have led Amirsham to foresee a question on Lim Guan Eng's statement on NEP.
My goodness! Go watch this video. Watch his body languange and make your own conclusions. Note the hollow "no!"
And try not to puke at his "substance"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lulu Undecided Whether The NST Writers Were Lacking In Vocabulary, Had A Poor Choice Of Words OR Is Just Plain Mean

maklumlah, the NST has a lawsuit pending against Jeff Ooi, but for them to write, "Ooi Chuan Aun (DAP-Jelutong) went into sulking mode and forgo his turn to speak today when the deputy speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar cut debating time for each person from 15 minutes to two", that, really makes Lulu wonder if the NST writers were lacking in vocabulary, had a poor choice of words OR is just plain mean and vindictive.

Normally, each MP is allocated 20 minutes to speak. Then it was cut down to 15 min, then 10, then 5, and by the time Jelutong got to speak, he was given only 2 minutes.

Lulu looked up the Hansard recordings of the proceeding on the 8th.
Looks like a typical parliament style "hello" alone will take up 2 minutes.

for eg,

Datuk Siringan Gubat [Ranau]: Terima kasih Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Tuan Yang di-Pertua, melalui Dewan yang mulia ini saya mohon untuk menyampaikan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan serta menjunjung kasih di atas titah ucapan perasmian oleh Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong di Perasmian Pembukaan Sidang Parlimen kali yang kedua belas. Titah Ucapan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong itu wajar dijadikan panduan untuk melaksanakan khidmat dan kewajipan terhadap negara, bangsa dan rakyat.
Tuan Yang di-Pertua

Tuan Mohamed Azmin bin Ali [Gombak]: Assalamualaikum warahmatulallahi wabarakatuh dan salam sejahtera. Tuan Yang di-Pertua, saya tampil untuk mengambil tanggungjawab membahaskan Titah Diraja dengan mengajak Ahli-ahli Yang Berhormat untuk memberi tumpuan kepada kesan tsunami politik yang melanda Malaysia pada 8 Mac 2008. [Dewan riuh] Umumnya golongan usahawan dan budayawan, warga korporat dan teknokrat, golongan pekerja dan peniaga, pemandu teksi dan petani merasa lega kerana pemimpin Barisan Nasional yang angkuh dan sombong, sang perasuah dan pemeras, dihukum oleh tangan-tangan rakyat yang berkuasa.

Dato' Ibrahim Ali [Pasir Mas]: Bismillaahirahmaanir Rahim, assalamualaikum w.b.t. Terima kasih Tuan Yang di-Pertua oleh kerana masa tak panjang, saya nak bercakap style kung-fu iaitu saya tidak akan bagi laluan walaupun saya suka berdebat sebab masa tidak ada.
Tuan Yang di-Pertua, dalam kita menjunjung Titah Ucapan Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan kalau pihak kerajaan sendiri juga turut akur kepada kedaulatan Raja, di mana Agong adalah Sultan Terengganu, kembalikanlah royalti minyak yang sekarang ni masih dalam dana Kerajaan Persekutuan.

Lulu thinks Jeff Ooi is right to decide not to speak.
"It is impossible for me to condense my speech into two minutes. With the time allocated, I can't even finish the introduction of my speech," he said.

And for the NST to describe Jeff as "sulking", well, Lulu thinks they're wrong to use that adjective.

Update 10:08am
Just took a glance at the NST.
They've decided to revise the piece and omit the earlier "sulking" paragraph. good thing sensibility prevailed.
btw, Lulu has the screenshot of the article which was posted, but it's at home. will post the it up when Lulu gets home, else you may be wondering if Lulu's delusional.

Lulu Would Rather If The Government Showed Heart Instead Of Big Cheques To The Myanmarese

taken from Letters to Malaysikini, this is a letter from Alice Nah, executive committee member, Persatuan Kebangsaan Hak Asasi Manusia (Hakam) and a co-coordinator of the Migration Working Group.
May fled from Burma after soldiers raped her. If she is arrested, the nightmare begins again. Only this time, she may not be able to raise the money required to buy her freedom. She is already in deep debt.
Kyaw was arrested in 2007. He was kept in different detention centers for two months, and then brought to court. There was no interpreter. He was sentenced to five months imprisonment and two strokes of the cane. He will carry these scars on his buttocks for the rest of his life – Malaysia has branded him for his time here
In a raid last Wednesday in Klang, two days ago, we hear than fifteen children were arrested. They are from the Rohingya community, ethnic minorities from Burma, who are stateless. By accident of birth, and by acts of political power outside their control, they are ‘illegal’ everywhere they go. What will happen to these children?
Will they too, stay detained in detention centers for months, and then get deported to the Thai border? Who will pay traffickers for their release? Will they be sold to brothels or to individuals who will keep them, use them – for sex or as forced laborers – and re-sell them to other ‘private owners’, as has happened to others in the past? It is within our power to help these populations in distress. We are able to, we are obligated to, and we should.

from an Interview with Irene Fernandez Don't forget Burmese refugees here, PM told
Migrant workers lobby group Tenaganita said the government, through people’s volunteer corps Rela, cannot continue to oppress and repress the refugees at gun-point, as done by the military junta that rules Burma. Director Irene Fernandez said in a statement today that “more than 60,000 Burmese refugees with children are being hunted down with a form of vengeance by Rela and the immigration department”.“They are mercilessly arrested and detained (under) inhuman conditions in various immigration detention centres,” she stated
“Why are we arresting them and selling them as slaves or threatening them with deportation to Burma when we know that their lives will be at great risk, even of death? Is this not brutally inhuman?“ Knowing very well the deep political crisis in Burma and now, with the catastrophe (caused by) Cyclone Nargis ...We should start our humanitarian response to the refugees here by stopping arrests of all refugees and going further to recognise them as refugees.”

Lulu's Friend Solves The Mystery Of The Missing Condensed Milk

remember your susu cap junjung? milkmaid? teapot?

not many people realise it but you can't find real condensed milk anymore. Lulu has searched and searched for it, but it has been quietly replace by what is called "krimer manis pekat". Slowly, without you realising it, they replaced the milk product with a palm-based sweetened creamer, disguising it in the same packaging and occupying the same space on the shelf where the condensed milk used to be.

Condensed milk connoisseurs and ardent bakers have lamented the loss of this wonderful product as the substitute is, but a poor substitute.

For a long time, Lulu has joined the lamenters, wondering why we can't find it anymore. Was it a [un]health[y] issue? Was it a demand problem?
What happened?
Why can't we find our condensed milk?

Then, just the other night, Lulu's friend solved the age old mystery of the disappear-ed condensed milk.
Lulu's friend, who is a connoisseur, was reading something which had the list of products under price control.
Petrol, lpg, steel bar, sugar, flour.... and suddenly, a loud exclamation!
Condensed milk is a control priced item. That's why you cant find any here.

Lulu did a check, and these are the historical prices of a 397gm tin of condensed milk as tracked by the Domestic Trade Ministry
1991 RM 1.50
1993 RM 1.60
1997 RM 1.65
1999 RM 1.75
The price has been kept as RM1.75/small tin since 1999. This is a good buy IF you can find it, considering that a carton of milk has almost doubled in price. Lulu wonders where they got the price quote of RM1.75 in 2007 cos they havent been seen on shelves since lulu-doesnt-realise-when-cos-it-has-been-many-many-years.

That is the problem created by controlled price items. Whilst it is good that the rakyat is not burdened by arbitrary pricing, it ignores completely the fact that commodity prices do go up. And in the past year, it has gone up, up and away.
When the cost of the product has exceeded the selling price, it leaves the manufacturer manufacturing to sell at a loss in his expense. And when that happens, he limits his production, creating a shortage.

We have seen it in the case of the chicken, flour, sugar and cooking oil. Especially since these are everyday necessity, the rakyat felt the impact at once.

Condensed milk, however, is not a real daily necessity. No one went hungry or could not bake anymore when the manufacturers decided they could not make any money producing it. Hence, it died an unnoticed death.

Lulu wonders,
1. why was it put into the control price item list. It's not suitable for infants or toddlers. It's not the healthiest of products. Why condensed milk and not milk powder? Could it be because they needed to put some form of milk on the list, and they put the lowest necessity product instead of what is needed the most for our children's nutrition?
2. why dont the manufacturers sell "enriched" condensed milk? By adding a minuscle of vitamins, nutrients and minerals which are "essential" to our diet, their product would no longer fall under the control item descrption. Plain flour is controlled price at RM1.35. But by adding some baking powder, it sells as "self raising flour" at double the price.
3. Are we administering/managing this price control thingy correctly?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lulu Hopes That Your Donations Will Reach The Cyclone and Earthquake Victims

it helps if you do not use channels like these. Think johor floods, tsunami and even the j.e, and you'll get what Lulu means.

If your heart is moved by the plight, and your wallets are waiting to be emptied, please pass your money through a temple, church or mosque. [Lulu's not sure if the mosques has mobilised anything, but the temples and the churches would have.] Check first how your intended choice will channel the money. If it is through tabungs like the one pictured above, you may want to look for another avenue. If possible, look for groups which has direct patners with those affected.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lulu Was Wondering About This Standing Thing In Parliament

Whenever an MP wants to ask a supplementary question or seek clarification during a debate, he/she would stand up, and if he is "lucky", the speaker would acknowledge his and allow him to interrupt.
Lulu's MP, stood up on two occasions during question time the first day, hoping to pose supplementary questions to some of the other queries raised. He takes it in good stride that he is unlikely to get a chance as supplementary questions during Question Time in the morning are usually limited to 2, and priorities tend to be given to those who are more senior in Parliament.

It seems to be quite a common problem for newbie MPs according to this article in the Stay Work cut out for newbie MPs.

One of the complaints from the newcomers was the difficulty getting spotted by the Speaker for a chance to ask a supplementary question or to interject during a debate.Chua Tee Yong (BN – Labis) has been trying for two weeks now, but has not had any luck.“I have not counted the number of times I have stood up. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to debate next Tuesday,” he said.In the case of N. Gobalakrishnan (PKR – Padang Serai), persistence finally won the attention of Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar. But things turned comical when he sat down just as his name was called.“Yang Berhormat duduk pulak (You have now sat down instead),” chided Wan Junaidi gently.Gobalakrishnan apologised saying he had not expected to be called after standing numerous times without success.
Khairy Jamaluddin, one of the names often mentioned in coffeeshops when discussing why BN kalah teruk, makes it seem so easy. Afterall, he got to interrupt when Lim Kit Siang, Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Wan Azizah, Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman and Shahrir Samad were speaking.
btw, it's not like he's speaking intelligently either. He was cut down to size by Uncle Kit the other day, and today, he's ranting about PKR being Projek Khinzir Raksasa, forgetting that it was under UMNO's administration that a delegation had a lawatan sambil belajar to 3 countries, AND approved the project.
The thing is, the speaker calls him so often, it's beginning to look suspisious.

Pray tell Lulu, what's so special about this 1st time MP from Rembau that he gets called upon so often?

Update 8:30pm
Considering how many times Khairy was allowed to interject someone's speech, Khairy's refusal to make way in debate truly reflects what a brat he is.
Lulu love-love-love the responses from the other MPs
Zulkifli Noordin (PKR-Kulim Bandar Baru) stood up and said: "If scared, then don't be an MP. Might as well as just switch on the tape (recorder)."
Mahfuz Omar (Pas-Pokok Sena) then suggested that Khairy read his speech to Kemas kindergarten children if he did not wish to be interrupted before saying that PBN stood for Projek Babi Nasional (National Pig Project), drawing laughter in the House.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lulu Not Pinning Her Hopes On Getting A Fair Review

the minister, in answering the question from Lulu's MP, was reported saying

The Works Ministry will review highway concessions which may result in lower toll rates.
Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed said he would call for a detailed study to be carried out before reviewing the concession agreements.
Some of the important factors to be considered were the traffic volume forecasts, toll rates and period of the concession, he said.
“We will compare the toll collections, and maintenance and operational costs, as well as ‘heavy’ maintenance costs,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday.
Heavy maintenance, he said, referred to scheduled maintenance to resurface the entire highway while normal maintenance involved patching up potholes.
Mohd Zin said there was a toll review mechanism clause in the concession agreements which prevented concessionaires from raising toll rates as they pleased.

This has led many to be hopeful that the toll review would bring lower toll charges without the government having to "compensate" the concessionaire.

However, looking at their track record,
PLUS was given a 30 year concession beginning 1988 for the building and running of the North-South expressway.
In 1999, they were given a 12 year extension in return for a renegotiation of the concession providing for a new toll structure, with increments every three to five years instead of annually in the original contract.
So, from 30 years, in became 42 years.

ahh.. you can trust the government to renegotiate it to a more rounded number.
In 2005, under a package to upgrade the expressway, adding two additional lanes in the Seremban-Ayer Keroh and Rawang-Tanjung Malim stretches and relocating the Jelapang toll booth in Ipoh, the government renegotiated the contract and gave PLUS an extension of eight years and seven months.

Now, we are stuck with PLUS, raising the toll every three years for up to 50 years and 7 months from the original 20 years.
Thanks to our fair minded, no vested interest government.

Lulu is going to be pessimistic on this as the government has not shown Lulu any reason to see it otherwise.
Lulu is additionally concerned as the current ruling party may be ruling no more in the very near future, and may choose to sacrifice the nation in return for sadistic revenge by locking in the most unfair and obviously lowsided deals with the "no vested interest" concessionaires.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lulu Is Very Sad That National Service Training Department DG Refers To It As "just because of one or two deaths (this year)

"just because of one or two deaths"
somone's child
someone's brother/sister
someone's best friend

"just because of one or two deaths"
they've brought laughter into people's life
they've touched someone's life
they've giggled with their best friends
they've argued with their siblings

"just because of one or two deaths"
they'll never grow old
they'll never get married or have children
they'll not be here to celebrate Mother's Day with their family today.

"just because of one or two deaths"
Too Hui MinAfiq Zuhairi
Ili Ameera Azlan,
P. Prema
Mohd Rafi Ameer
Nurul Ashikin Karino
S. Theresa Pauline
Awang Mohd Fazil Awang Borhan
T. Saravana

"just because of one or two deaths"
Lulu hopes National Service Training Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kecil will never have to go through the grief one or two deaths in his family.

National Service program has to be stopped.
Parents send children there, not sure if they will return or not.
The aim and purpose [the official one-la] is nothing that 11+2 [if you do form 6] years in the school system cannot acheive.
Lets not waste lifes and money on this monstrosity

NST - National Service to stay despite another death

Do you have enough concern and passion to see some correction, if not the end, of the National Service?
from haris ibrahim's blog [click here]
I’ve had a quick look at the National Service Training Act, 2003 this morning and I’ve got to say that it requires further study. Until then, I would not want to get anyone’s hopes up without good reason.
Are those who wrote in to say the would like to try and do something serious about this? If so, can we put together a team who would like to work together on this effort?
If you are, I will create an e-group to facilitate discussions on how to move forward with this effort. What you need to do is send me an e-mail, with the subject ‘No more Non-Sense’ to

other readings on National Service at People's Parliament here

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Erhm... Lulu's Picture Lain Sikit

do you know that if you go to dbkl's traffic portal, you can view the KL roads to see if it's jam or not?
most people use it for that purpose.
Lulu learnt that there are people who use it for pther purposes. During the Bersih rally, there were some who were watching the rally via the traffic cameras.

Lulu just took a peek at what the camera is showing over at Dataran Merdeka.
Currently, at the Dataran, the bomba folks are there preparing for some pertunjukkan tomorrow.

What is not happening there is the Raja Petra solidarity vigil.

which, obviously is not happening due to the heavy police presence.

But it has not stopped some from coming
this group got together at the appointed time. They were there for a short while before the police dispersed them.
After that people stayed around the fringes.
Even so, the people advised those around the fringe to "datang balik besok" to take pictures and visit the dataran.

oh... maybe dbkl's picture looks different because of the angle.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lulu Takes A Look At Today's Aturan Mesyuarat

did you know that other than the Hansard, you can find the list of topics to be discussed on
out of slight boredom at work [in spite of having 1,001 things outstanding], Lulu took a look at what was to be discussed.

This is a question posed by one of Lulu's most un-favourite MP.
48. PR-1211-L11561
Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin [ Rembau ] minta MENTERI SUMBER ASLI DAN ALAM SEKITAR menyatakan apakah kesan penternakan babi terhadap alam sekitar, terutamanya dalam konteks pencemaran sungai dan udara.

Lulu hopes that the Kementerian will include in their answer the impact IF modern pig farming methodology was practised. And if the Kementerian is not sure what that is, they could contact the team from the previous Selangor state government who did lawatans sambil belajar to Bangkok, Amsterdam and Frankfurt [ref Malaysiakini here]. And if they're not sure who to look for, Lulu suggests you look up the bloke in the photo.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lulu Is Glad RPK Is Supported By His Friends In His Time Of Trouble

as of 6pm,
Picture Report on RPK's Hearing, Add Comment (109)

Walk With RPK : One Ringgit One Person , Add Comment (287)

LATEST - Raja Petra Ordered to Surrender - Court's Update , Add Comment (213)

LATEST - Raja Petra Ordered to Surrender , Add Comment (181)

Look at the comments in solidarity with RPK at his site.
Look up the blogs linking to the incident, and the number of bloggers standing by him.
You may say, talk is cheap, but in this case, talk is substantiated by the donations given for RPK's bail money. RPK's supporters within 5 hours raised RM24,500 +USD 3,283.61 USD.

Lulu cannot help but think, how many people would still be standing with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his son-in-law, Khairy when AAB is no longer PM. AAB may still have some loyalists/old friends who stood by him through the seasons of his life, but KJ....? nah.

Lulu In Solidarity With RPK

Monday, May 05, 2008

Lulu Hopes JAG Will Visit Rais Yatim

THE Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) went to Parliament on Wednesday to remind the MPs to “Kotakan Kata”.

Lulu hopes JAG will visit Parliament again, zoom in on Rais Yatim and ask, unlike the other MPs, ask him to "Jangan Kotakan Kata"
Picture shamelessly and unprofessionaly doctored from TV Smith's collection
ref : Lulu Was Wondering Which Stupid Minister Said This Stupid Thing

btw, Lulu asks, what about the men? 90% of the "mules" were women. Men have been duped too. Dont the menfolk of Malaysia deserve protection and safeguard too?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Little Piece Of News Lulu Suspects You May Have Missed Out

can't find it online on both NST and the Star, so, will type it out. It appeared on the NST 1st May, page 4, small little piece on the bottom right hand corner.

RM790,000 spent on jets
The government spent RM792,325.20 for the use of executive jets by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Razak between Feb 24 and Mar 7.
Abdullah said this in reply to Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (PAS - Marang)

in a time where even eating rice is getting so expensive that a stupid minister [man.... there are so many of them in Malaysia, yah?] tell the rakyat [ref here cos it sounds so unbelievable] to eal less rice, our caretaker PM and his deputy burns RM792,325.20 during campaigning period.
Prior to this, the usual "using the government machinery" during elections involved things like govt land build cabin, using the dewan serbaguna and things like these. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has brought it to new heights.

Some Lulu thoughts
1. He obviously wasnt using it in his capacity as PM but more like head of i-want-to-campaign-and-help-you-win-not-realising-that-i-was-one-of-the-factors-why-you-lost Barisan
2. why must the rakyat's money have to be used for his own party's activities
3. good thing they won enough seats to still be the government. else the new government would probably be able to make a case to recover that expenditure.

Lulu will be looking forward to the questions which arise from the answer of this question.

Lulu Was Wondering Which Stupid Minister Said This Stupid Thing

Lulu is outraged! need family consent in a bid to prevent them from being used????
this is taking women back to the days even before Tun Fatimah. Even she got to go out and fight wars for Malacca.
why do women have to suffer again and again because of the nastiness of men?
Why not propose that all men should have their mouths and hands taped when they are not with their wives in order to prevent all men / any men from corrupting the women?
shallow thinking!

[if you want to know who said it, click the news piece. Lulu always thought he was one of the better guys, but after this, his credibility has hit rock bottom. Lulu did wonder if he was set up cos you know-la, there's a war at UMNO, but it looks quite clear that he did say it]

Updated May6th
Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim clarified here yesterday that his proposal for Malaysian women to show a consent letter from their family or employer before travelling out of the country alone was only meant for those below 21 years of age.
“There's some misunderstanding. I was referring to boys and girls who travel on their own, especially those below 21 and who are still subject to the supervision of their parents. Women above 21 years old are adult enough.

hahaha! what a cop out! how many of those mules were below 21 years old? Kinda sad that Rais Yatim is pathetic.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Please Excuse Lulu While She Wonders

Pertubuhan Bunga Tanjung (PBT), the association of wives of Barisan Nasional assemblymen and MPs in the State, was dissolved last month and the RM590,665 in its coffers donated to charitable organisations.
Its former president Puan Sri Chui Kah Peng said PBT was dissolved on March 9 during its annual general meeting attended by 45 members, who represented three-fifths of its membership.
Chui, who was one of the founding members of PBT in 1992, said the members had decided that after BN's loss to Pakatan Rakyat, the association would not be able to carry out its objectives in the spirit in which it was founded.She said the meeting also agreed to donate RM220,000 to the Bureau on Learning Difficulties at its Bold-Bunga Tanjung Centre in Seberang Perai, RM350,000 to Bakti and the balance to the Penang Cheshire Home, Mental Health Association of Penang and Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

Thursday May 1, 2008
Meanwhile, PBT treasurer Khoo Siew Ling in a statement yesterday called on Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi to apologise to Chui for allegedly posting in his Screenshots blog yesterday that Mount Miriam Hospital had yet to receive any amount greater than the RM2,572.63 that was paid in cash on April 1.

Lulu wondering-la...
Mount Miriam Hospital received that amount in cash on April1st. Lulu does not doubt it as the ex-PBT treasurer is able to produce an official receipt of the donation totalling RM2,572.63 for public view.
Lulu's wondering, why was it given in cash and not in a cheque?
Was it because the association, by then, had already been dissolved?
Were the funds disbursed before or after the dissolution of the association?
Was the funds handled by a custodian, or already channeled to BAKTI?
If it is already BAKTI's money, did Bakti committee meet and agree to the disbursement of over RM240K to Bureau on Learning Difficulties [BOLD], the Penang Cheshire Home, Mental Health Association of Penang and Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital,?
If it was handled by a custodian, then it makes sense that Mt Miriam received the money in cash, and now Lulu wonders if BOLD also received their RM220K donation in cash.

Lulu hopes Jeff will spare some time to meet up with these ladies. Maybe he can ask them some of Lulu's "wonder"ing questions. Lulu's trying to understand what happened and how it happened.
And Lulu still thinks that those ladies, by virtue of the constitution drawn up by themselves, should have been kicked out of the association after March 8th.

Lulu has not said anything about BALKIS because Balkis [and probably all things Khir-related] stinks and the stench makes Lulu nauseous.

Lulu Thinks Their Attempt to Stop The Live Telecast Proceeding Is Pathetic

The Prime Minister said he was ashamed at what had transpired in the Dewan Rakyat on Wednesday and agreed that live telecast of the proceedings should be scrapped.
Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he was in the Dewan at the time, adding what happened was just “too much.”
PM: Cancel telecast in Dewan Rakyat

They're trying to taichi it and lay the blame on the name calling but truth is, if that carries on [and both sides are guilty of it], the rakyat will also get fed up of it and ask their YBs to behave themselves now that they have seen it with their own eyes.

Lulu suspects the "ashamed" incident was not the name calling but the incident when the speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia booboo-ed when he "would not allow any supplementary question as too much time had been wasted" even thought it has been the practice of the Chair to allow two or three supplementary queries after each original question slotted in the Order Paper, and only after the PM intervened [or as someone said, "main mata dulu], Pandikar Amin relented.
To be caught in action main mata and giving the speaker permission to proceed, now, that's shameful.

and hasnt the PM learnt after Mar8th that there is no point trying to suppress the truth? Whatever shameful incidents they try to block on RTM will be made known via youtube anyway.