Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lulu Would Be Scared Too

if this happened to her

In the 3.15am incident on Monday, Leow said she was fast asleep at her apartment located on the second floor of a town house.
"I heard a thumping sound at my front door and heard a man shouting loudly, asking me to come out.
"I went to the door and asked him what the problem was, but he only shouted back that if I did not open the door he would break it open.
"I peeked through the peephole and saw several men standing outside. Fearing for my life, I ran back into my room and telephoned my first-floor neighbour who advised me to open the door,'' she said.
Leow said she hesitated for several minutes but decided to open the door when her neighbour and his wife came over to her apartment and shouted at her to open the door.
"There were about six to eight men in uniform, and one of them just dashed into my house with a torchlight.
"The man came out several minutes later and told his superior that he did not find anything,'' she said, adding that they refused to tell her what they were looking for.
from the star Tour guide cries foul over Rela raid

We read of bogus policemen carrying out "raids" and/or stopping cars and kidnapping and raping the women.
How do we ascertain that these "RELA" men are for real?
What do we do when people bang-bang-bang our doors in the middle of the night?

Lulu hopes the Women's ministry will take RELA to task for intimidating women. Lulu can hope, right?


Anonymous said...

its about time those wilayah 'people alliance' mp & selangor goverment do something to get rid of this rela menace...

koolgeek said...

This is ridiculous!!!

THese people are not above laws.

How can they break into houses without warrants?

This cannot be allowed!

koolgeek said...

If I'm that woman, I'll sue the relevant parties for few billions.

denzook said...

ask the new internal security ex foreign minister,,,

Khun Pana said...

the rela goons are rude indeed and this was from my experience or encounter with them not once but twice.
Both encounters were between 3-4 AM.
Even threaten to cut my padlock if i dont open the gate!
WTF ! aint i a citizen?
It was only settled by me and my brother each holding parangs in hand and demanded that their OC with any ranks above an Inspector of polis ( polis are "anjings" anyway).Luckily he apologised! If not, both me and my brother plus 9 rela goons would have been on the media front page the next day.

Its not that i supports the illegal immigrants in anyway nor do i despise rela.
But their modus operandi are messed up.
Rela should just limited to jaga kereta and helping out during major celebrations and national disaster.
The polis?they gets to makan rasuah...i dont care about them the polis,they are pathetic little Napoleans in uniform.

myop101 said...

if you ask me, i would first ensure I rear a fierce rottweiler in my home.

if it is an apartment, i would get the dog barking machine (motion sensitive one ok) which produces fierce german shepherd barking when they approach near the door. i will set the sound to high.

when these people bang the door, i will get my camera/video recorded and, "i will ask, ya apa dia? oh dari RELA ya. ok, encik sila tunjukan surat makhamah. jika tidak, saya tidak boleh membuka pintu rumah saya. then that fellow may scream lewd words and such and try to bring the door down. I would then say,"eh encik, saya sedang merekod semua kelakuan anda. pada masa yang sama, peguam saya ada di talian speaker dan sedang mendengar semua kelakuan anda."

failing which, if the dogs, legal threats and such don't work, I will then report police.

why should i open the door? what is the proof these people are authorised to do what they are doing?

Yi Gan said...

Literally they may come with guns.
They are in group shouting and banging your door.
They are the RELA.

Are they above the Law ?
Are they the legalized gangster that are allow to execute ?
Are we living in the Wild Wild West ?

Please, any Parliamentarian, especially of the opposition camp.
We can’t rely on the BN’s – can we ?
Please bring this up in the parliament.
Why RELA are more powerful than even the polis.
What are the functions of a RELA?
What are they trying to do ?
Even polis needs a warrant to search your house.
But the Rela don’t need one ?

If RELA can do such thing.
This will assist thieves and robbers to do their jobs.
All they need to do is pretend to be the RELA, and they will gain access into the house.
RELA, please don’t make our community more dangerous to live in.

ksq said...

seriously, i dun think they understand how a civil society works.

continue publish each and every such cases to the world. this is one of the many reasons that they lost the 2/3 anyway.

let these cavemen be wiped out from the face of our planet and join the dinosaur.

Gan said...

I think prudence should have dictated this lady to call the police. (even though many of us might not have faith in this action)

What if the neighbour was actually held at knife/gun point to get her to open up? Then all kena same time.

I think this RELA menace has really gone overboard !!

It's time their authority is checked and curbed before somebody gets hurt seriously.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Scrap the RELA and stop wasting taxpayer's "hard-earned" money!
Just scheming to raid illegals and found to be "extorting" money to let them "escape".
Rope in these Rela members and ask them to work in construction sites or get out and find some other "part time" jobs

Bunnies said...

If me means, wont open door and go back to sleep. Habis cerita.

Yah what!!! dead of the night, groggy from sleep, in the most comfortable nightie with nothing underneath, a group of what looks like rabbies infected gorilla banging my front door, some more open the door for them ah?? No la!! what if they are really rabbies infected gorillas? What if they bite me? Crazy!

Yah what!!! if they are happy, they can continue to bang my front door.. better still, bang it down and they better be ready if the door give way or fall off. Hell hath no fury like a bunny's scorn. I will raise Lucifer from the bottomest pit of hell up to teach them what it will be like to wake bunny up from her snooze! Hurrh! Don't mess with snoozing bunny. I have done such things with some government authorities before ok..

Seriously, I wont open the door. Even if authorities have a search warrant, it cant be done in the dead of the night la. I am sure there are laws stipulating conditions of such search nonsense mah.

Ko-chi Wai said...

the fact remains that RELA is a creation of an emergency regulation under the emergency rule of 1969 (we're still technically under the emergency). unless that regulation is repealed, or the emergency itself is lifted, we will continue seeing RELA acting with punity (yes, they have more powers than the police in intruding into your private property...so even if the girl wanna sue RELA, it's difficult to see what she could get out of it). the 82 PR MPs can apply pressure on the useless BN gahmen to repeal the regulation and do away with RELA, or the more radical way is to get a PR federal gahmen soon.