Thursday, April 17, 2008

If Lulu Were The Sports Minister

You know what? If Lulu was the Minister of Sports, Lulu would work towards a sihat Malaysia.
That would be Lulu's main agenda.
Making sporting activities and exercising accesible to all Malaysians.
Parks for people to jog.
Trails for walks.
"gym type" apparatus in public parks.
more public parks
more football fields.
basketball, tennis, sepak takraw and netball courts for rent at very low price.
playgrounds for children.
coaching sessions for our youth.
taichi and ballroom dancing for the community.
activities for everyone.

Lulu cannot comprehend why our government in their quests for "Malaysia Boleh" chooses to spend [pluck from the sky] 90% of their money glorifying 0.01% of the population, leaving the others not looked after.
A prestigious as winning an Olympic gold medal is, between that and 10,000 fit Malaysians, Lulu would choose 10,000 fit Malaysians.
100,000 kids running around and laughing at playgrounds rather than 11 overpaid, undeserving, underperforming Malaysians chasing after a ball.

erhh, btw,
1. Lulu has no political ambitions, aspirations whatsoever. So, tak payah "undilah Lulu!"
Lulu's geram with the organisation which ran a 1.4million entertainment expenditure used up their money when it could be used for so much more basic simple things which would have sport-ised Lulu, the epitome of unfit wanita Malaysia who could have benefit from such a program


team bsg said...

you forgot to include seeking cabinet approval and NGO execution for funds of not less than RM 1 billion ++ to build a state of the art elevated 6 feet gold double 6m dual jogging tracks complete with 600 cutting edge sauna stations all the way from JB to Bickenburry, London , and to grace 60 feet Samy Velu lamp posts too every 100m all the way for round the clock especially night use .
Malaysia Bolih !

ycg said...

i'm sure azlina would say that the 'entertainment' is just a matter of interpretation difference. if it were up to her, she would call it operating overhead. let's wait for the tomboy's (!!) response ler..

ksq said...

this sports and fitness thingy is such an enjoyable activity and you can do it anytime anywhere even by yourself like jogging. why the need for such foundation is still beyond me. pls dun give me those awareness crap.

AND my idol ms olivia newton john has to join the fray. i am just hopelessly devastated by you olivia...

zorro said...

Lulu has PASSION, a prerequisite for Sports Minister.

wits0 said...

Lulu: "Making sporting activities and exercising accesible to all Malaysians."

Stop linking sport activities with school marks!! Some school kids may perhaps live some considerable distance from school and not everyone should be required(forced) to return in the afternoon for sport activities. Stop making ever increasing demands on parents to shuttle them about, for school, tuition and then sports!

Anonymous said...

it cost RM12+ to swim in jb
and S$1+ to swim in Sg


Anonymous said...

Lulu, if you are the Sports Minister, can you make Malaysia a football giant again as we once were in the 70s???

What A Lulu said...

the goal would be to have more people play football. not to win championships.
when there are more players and fileds, freuqency of play increases.
that together with coaching workshops will increase the quality of the game and players.
isnt that time and money better spent?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1.22pm, actually you don't have to pay for a single cent. You can always swim at sungai segget or stulang laut for free. Of course, you have to watch out for floating arms and legs that are disposed from the Sultanah Aminah Hospital....hehe...

lulu, having playgrounds and sport facilities does not really translates to a fitter population...but it will be much much much better than to waste the money on entertainment...

Anonymous said...

If I am the Sports Minister, I will make mahjong and horse racing the national sport.

Monster Mom said...

Monstermom will vote Lulu then... just say when u'll contest ok!