Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lulu Thought She Was Very Brave

Ex-minister had no intention of outraging my modesty, says lounge promoter
A bit sad that she may have been "helped" to "think more clearly", but Lulu doesn't think many of us do not think that she was under any kind of duress / pressure /incentive to hust it up.
Whatever it was that made her "think more clearly", Lulu thinks it was very brave of her to make the police report in the first place.

And in the meantime, the "no, it cannot be someone with the initials J and erhJ because he's a Malay Muslim politician and therefore would not have been drinking" MP gets away scot free. The MakDatin must be so embarrased, and Lulu hopes she will tarik his telinga for this incident for making her the talk and sympathy object of the datins around town.


denzook said...

tarik telinga ? nanti jatuh talak then baru tau.....

Anonymous said...

You meant got away Scotch-free!!

wits0 said...

Oh, he drinks only orange juice and guava juice!

Anonymous said...

No, he has to pay for the Scotch, which makes him drunk in the first place

Monster Mom said...

I'm so confused... how?who?

ycg said...

J&J should sue for defermation!! he is high up fella u know, this woman simply say he molest her then change story after report, i dont think so can just let her off. J&J should emulate other first world country leader and sue the bitch. Because to me, J&J is still a pervert and alcoholic, she already damaged his reputation. SUE her!!! Police should also fine her for buat aduan bukan-bukan.

CK Tan said...

wonder how much RM is involved....

Anonymous said...

If the allegations against the ex-minister in the police report are true... then charge him.


for lodging a false report... then charge her.


Anonymous said...

J Jarjis' story is already up in Wikipedia.

Read here:

wits0 said...

Woman of straws, remember LGE went to jail for one such?

Via howsy's blog,wrt:

Thursday April 24, 2008
Ex-minister had no intention of outraging my modesty, says lounge promoter

KUALA LUMPUR: The woman who alleged that a former Cabinet minister had outraged her modesty now wants to withdraw her report, claiming she “misunderstood” the incident.

The 30-year-old promoter at a lounge in a five-star hotel here, in a statutory declaration sent to Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail through her lawyer Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, said she was “sensitive and moody” at the time of the incident last Thursday.

She said she had known the former minister over the past five years, and that he had acted in jest without any bad intention. However, she said she felt offended at that time due to her “complicated mood which led to her lodging a police report the next day.

“I realise now that I may have misunderstood the entire episode that took place last Thursday.

“When he jokes, he sometimes likes to touch my shoulder or arms but it is something that I accepted as normal among friends especially those we have known for a long time,” she said in her statement.

The woman also said she regretted lodging the police report, as there was no intention on the part of the former minister, who is still an MP, to outrage her modesty or act inappropriately.

She said she was used to the VIP’s jokes and “rough ways” and had never objected to his actions nor felt offended by it previously.

“I cannot remember exactly the conversation between me and the VIP although in my statement to the police I may have said something else.

“I am afraid I may have misinterpreted or misheard (him). The VIP concerned is known to always joke like that and it is normal for him to be like that,” she said, and apologised for lodging the report.

Gani confirmed he had received a fax copy of the statutory declaration from Muhammad Shafee.

“I will forward this request to the police and it is up to them to investigate and get back to me,” he said.

Anonymous said...

There could be another scenario. I wonder, if I'm a lounge waitress and I know this is a regular for so many years, ... I must be really really ticked off to go all the way to the Balai police and take all that time (if you have, you know what I mean!) to make a police report against a VVIP? Or ... I've been 'persuaded' to do so. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

wow...lulu...lagi TVB than TVB ni
so they have juz taken the public into a free fool ride ya

the gal cry -
the man cried -
the public shock -

n then

the gal shy +
the man smile +
the public STILL IN SHOCK -

heck! the public shud make a polis report

elviza said...


I notice that rumours in this country tend to be true.

Do you agree with me or not Lulu? :-)

huey mei said...

hahaha...anything can happen to a politician....

Anonymous said...

HAI yah you think he is the only one with a drinking habit, look lah mr c4, always looks hungover, with a red nose lagi, some people its so easy to see but for some they become mean and randy drunks, PAK LEBAI KOT!!!!!!!