Friday, April 18, 2008

Lulu Wonders What Happened To Anwar's "Ketuanan Rakyat"

Lulu would have taken this as an UMNO idiot's half baked attempt to court the Malay votes and trust.
But sad to say, the paper also reports that Mohamed Azmin said there would be no problem for PKR to attend the meeting as their DAP coalition partner accepted their desire to strengthen Malay unity. Salahuddin said Pas, too, was interested in defending the rights of Malays and other Bumiputeras.

Is PKR not a multiracial party? Did Anwar not advocate ketuanan rakyat just this week? WHat's going on?
Lulu can only hope that at the end of the meeting, PAS and PKR will remind this UMNO idiot that the voters have shown that they reject UMNO and racial politics in the recently concluded elections and that Bangsa Malaysia is the way going forward.
Lulu would much rather if PAS and PKR do not step into this spider web.

btw, google "Mohamad Norza" and read more about him. Definetly not what Lulu would call a "nice guy".


Anonymous said...

its he one of khairy's mule?

Muda said...

Don't worry Lulu , I don't think PKR will fall into whatever traps laid down by UMNO . PAS has already said no . Anyway if Azmin atau any PKR chaps decides to join the almost critical UMNO , then we will kick their butts right out to the sea .

I'm a Malay Professional who does not and will never belief in the so called Ketuanan Melayu . And so are the rest of my family including brothers ,sisters ,in laws ,parents .

mohd izhar said...

Only the Chinese and the Indians rejected Umno and BN. About 75 percent of Malays voted Umno. You cannot leave this huge chunk of the Malaysian population out of the picture, just because the DAP dominated coalition won 82 parliamentary seats.
Let them talk. Maybe something good for EVERYBODY will come out of it. I regret to see that most bloggers that support opposition are very vengeful. Like the swordfighting Chinese movies of the 70s.

Muda said...

I don't know where mohd izhar got his facts that 75% of malays voted UMNO . Maybe from SPR or some other pro UMNO stats .

For your info izhar , Pakatan Rakyat is coalition of PKR , PAS and DAP and not dominated by anyone party although Anwar Ibrahim played a major role in making possible PR . At the same time , we bloggers are not vengeful but just careful not to play in any of UMNO traps.

Anyway the BIG QUESTION is why did UMNO decide to have talks with PKR whom it regarded as parti nyamuk lead by a forgotten man i.e.Anwar Ibrahim . Before 8.3.2008 ,UMNO with it's usual arrogance and snobbish attitude esp by Ali Rustam said they did not need the chinese , indians , sabahans and sarawakians to rule this country .

Heloo mat ! Are you one of UMNO's lap dogs that are just being let out of your dog house ?

BTW , my family used to be loyal UMNO members before Anwar Ibrahim was nearly beaten to death by Rahim Big Dog.

Nice doggie ! get your crumbs at PWTC now !

Anonymous said...

If 'About 75 percent of Malays voted Umno' then there will no PAS and PKR. UMNO will not need to talk with anyone. No need to be humble and generous. w9

Anonymous said...

WHen we will the opposition ever learn abt taking in UMNO reject like Anwar ... hehehe.


I don't agree to race politics for one- it diminishes the country's ability to compete in the long run. I'm not sure whether the papers reported the statements correctly or not, but I've like to hear it from Azmin Ali or Din Merican myself on PKR's stand.

The Ketuanan Melayu thing will kill us in the long run- we'll be down on the ground like Indonesia. Loose our investors, loose our rakyat, loose our international credibility and so on.

tzarina said...

Norza is a buddy of Khairy. Need I say more?

There is treacherous wind blowing this way. I can smell its stink miles away.

wits0 said...

It would be truer to say that BN does nor deserved to be voted in if only because it's is utterly arrogant, not only and simply because of Barang Naik! Of course the second reason is related to the first, no doubt.

novice101 said...

A pinch of salt!

The PKR wants to stay in the good books of the non-Malays but at the same time it does not want to fall out with the Malays, thus it has to agree to the meeting with UMNO.

This is real political play, the naive rakyat has a lot of things to learn. The first thing it should remember is to talk what politicians say with a pinch of salt!

Anonymous said...

tuahyong said....

PR go on to be the Government instead of dabbling in wishy washy agenda with the Be End party!
It's now or never as sung by Elvis!!

Anonymous said...

Lulu, you should also wonder why your DAP MPs did not submit questions for the government.

Your DAP MPs should walk the talk. During the ceramahs, they promised this and that. And now they forgot to submit their questions.

Anonymous said...

this guy like all those pathetic malays in umno, still defending the malay parasitic agenda...

Khun Pana said...

Dont be overly concern about the "meeting".
More of a "meeting" for bn fellas to abandon their mothership and to jumps over to PR.

Do realise that the ketuanan Melayu is clearly against PAS ideology.As whatever PAS does, they refers back to quran.
Qurans belonging to PAS do NOT have ketuanan melayu, ISA , OSA and the NEP lah. Only umno's version of quran have it.

As for KeAdilan to attend the meeting, well KeAdilan people mostly are new and therefore better for KeAdilan to meet and studies the "buayas" from umno.As this is good exposure to all new Mps.

With so many HINDRAF peple around, you think PR will kowtow to umno?Forget it

novice101 said...

The PR will tell you -'we can form the government without the people from Hindraf and the DAP'.

ksq said...

what now? will the chinese from DAP, MCA, Gerakan set up their special meeting to iron out 'where the chinese stood in terms of say education?' i mean where is the end of it? What about the Indian?

It's ok to have different political ideology even though among the same race. That's truly what civil society is all about. What really matters is the rakyat. Not race based? can you imagine Republican and Democrat (all mat salleh right?) do the same. what nuts!!

What sadden me is that if this continues, slowly but surely we are going back to square one. All these are merely confusing the voters.