Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lulu Hopes The Silly Bigots Will Not Get Anywhere With This Silly Proposal

what is there "to be fair to both parties"????
how can you impose something on someone who is not a believer?
and, considering that the judiciary department is involved, don't they know that the law has to be passed if they want it to be judged in the civil court?
Lulu hopes its a case of "dream on". With the current parliamentary mix, Lulu is a bit more confident that this is just nonsense which will not get anywhere.
Aren't you glad you voted for change?

Updated 5:40pm
Suddenly crossed Lulu's mind.
Havent heard anything from this "new" MCA who has vowed to not be silent anymore.

why-ah? President not yet say can protest-ah?


Anonymous said...

apa pasal getting more and more bodoh? next election must check iq as well. kalau not above 150, no need to contest!

kaki.ayam said...

sometimes, i wonder what is wrong with these people. I eat rice, they also eat rice, but why they think so differently?

myop101 said...

er...people, sorry for being a conspiracy theorist on this matter.

do you notice that of all times, it come out just after the election and also after the whole boycott Dutch for insulting Islam thing?

there is something fishy here (not lulu of course, but those little napoleans who somehow can't understand their days are numbered too) and if we don't trend carefully, it might create a friction between the allied parties in Pakatan Rakyat.

denzook said...

law is made to have society in order. supposingly the muslim guy/gal kena charged with khalwat while the non-muslim goes scotfree and telling ppl he's innocent. how would the muslim guy/gal feel ? is this fair ? is this justice ? so muslim has to watch his/her partner goes off while him/herself subjects to ordeal trial. some ppl say sharia/hudud only for muslim so need to worry. yeah, but in long term sure will unsatisfactory among the muslim to demand such law to implement on infidel as well.

imagine pas+pkr (majority muslim)+bn vote for sharia for all rakyat after instigated by pas+umno leader so that they will not be called kafir, would that > 2/3 votes ?

even the chief justice last time suggested to do away common law and use sharia. his opinion is quite valid......

wits0 said...

Umno is hooked to the very opiate they have been promoting and imposing. They have little else to sell. Being bankrupt of ideas, suitably demonstrated here. As long as anything is related to the supremacist delusion, it will be used.

wits0 said...

MCA Prez is talking from the wrong os within the endless loop of the lapdogs' selfsame equivocation.

wits0 said...

OKT's words do resemble what a CSL would say, "I shall take all precautions the next time".

Most worthy words indeed!

Anonymous said...

I think ONG KA TING nor any of his "men" knows why MCA was whacked left, right, centre! "The party will say what we need to say." This means they will say nothing! Nothing substantial, nothing critical, nothing intelligent, nothing meaningful, nothing earth-shaking; better say nothing at all!

"We will know how to voice it out in the correct way" - like what, like how, I would like to know? Same old apologetic response to nasty things being said by UMNO racists, better say nothing at all!

wits0 said...

What the MCA have ever said since the early seventies amounts to trashy political correctness and shameless equivocations that must be approved by big brother umno. Even so, umno is not appeased.

Do we need the MCA mafioso to sell people's ass - this dirt cheap?

Billy said...

MCA will 'say what needs to be said'. Wow, at last the pussy cat is going to be a transformed tiger? I am prepared to lay a bet with anyone. Nothing is going to be said! For a starter,ask for the return of the finance ministerial portfolio which was held previously by MCA under the late Tan Siew Sin. Next, make sure such a move materialises. Otherwise, just SHUT UP!!!!

wits0 said...

The amount of crippling taxes on so called "luxury goods" which Tan Siew Sin imposed on the people for UMNO's sake during his time was obviously not appreciated.

Perhaps he deserved it(in a way) and probably died a disappointed man after a brief but ornery stint at the helm of Sime Darby.

It was some years afterwards that these "luxury items like cameras, fountain pens and in cameras shook off their absurd and excessive duties in the early eighties.