Monday, April 21, 2008

One Of The Things Lulu Learnt From Watching TVB Serials

how many of you remember this show?
ah.... this is Police Cadet '85.
this was Lulu's favourite in the Police Cadet series.
and this was where Lulu learnt the phrase ICAC.
The bad cop [aka Simon Yam] was being investigated by an undercover ICAC agent.

and then there was the Turbulent Decade. The rich heiress [aka Carina Lau] embezzeled money from her company for her bad-bad-bad lover who was also her best friend's husband. ICAC investigated it, and she was arrested and put to prison.

ICAC - cops, the government servants and private sector feared being investigated by them.
An "ICAC" introduction would bring the chill down through their spine.
And it helped [though not totally] keep them clean.

Lulu is hopeful that Malaysia's ACA which has rebranded to MCAC [ Malaysian Commission on Anti-Corruption] will be as feared as the Hong Kong's ICAC. That they will do a job accountable to the rakyat. That people like the masuk saku sendiri cops, the idiots at RELA, the Wanita-status-in-doubt Minister, the idiot who signed away land belonging to the state will fear them. That MCAC do more than just wear "Saya Anti-Rasuah" badges.
The government that is in power today should not protest against this move but should instead welcome this as one of the ways to keep the next government honest.

MCAC announcement
Malaysian Insider Going for full transparency, ACA to become MCAC
Malaysiakini ACA to be fully independent


CK Tan said...

ICAC in HK managed to turn the dirty corrupted police in the 70's (I think, stand to be corrected) into a respectable force. let's hope this ACA turn independent really work out and not talk cock again.
ah yes... I learned about ICAC via TVB drama series too hehe...

kittykat46 said...

Lulu, unfortunately my fear is this Bedol announcement is another "wayang" just like TVB dramas.

thinking said...

I too have my doubts about the sincerity of this latest announcement but as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Or as Anil Netto said in his blogpost (link below), "the proof of the durian cake is in the eating..."

Keeping my fingers crossed that our PM will have the courage to stay the course to make right what is wrong.

myop101 said...

the number one most feared coffee invitation as often potrayed on TVB...