Monday, April 07, 2008

Lulu Wonders If PM Would Take To Task Those Who Are Offering Money To Party Hoppers

The PM has spoken.
He has decreed that party hoppers have no integrity and so on so forth.
Lulu wonders if he would take to task those who are offering money to party hoppers. They are as low life, if not more, compared to the party hoppers. Think about it, if RM5 million is offered and taken, where do you think they are going to recover the RM5 million from? From the state coffers, the national pockets, thru land deals where everyone on the approval committee are as clean as Mugabe, thru contracts which are jacked up 300%.

Anyway, The Malaysiain Insider reports that V Sivakumar of DAP was offered sums of money between RM10mil to RM65mil to leave DAP and join any BN component party. V Sivakumar has lodged a police report, and Lulu hopes that he has furnished them with enough evidence to bring out the lowlife and shame him to death. As this is Malaysia and still BN land, Lulu is not holding her breath for the full measure of justice via the judiciary.

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wits0 said...

Bad awi is completing his transition into the double speaking irony state like a typical Mahathirian effort.

That 65 million BS has a chance in some fairey tale books.