Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Meet Lulu's MP

this was Lulu's MP.
her name is Chew Mei Fun.
she is a perempuan.
she is chinese.
being perempuan and chinese did not make any difference whenever the idiots at parliament were making chauvanistic sexist remarks or when the racists cumm supremasists were telling the chinese to balik tongsan.
she stayed silent.

this is Lulu's MP
his name is Tony Pua Kiam Wee.
he is a "he", not of the same gender as Lulu
and he is a Chinese.
Lulu knows he will make the right noise whenever any Malaysians are ditindas-ed. regardless of race, religion or gender, he will speak up for us, because he is one of us - a Malaysian.

so, to all those who still carry the thinking that only a person of the same race or gender can defend the "same type", people like A Sivasubramanian, Ong Ka Chuan and Ng Yen Yen, Lulu says, "you very narrow minded. i hope that you represent more than just "your kind" in the state assembly and parliament."
Lulu would say more, but she has to go back to work.


myop101 said...

agreed. those UMNO stooges obviously forgotten a very important thing.

for instance, didn't carol chew post sexist posters during the election? and carol chew decided to join politics because of who? yup...it is Ng Yen Yen.

and why did abdullah decided to appoint sharizat with powers equivalent to a minister doing the same work as Ng Yen Yen? one must wonder whether Ng Yen Yen can even speak up for the women folks.

and they want to talk about lack of woman representation. With women like that, I am not even worried about men speaking on behalf of women.

as for the brother of the top UMNO stooge, being a stooge himself, all he has to offer as a reply to Kinta Valley voters when asked why he didn't bring in development is... he was not voted in. sigh...

Death Note said...

you tell em Lulu!!

Anonymous said...

she stayed silent... because if she had opened her big mouth, all her hopes of becoming a cabinet minister would be gone like the wind.

tzarina said...


Been following your blog for some time. Me love Lulu :-)

Yes, race based politics are bad. But being bloggers is easy. We can idealistically claim that Malaysians have changed and now demand equal treatment across races. But on the ground, the average Malaysian, and their politicians are still race biased. Simple. Ask Tony Pua who he will instinctively give his hand to save...a Chinese or Indian girl drowning? dumb question isn't it? But yes, I being Indian would rather trust Tony over Samy any day. Samy would probably ask me to give him favors before he lends a hand.

Maybe I would rather trust Tony coz I know what his principles are. They have been tested, and found to be trustworthy...so far.

Things are changing...but slowly. Meanwhile, we should be realistic too. Race is here to stay. Its how we overcome our instinctive need to give priorities to our own race is the main crux of the problem. I haven't found a solution yet. Have anyone here done so?

My take on the race issue for excos is here:

Gan said...

Lulu, got to add 2 more persons who also thinks along the same lines as "same race will only defend same race" - Sathiyamoorthy and Job Dhanaraj as mentioned by Ktemoc at this link:

P.S. Just a thought - maybe can also add in Ktemoc's name as in his own words "I am far more sympathetic" - does that mean he condone this line of thinking?

Shazlan said...

You should have said "he is a Malaysian Chinese" - Malaysian first, chinese (or race for that matter) seconds :)

denzook said...

a very fine example for some other "particular" case......

wits0 said...

I'm glad for Lulu ; she can now enjoy real rice noodle with good cheers. ;)

denzook said...

please stop demeaning CMF. she was a good and hardworking MP, though not as good as one's expecting.

now she sure got trouble with her installment for her aman suria residence....

Anonymous said...

Hi! Shazlan,

May i correct you on the term "Malaysian Chinese". I think, rightly it should be "Chinese Malaysian". Why so?

When you ask someone what is his/her citizenship, the answer is "I m a Malaysian" (if he/she is a Malaysian, of course). Next question, what is his/her race, and the answer is "I m a Chinese" (if he/she is Chinese, of course).

So a Malaysian of a Chinese race, is called or usually referred to as a "Chinese Malaysian" (not the other way around). English language is such - it tends to abide by the "popularity of usuage" rule. In this instance, more people who speaks English, follows this sequence of words.

Anonymous said...

ka chuan defending your rights? bollocks, more like defending his rights. watch whats gonna come up once the exco is in place. in penang, land scam nes is now in circulation. guarantee you the same for perak and selanor. and who were the beneficiaries? take your pick and see whos rights are these people protecting.