Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lulu's "Clear" Is So Very Different From Puan Sri Chui Kah Peng's "Clear"

Association was meant for BN reps' wives
she said it herself that "Article 5 of the PBT Constitution stated that members were to be made up of wives of assemblymen and MPs of Penang, except for those from the Opposition."
pray tell Lulu, didn't her husband lose in his bid for a Parliamentary position?
Isn't the ruling party in Penang the Pakatan, and not the BN?
Doesn't that make the BN the opposition in Penang?
taking all those points into consideration, AND bearing in mind that her husband was not even an assemblyman nor member of parliament, on Mar9th when the meeting was held, shouldn't her membership have ceased by virtue of Article5 of the constitution?
Is it clear to you like how it is for Lulu, or are you seeing things Puan Sri Chui's way?

maybe it's time Lulu go do a law degree cos somewhere out there, there's going to be a loyar buruk who will find a way to twist and turn the meaning of Article5 for the BN wives club and make black white. low life as it may be, Lulu should go and learn these skills.


lucia said...

yes she and also the president of baktis sound so stupid (or pretend to be!). PR had taken over penang and selangor thus of course it is obvious they are not opposition anymore.

bunga tanjung assoc. and also kl's bakti assoc women just don't understand. these associations are meant for 'wives of assemblymen and MPs' - so it just mean that, for wives of assemblymen and MPs, doesn't matter where (which party) the assemblymen, MPs come from.

the associations are existing and functioning, so they should remain as they are - only the members all should be kicked out since they are no longer wives of assemblymen and MPs. everything in the associations should remain the same - funds should not be transfered or donated. after all people donate to these associations not to the wives.

if they really want to transfer/donate all the funds or close down the associations, then they should go through the proper legal channel, not do as they like.

kleptocrats said...

If the PBT is exclusive to BN adun & mps wifes only as argued. What's the hurry dissolving the association then? Very dubious indeed.

Jasraj Sandhu said...

I'm very much sure that the excuse that will be given on the question mark on the 'opposition' part of the rule will be something like this:-

due to the fact that PR had not yet formed the new state government even though they were declared the victors, they (BN MP wives) still were in in the right to do what they did!

All utter bullshit imho. They are just looking out after themselves.

Anonymous said...

kakiayam wished to give lulu's a peck on the cheek for being such a critical reader...

Anonymous said...

tats wat ppl col lie with more lies

like kleptocrats said...y the shredding-document-like-cover-up action if things is fragrant w/o shit

Anonymous said...

These bankrupt wives of rejected politicians must be thinking that their husbands are like the dalai lama--- born to rule until death as god-kings

Hitam Had said...

Lulu, I am very impressed with your understanding of the English as written. Maybe the Association's ladies' England is not too good.

Anyway, as you pointed out these ladies have no business in conducting the activities of the Association on 9/3/08 especially after the State Assembly was dissolved. This is so both in substance and in form. I am sure legal redress is possible, but I will not hold my breath to wait for it to happen.


Old Fart said...

Sorry to say this, but ladies of the night, certainly have far better decorum and honour than these ladies!! There is certainly something these Puan Sris and Datins can learn from these ladies who can be found in quite a few backlanes, whether in Selangor or Penang.

Now, to have to compare all these nice mak chicks with our ladies of the night and for them to come out looking such trash...Ah...will their husbands come to their defence? I wonder!!

Anonymous said...

they think its their little playhouse and can do anything they like. thats the quality of BN;even their wifes have the same yucky behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Lulu, you rock. Absolutely right, I totally missed it. Article 5 is a classic case of "taking things for granted".