Friday, April 11, 2008

Lulu Works Out An Apropriate PayCut For [Malaysia - 5 States] Tourism Minister's Pay

Khoo Kay Peng, in his entry Azalina the Unbelievable! hopes that perhaps the MPs will demand for Azalina's paycheck to be reduced accordingly since she is not interested to serve the rest of the country
Lulu thinks that is a fair proposal, considering she refuses to cooperate with the local tourism committees of the five states.

And, as you all know, Lulu's quite kind. Cannot just cut her pay to RM10. It would be fun though, but tak boleh-la like that.
So, Lulu checked the tourism arrivals for those 5 states.

Not having much to work on, Lulu is using the latest official figures from a non-OSA source aka Tourism Malaysia's website which reveals the 2006 hotel guests by locality.
The numbers are as follows :
The 5 states take up 27% of the hotel guests in Malaysia.

So, taking up from KKP's entry, Lulu is suggesting perhaps when the parliament resumes, MPs will demand for Azalina's paycheck to be reduced by 27% since she is not interested to serve the rest of the country.
If you agree with Lulu, say AYE!


donaldghtan said...

Right on Lulu,

Say yes to her pay cut. When the time came to do her stuff like the Brickendonbury "High Performance Training Centre in UK at her time, she did not (dare not?) cut off that high profile case. Now they scrapped this thing. Why?

Only 2006 figures available from TDC? What a 'hog wash'? What happened to the 2007 figures of tourists arrivals? Still not done yet? With so much Multi-media this and that, is it so difficult to update the figures? So damn lazy!

Cheers and Regards
Birds Talking

denzook said...

past does not count - the statistic is from bn when in power, so the percentage is not valid.

take a look at kelantan - 1%. so if you really want to base percentage, it should be 5 % = 1% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 1%.

team bsg said...

You are , as usual far 2 kind. We strongly recommend her to be sacked with immediate effect as obviously she falls under the category of self-serving hypocrite + gross incompetence aka no-holds-barred corruption of the highest order as was proven beyond any doubt in the England Winter Training Stadium case + lots more. in addition we unequivocably irrecovably recommend her to be charged with immediate effect and if found guilty be sent to maximum
security jail for the commensurate appropriate years for ripping ( raping of sportswomen's rice bowls

Anonymous said...

aiyoo....this BrickNtHenBury girl is a sore loser, good thing is that her action and her party action will be severly judged by the public in 2013 or earlier

Anonymous said...

ok. furthermore..

Her menteri car shud only be using 3 of its tyres.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

entitle to four wheel car, lah but petrol is on her own. aiya, in line with reduction in subsidies and of course part of her paycut package.
better still, should look into sending her to siberia to cold storage a dim witted good for nothing but waste money minister.

Gan said...

1. Aye to the pay cut.
2. How come lah, TDC website only got 2006 figures - is that efficiency kah? Maybe also can ask her to explain that bit too.
3. More pay cut perhaps upon completion of the pre-cost invesigation for the now deceased "Brickendonbury" bird brain idea.

kl said...

AYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J. D Lovrenciear said...


It defies all common sense and the rule of responsibility that the Minister is behaving so.

So I say AYE to the 27% cut.

And what has the Honorable PM has got to say to her stand?

Supporting her would translate to saying that it is OK to betray the country. Right?

Wonder how the Rulers are taking all these absurdities and vendettas?

Sharing said...

1. Aye to pay cut.
2. Salary remains at 2006 level until 2007 tourist figures out and be re-adjusted the cut to the % of tourists in 5 states!

Hamzah said...

AYE :-)

rahsia said...

Lulu, you lulu already. You didn't add the 28% from KL. Add that & her salary reduce by 55%. Still it's too kind to her.

Anonymous said...

AYE!!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

AYE & double AYE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Saya sokong cadangan Lulu!!! ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...