Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lulu Poses A [Not So Difficult] HypotheticalQuestion

You know those "if your mother and wife/husband are drowning, and you can save only one of them, who would you save?" type of question? susah to answer, right? Lulu give you a variation of it, which is not so difficult to answer.

Let's say-la, you are a BN person party-ing on a luxury sailboat, off the shores of Trengganu, being entertained by Al Jarreau, hobnobbing with the PM, his family, his cronies friends and other BN leaders. Suddenly, someone cries out "2 people overboard!". The guests look. One kid, struggling in the water, is wearing a DAP t-shirt, another, gasping for air, has on a PKR t-shirt. [Dont ask Lulu what they are doing on a obviously BN-party party. This is a hypothetical question-lah] There is only one life jacket. Who do you think those BN guests would save?

3 days ago, that would have been one of those unanswerable questions. How-la to choose?

but Lulu, following the news on the appointment of Lee Kah Choon of Gerakan to Penang Development Corporation Invest-Penang, Lulu thinks the answer is obvious.
Most of the BN persons on board would not care and continue to party. If something happens to the drowning kids, well.... that's one less DAP and PKR member respectively.
Other with some form of conscience but having also followed the Lee Kah Choon saga, would look at the PM and ask him permission. The PM will give them a lot of fatherly dilly-dally advice and at the end of it, tell them to consult their respective party leaders. The respective party leaders, having been taichi-ed the problem would take a while to deliberate on the problem at hand. The two pakai salah t-shirt kids would by then have met their maker.

Sad isn't it, that the BN cannot see beyond the party and look towards nation building.
Party first, if the state needs help and we can offer it, too bad.
Party first. Rather the state sink, die, drown, bankrupt and the rakyat hidup merana [not that they are, but...] than we, o holy ones a class above these lowly opposition, defile our hands in supporting them.
Its not that the government in Penang is desperate for the BN's help. But they do recognise that there are some within BN who do have the expertise, and putting aside political differences, would be great in helping build the state.
And its not that all people in the BN are bad and evil. They do have some gems [some, not many. maybe a few. but memang ada] And Lim Guan Eng and his team are mature enough to recognise this.
Unfortunately, one cant say the same for the BN.

and if you're interested in reading the whole saga, these links are from Malaysian Insider
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denzook said...

quite true oso.... if png gov to appoint this lee, lee has to relinquish all this gerakan executive post (not member lah). there will certainly be conflict of interest when decision is made in the future. and with this appointment, he become civil servant isn't it, so a civil servant should become neutral or favor the ruling gov (which former oppos in this case).

Anonymous said...

I think that if PR is choosing a person to fill a job based on competency, that's the right way to go - and BN is ridiculous in not seeing that nation-building comes before party. They haven't learnt anything from the Slap they received on 8 March.

myop101 said...

actually, i am not surprised by their reactions. it just add on to a whole lot of incidences on why BN has failed the rakyat.

gerakan should keep it coming, afterall they are ensuring that more nails are needed to seal their coffins. you know, water proof it?

kittykat46 said...

BN is very touchy about this right now because of all the ongoing talk about frogs and jumpers.

Once BN members start to jump - all the way or halfway by cooperating with PR, it could become a Tsunami 2 - an absolute nightmare for BN.

Anonymous said...

Pettiness... Bitterness... Resentment

Sound like Pak Lah & Lim Keng Yaik?


wits0 said...

"Gerakan has decided to send a show-cause letter to .."

Politics aside, I really hate to hear about this style of "show cause letter.." used in Bolehland's administrative context.

Wanna sack, sack ler, don't pretend to be so righteous and ends up sounding so oppressively and intimidatingly authoritarian instead!

Sure, the idea of which must've been copycat from overseas, from advanced countries. But it's here that the stigma of plain contrived spirit within, "show cause", is firmly established.

Anonymous said...

Gerakan is a BIG LAUGH. Since Dec they have not been able to sack their Indian VP on the instructions of UMNO:

"Gerakan has initiated disciplinary action against its Youth vice-chief S. Paranjothy over his racially sensitive remarks against Umno."

Gerakan is a Party in the death throes now.


Anonymous said...

n thus the meritocracy-based system BEGINs in Penang

from da priority one's given to country vs unveil his obvious cause...of a noble (country wellbeing) or notoriety(power&$)

Yi Gan said...

This is a very good test case.

You should realise what kind of characters you find inside the BN.
To them, party is more important than anything else. And without shame, they have been shouting out loud for that.

Not that we like BN less, but that we love Malaysia more. BN is only intersted in own interest/benefit. They just dont care about Malaysia.

As a Raykat, I have to obsolete the BN. When next come GE13, I will know who to vote.

Scott said...

20th poster, enjoy.

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