Thursday, April 10, 2008

If It Were Up To Lulu

it wont be wishy washy statements like the PM's
Abdullah, also the prime minister, added that he hoped that party delegates would not be involved in money politics in the coming party polls to be held in December.
source Malaysiakini Umno's mistake: Selecting wrong candidates

No sir-ee!
What is there to hope about? He, of all people, should know the tricks and desperation that those who do not have the "good fortune" of quota system for party polls have to resort to in order to keep their position. And these are not lowly unpaid jobs, but posts which allows you to live like a warlord ala Zakaria Mat Deros.

No sir-ee! if it were up to Lulu, Lulu would say, "Anyone involved in money politics, straight away, gantung upside down by their toe. Don't play-play with me! Grrrr!" Fierce-leh?


wits0 said...

Bad awi's hoping gets people hopping mad. Leadership by hoping! That's a first for the Guinness Book, alright.

The people gave up hoping ; they took action at the ballot box.

ycg said...

i'm sure lulu has watched ghost buster before.

Abdullah = slimer. No backbone wan, just a blot of slime *bloop* *bloop*

denzook said...

as PM and president of UMNO, how dare he use the word "hope" - he's the executioner. .....

stupid stupid stupid .... he should say this election i will personally watch there will be NO MONEY POLITICS happening ... members get caught will be sacked immediately...

unless of course the pak tua "actually" terlibat oso....

Yi Gan said...

Sometimes you just have to admire him.
He is still so innocent, so naïve, so childish, so ignorant.
It is a man-eat-man jungle out there, and he just “hope” it away.
I really don’t know what to say. except God have mercy on Malaysia.
For this country is in the hand of this “Innocent“ man.

Anonymous said...

Bodowi Hopes no $Politics, he has BIG EARS to catch wind, he is the PM for ALL Malaysians (who want a sleeping PM)!!
He also 'pantang dicabar', repeats that he works very hard, and is present, present, present...and most of all is not going anywhere!
Phack Lah!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering whether this sleepy head deservers the title Tun upon retirement... Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ... yucksss, sounds disgusting