Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lulu Excited For Them

kinda like the day before the 1st day of school, isnt it? checking out everything, briefing etc.
who knows, maybe they have to chop-chop place too :P

Congratulations to
P43 - Bagan - Lim Guan Eng
P45 - Bukit Mertajam - Chong Eng
P46 - Batu Kawan - Ramasamy Palanisamy
P48 - Bukit Bendera - Liew Chin Tong
P49 - Tanjong - Chow Kon Yeow
P50 - Jelutong - Ooi Chuan Aun
P51 - Bukit Gelugor - Karpal Singh Ram Singh
P60 - Taiping - Nga Kor Ming
P64 - Ipoh Timor - Lim Kit Siang
P65 - Ipoh Barat - M. Kulasegaran V. Murugeson
P66 - Batu Gajah - Fong Po Kuan
P68 - Beruas - Ngeh Koo Ham
P76 - Teluk Intan - M. Manogaran
P102 - Serdang - Teo Nie Ching
P103 - Puchong - Gobind Singh Deo
P106 - PJ Utara - Tony Pua Kiam Wee
P110 - Klang - Charles Anthony Santiago
P114 - Kepong - Tan Seng Giaw
P117 - Segambut - Lim Lip Eng
P120 - Bukit Bintang - Fong Kui Lun
P122 - Seputeh - Teresa Kok Suh Sim
P123 - Cheras - Tan Kok Wai
P128 - Seremban - John Fernandez
P130 - Rasah - Loke Siew Fook
P138 - Kota Melaka - Sim Tong Him
P145 - Bakri - Er Teck Hwa
P172 - Kota Kinabalu - Hiew King Chew
P195 - Bandar Kuching - Chong Chieng Jen

Lulu is SO looking forward to the 1st parliament session with so, so many heroes and heroines in the august house.
don't play-play kay?

Update 5:51pm
from Lulu's MP's blog
My first task at hand is to submit 15 questions (10 for oral replies and 5 for written) to the Parliament secretary for replies by the relevant ministries by the 8th April (next Tuesday).
So for those with key questions of national interest which you'd like me to bring up in Parliament during the question and answer sessions. (Note that the questions should be fairly specific and directed at a particular ministry) ;-) leave a comment at Lulu's MP's blog or send him an email at


zharif said...

you left out P121 :P

What A Lulu said...

zharif, lol! didnt notice what my favourite party is ah?
and yes, p121 will definitly add quality to the debates

zharif said...

Ooh... hahahaha.. LOL :P Got me there :) I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

What A Lulu said...

anon who left me a note at 4:11pm, can you drop me a mail at


denzook said...

you sure p121 really know how to debate ? with that P105.....