Monday, April 21, 2008

Lulu Sighs

"we voted you in, we can vote you out too!"

have you seen these remarks going around the blogs?
Lulu has.

And everytime Lulu sees it, Lulu's heart breaks a little.
Lulu wonders you sure you want to vote them out? that would mean voting the idiots back. and having nazi-type idiots say thing like, "the rakyat wants the ISA. that is why we won 92% of the seats in the last elections"

Most of the new PR representatives are good people.
new at their job
not enough help
no money
no additional "funds"
people keep seeing them to resolve this and that.

Lulu's urging you to go beyond, "Give them a chance".
Lulu's urging you to go help them.
You may not be partisan, but there's a lot you can do to help offload some of the errands from them.
Bernard posted WE GAVE THEM OUR VOTES. LET'S NOT STOP THERE.... Go read some of the suggestions posted.
Lulu's State Assemblyman, Lau Weng San, meets his constituents every Wednesday at 77, Jln 20/9, Paramount Garden. This is the corner terrace house which serves as DAP Selangor's HQ. He needs more volunteers to help him. If you are able to consistently commit some time, go meet him there and see how you can help. He is also in the midst of setting up a service center in Sg Way. Office equipment would be most welcomed.

Who is your MP? Who is your stateassemblyman?
Do you know how they're progressing?
Is there any way you can help them?
We've voted them in because we believe they can and will make a change. Are you able to support them make the change? For your family, your children, your grandchildren, for the nation, Lulu hopes you will.
We have to help them make it.
There is little choice in that matter.


Gan said...

Not only your heart breaks a little, mine too (breaks alot infact)!!

Our PR candidates are under powered, under finance - in other words, REAL underdogs - so, I think it's DAMN unfair to think that they have the magic wand to undo or improve the rot of the last 50 years.

With the BN's rule, the rakyats seems easy going in accepting the shit thrown at us but with PR - we demand to see action in days, where got fair?

aiya... so sad lah, stop threatening PR - if can help, if not don't distract them with the demands.

lucia said...

yes i had seen these remarks so many times that i was so fed up. to me i was irritated not more because of thinking they want to vote those idiots in but more that this remarks sounds rather cocky and arrogant... especially when for just a small matter, you heard people saying it.

the other irritating, arrogant remark is of course something similiar - "i regret i voted for DAP/PKR/PAS". remember lim kit siang's call on his men to boycott the the MPs swearing in? gosh! so many people apart from lambasting LKS were crying "i regret voting for DAP!" ain't that rather childish??

elizabethwong said...

Thanks Lulu for being understanding. It has been, after all 40 days after General elections, but we are all overwhelmed by the tsunami of complaints and many of these local problems have been around for years (mine has already filed 3 ring-files) and we are indeed pressured to resolve them *yesterday* even though all assemblymen have not not even been sworn in or even received their March allowance and allocation! Yet everyone I know has been working 18 hour days and had not had a break since Parliament dissolved in February.

Wish all of us luck procuring service centres, office equipment, volunteers etc. Just because PR is state govt doesn't mean we have endless funds (if we did, one should indeed be very suspicious!). I have been very lucky to find an extremely affordable centre and with the help of volunteers and benefactors, opened two more this month.

cheers for now!

Anonymous said...

A people gets leaders they deserve.

Gan said...

Elizabeth Wong & all PR electeds - please stay strong in such times, I am sure goodness will prevail.

To all rakyats - please be fair and do not make demands for improvements "yesterday" when we have tolerated all sorts of shit for the last 50 years !!