Friday, April 04, 2008

Lulu Is Fed Up With This Nonsense

don't they trust Lim Guan Eng and his team to do the right thing?

i'm fed-up with all these outburst. fed-up with all these "what about my kind?" fed up, fed up, fed up.

and they go on to say
However, their hopes to set up the council seem being hindered by a certain state assemblyperson.
An insider said the assemblyperson had been dragging his feet on the proposal due to fear of losing his prominence and influence in the state government.
“The assemblyperson obviously did not realise that politically the council, if set up, would strengthen his position and influence in the government and party,” said the insider.
Lulu thinks the "insider" got it wrong on both counts.
He thinks the assemblyperson is not doing anything in fear of losing his prominence and influence.
it obviously does not occur to this insider that the assemblyman [who is probably of the same race as him] does not see race division as a solution to their woes.
and to do it to strengthen his position and influence in the government and party?
that is called main politik, isnt it, and doing things because it is popular and not because it benefits the rakyat.
yippee for that assemblyman! you have lulu's respect.

to these indian dap members who are demanding special rights and preferential treatment, lulu says, maybe you misunderstood the principles of bangsa malaysia which dap holds to, and maybe what you are looking for can be found in mic.

if you're poor, then you're poor. a hungry indian tummy is no different from a hungry chinese tummy or a malay hungry tummy.
if the roof leaks over your head, you will get wet regardless whether you are an indian, chinese or malay.
this new government want to, and they will, look after your tummy and your roof, regardless what your race is.
the old days of umno taking care of the malays, mca the chinese and mic the indians are gone-gone-gone in penang.
no more.
the end.
when will we ever break free from these shackles of racist thinking?
when will we trust a fellow malaysian to solve our problems, regardless of race?

Update 1:38pm
maybe Lulu in her own way is narrow minded in expecting people to change overnight. after 50 years of umno->malay, mca->chinese, mic->indian, its a bit difficult for people to see differently.
i guess, each of us, in our spheres, need to show the people we meet and come in contact with everyday that we're all the same. we care for one another. we are all anak bangsa malaysia.


headache said...

Many of them came out of MIC. Doubt if MIC came out of them...

I think, the way they are going, come PRU13, this community will lose much, whether they vote BN or otherwise. People are finding it rather hard to trust them.

The way they are harping on the hindraf issue (no doubt it played a part), it is as if the wind of change is due entirely to hindraf.

Rather disappointed with them.
Hey, tell you what, folks - why not go for broke? - Demand Samy Value be made the next PM. Seat is going to be vacant soon...

Anonymous said...

The Indian Tamil mentality, from my years of close observation, can be traced back to the caste system. They believe that they themselves are the topmost caste and hence everything belongs to them, while others would have to settle for the crumbs

Anonymous said...

if they are unhappy without such a racist council, please ask them to join MIC ("Multiple INcome Councillors"). More appropriate for their type of narrow racist thinking.
Move on, PR. if these fellas still cant get rid of their racist thinking, leave them behind. politicians are politicians. they will find a place more suited for their ideology eventually.

ycg said...

let me get this straight, are the indian community saying that only Indians are capable to bela their nasib in Malaysia? So if my area has a PAS candidate, i should band up and ask PAS to create a special seat for a chinese rep for poor soul like myself? i do that? Can our indian friends lend us some thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

The reason those indian fellas seeking special treatment could be because history has shown us that after getting what the ruling party wants, the Indians were marginalised, after 50 years of dsicrimination, nobody wants to be left out. I dont agree with their request but I can understand where they are coming from. ALL the DAp leader needs to do is ensure and prove to all ppl of Penang that not one, not one person will be discriminated but will be looked after. thats the challenge for Lim Guan Eng.

I love Penang with all my heart more, sadly I dont live there anymore but its a special place and it will prove to the nation it will strive and shine under Lim Guan Eng.

Just got to make it happen lah

Anonymous said...

So far PKR and PAS did not ask BN to release the 5 Hindraf members. Only DAP has done it. As for the status of Indians, the Government has just started and the state policies should be fair to all.If they are not fair, then they should raise the issues through their ADUNs. If nothing being done, they should inform the Indian representative. But some of the projects are carried out by the Federal Government and in this case, there is a limit the State Government can do like the RAPID Transport. Agree that poor cut across all races and does not strike on one race only. If the Government is fair, no races will complain.

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Dear Lulu,

Twenty over years of forced disciplining in getting the rakyat to think in terms of color and creed in order to keep the power grip intact cannot be undone instantly.

At the same time, the Indians, Malays and Chinese must be jolted into realizing that communal politics is being prepared for a permanent burial beginning with the outcome of 12th GE.

In the meantime let us therefore completely ignore such communal pressures by denying them any space in any media at all times.

kittykat46 said...

These guys sound like mirror images of UMNO. Probably MIC rejects..I think Guan Eng should concentrate on justice and equal opportunity for all, instead of the same old Divide-and-Rule BN logic.

wits0 said...

I think P. Ramasamy and LGE are both people of substance and fairness. But who are these "DAP Indians"? They sound like mamaks now masquerading/doubling as ex-MIC sorts.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you DAP Indians in Penang do not TRUST Ryan & P Ramasamy? P. Ramasamy is in the Exco and just started his job and yet you are not giving him a chance whereas Chinese, malays and lain2 are giving Pakatan Rakyat a chance to govern Penang.

Anonymous said...

TRUST is a magic word in Malaysia!

WHo can the Indians trust after being marginalised/discriminated for 50 years?

People have woken up but they need strong leadership, they are making demands cause zaman dulu tak buka mulut kena bully, zaman ini kena buka muka dan jangan kena bully.

I like the spirit' you got to ask for what you want' may not come in sliver platter but just by asking others will know not to take the indians for granted.

I have been refused to get a cab cause the Cinaman said to me lah' i dont take black ppl in my car'

so yeah time for the blackies to stand up. whole lot of racist crap heads around( ok, I agree there are also indians who are racist)but to tell me off to my face was a revelation on the type of country I live in. and u guys think the indians should keep quiet about it?????

No one is special, we pay taxes, we want our matters to be heard, thats all

dont like my black skin too bad, am here to stay just like my forefathers

David BC Tan said...

it is really, really, really upsetting. obviously umno/mca/mic were not the only ones who misread the sentiments of voters who stood up for non-racial politics; these people have missed the point too. maybe they're in the wrong party.

AC said...

You commentors sound like racist too. I admit that I'm amracist but I'm trying hard to change it.

Why are you guys blame it like the whole group think like that? Can we accept our differences?

Who said PKR does not make a stand about Hindraf 5? Please read their website. It's their top 2 agenda. PAS also wants ISA to be abolished. Just like our LGE & LKS, they've been jailed & kena ISA before.

We seems to be thinking that the 3 partis in the coalition are still separately entities without dialogue. Let us find a way to unite. No more blame game. More discussion on how to solve problems.

Lulu, should we jump on every single little issue? It might just be 1 or a few person who thinks that way. Further, do we really what happens. I mean the whole story.

When I heard some say this, say that, the first thing I want to do is to establish the fact. If not a lot of misunderstanding will crop up.

When someone make a statement on a sensitive issue, I would like to hear the whole context of what he's saying. When in a forum, I would like to listen to the whole thing.

Agree? Or agree to disagree? Either is ok to me.

wits0 said...

As long ago as the late seventies, older Indians might have gotten to expect what to expect from UMNO islamists over the Kerling Temple affair where the Justice system already went just-iced. But obviously they prefer to trust MIC all the way for decades. Now they apparently sound so suddenly incredibly impatient.

AC said...

Dear all,

Can we at least take a stand as this guy?

Anonymous said...

I like what you wrote. If you keep pressing on with this message, eventually, people will listen and stop complaining. A fairer Gman can only provide the push, the rest must help themselves by pulling too. Bravo Miss Lulu. Bravo. whispering9

myop101 said...

If we keep playing racial politics, we will be doing what BN have been doing. Do we need this?

I know Indians are in dire needs. But honestly, having a council will not fix things. They can approach their respective state and federal reps if they have problems. Afterall, what is the service centres for?

Also, for a comprehensive solution, the best thing the Penang Govt can do is to come out with a concrete plan with timeline & KPIs what they want to achieve within the next 10 - 20 years. Or at least, the next 5 years. Let the public read it and comment on it and republish the final plan for everyone to take a look.

That way, you don't even need an Indian/Malay/Chinese/Iban/Kadazan/Orang Asli etc etc council.

myop101 said...

Oh yeah, the Penang Govt will also need to provide a quarterly progress report to let the public know how far they have achieved.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


you are also of of them. I could not find PKR and PAS website asking the release of the 5 Hindraf? There is a difference to abolish ISA and to release the 5 Hindraf. The probilitites of abolishing ISA is lower than releasing those 5 by the BN Government. The first case is to general as compare to more specific in the latter case. Indians in general are asking for help in this matter and where do you find the help response?

Anonymous said...


I could not find the statements made by PAS and PKR on releasing the 5 Hindraf members. There is a difference to ablish ISA and to release the 5. The first case is too general and very clearly BN is going to retain it. Whereas the latter is very specific. Although the 3 parties are in the coalition, they do not have the same in idealogy but basic tenents are there - ie not to behave like UMNO.

Gan said...

I also fed-up like you ... one after and other, when will they ever learn?

Maybe all this "noise makers" sudah kena beli-kah? So buat wayang lah kasi kacau.

wits0 said...

The Indians economic difficulties also had something to do with Class betrayal and bad management of their own elites, don't forget that.

Had the MCIS succeeded and Maika not crashed, surely more Indians would be better off today.

20 Cent said...

I completely agree with you about this, Lulu. As always they fellows go for the 'equal representation' nonsense and 'special council' wayang when they're in doubt.

This is simply idiotic, and has to stop somewhere.

For Indians to go this way is even dumber than for Malay or Chinese, because compared to these two races, we really are minorities.

Yes, I know, the Indians swayed the votes. So did the Malays and the Chinese, and even Umno members who didn't vote or voted opposition.