Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lulu Is Glad That The Parliament Will Be Accorded More Respect From Those Who No Longer Have 2/3

Lulu's wondering, during the last UMNO general assembly,
how many of you realised that not only did they hold it on Deepavali, it was also held when Parliament was in session?
It shows their arrogant belief that their general assembly is far more important than the Parliamentary debates and decisions, which, actually, if you think about it, is true, though not correct, in this country of ours. Afterall, in their assembly debates [and also the very scary UMNO Youth's], they come up with proposals which often times, whether is goes through the correct channels or not, becomes policies in our countries.

But Lulu is glad those days of arrogance are over.
The Parliament is now accorded the respect it deserves.
No more 2/3 = no more ponteng-ing.
No more 2/3 = no more throwing our own keris waving parties.
No more 2/3 = a glad Lulu


wizsurf said...

be careful of that what they call crocodile tears which we never doubt is ahappening right now. A stained leopard like UMNO never changes its spots , unless its dead.

Harris said...

Hopefully remarks like bocor and the likes of it will be a thing of the past with 82 PR MP's around this time . Will the Kinabatangan MP as the Government's whip change his style.... Nah I honestly don't think so

myop101 said...


you are not the only one...:)

but i wonder if there will be more intelligent discussions or just more sleepyheads?

wits0 said...

The change in style is not a change in substance. They(u know hoo) are incapable of real change. Give 'em no real credibility or credit.

kittykat46 said...

If BN is not careful about their MPs attendance, they might one day accidentally find themselves with a minority of MPs in the house when a vote is taken - and get defeated on key legislation or procedural issue.

I'd love to witness that...LOL...

wits0 said...

Lulu: "
But Lulu is glad those days of arrogance are over."

Let's make very sure they don't recur.