Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And It Broke Lulu's Heart Then When The Youth And Sports Ministry Had "No Funds" To Send The Participants for The Special Olympics

Have you heard of the Women's Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia [WSFFM]?
Their media team should be fired. In spite of their spending RM932,000 for Media and Advertising, you'd probably have never heard of them until today.
Until today, when Citizen Nades did his expose Song And Dance While Others Suffer on WSFFM's spending
Until today, when the blogs are picking up on this.
RM932K, and it's like a best kept secret.
Kononnya, according to their website, WSFFM is an organization devoted towards the empowerment of women through sports and fitness.

The Foundation has pursued this goal from 1995 along with our humble quest to enlighten women on the significance of sports and fitness as a national agenda. The WSFFM is the first non-governmental organization (NGO) in Malaysia to be affiliated with the National Council of Women's Organization (NCWO).
In the various strategies deployed by the Foundation to acquire a unified synergy among women, several have indeed made a difference. The membership drive campaign in which the retail pharmacy alliance (Tigas) formed the nucleus, had acquired a total of ten thousand members and the number has been increasing rapidly.
looking at the pictures on the front page, the things they do is like so best!

but looking again, for a "Women's Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia" , dont some of them look like, erhh... they're not women?
and it does seem like its targeting the English speaking market as there is no BM version which would have a greater reach to the masses, yar?
and doesnt it look like a tai-tai thing?
No wonder their expenditure can run so high
• Meals and Accommodation RM2.1 million
• Entertainment RM1.4 million
• Travelling and Transportation RM858,000
• Rental of Equipment RM865,400

To think that RM11 million of our money was spent on what looks like a private club, and they could not spare RM150K to these special ones.
Something is wrong with those who govern.
And something is wrong with us cos we continue to allow them to govern.


kittykat46 said...

Wah, the WSFFM looks very they really need any Taxpayer funding ?

Anonymous said...

This Women's Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia [WSFFM] received more than RM11 million in taxpayers’ funds. And the chairperson of WSFFM is Dato’ Seri Azalina Othman Said, who wanted another RM500 million for the High Performance Training Centre near London. So now we know how that RM11 million vanished

Hamzah said...

ini club utk orang "elites"?

I see wifes of the "umno cronies" aje

Gan said...

sinful lah .... speechless !! Wanton abuse of taxpayers' money.

Lulu - get Tony Pua to get ministry to account for expenditure.

myop101 said...

Dear lulu,

I wouldn't be so quick to blame the voters coz postal votes saved quite a few MPs... look at Sarikei fellow who won by less than 60 votes and of course, Rembau MP who managed to reverse its trailing position to command 5K majority...

But you are right. Something is certainly very wrong with those who govern...

mindful mariner said...

Women's Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia [WSFFM]?

Never heard of it until this shameful exposure regarding the squandering of RM11 million of public funds.

The RM932K supposedly spent on Media & Advertising obviously was wasted!

The Special Olympics world Summer Games in Shanghai 2007, got no support, whilst this bunch of blood-sucking free-loading crony's and BN government backers gets 11 million Ringgit. What a damn disgrace.

Maybe WSFFM is a acronym for:

Wives, Sisters, Friends, Followers & Masqueraders?

They should pay back the funds to the treasury coffers, if not many heads must roll!!!!!

Anonymous said...

tired and sick of all these already...

all aspersions sure got their own backup reasons..

if they got no reason, they will just simply ask you not to ask and not to question their RIGHTS
OR the usual trick...

just ignore your question...

Anonymous said...

commo, nothing to hide. damn transparent. how about an independent audit? hope you wont be scurrying for cover after that.

Anonymous said...

RM11 million gone down the drain!

alter said...

looks like a luxury golf and country club for middle-aged women (who bring along their middle aged husbands). I didnt know you can become healthier by paragliding.

the load of rubbish that goes on in the country is shocking.

Anonymous said...

a luxury golf and country club for RICH middle-aged women (who bring along their middle aged RICH husbands).

CY said...

dont some of them look like, erhh... they're not women?

Lulu, best sentence evar! :D

Jasraj said...

It's been 2 days and still no response via the media.

They must be busy doctoring the accounts and cooking up spin stories on why, how and where the monies 'actually' went to.

Azalina is probably trying the 'just-ignore-it-and-hope-it-goes-away'' line of though.

On that note, kudos to Citizen Nades on one more great exposay on the corrupt mispractises of the people in power.

Anonymous said...

Get ACA to check into this project "CONTRACT WITH MAJLIS SUKAN NEGARA MALAYSIA (MSN) PROJECT KNOWN AS "SISTEM PERLAKSANAAN LOGISTIK DAN PERMARKAHAN BERSEPADU UNTUK MAJLIS SUKAN NEGARA MALAYSIA (for SUKMA GAMES)". The system is not done by d awarded co but was given to MSN's staff named OMAR n they just came there acting to cover up d situation. The project only costs abt RM6Mil but was marked-up til RM11mil++ and as a return Azalina got RM2Mil bonus. Azalina was so pissed- off (even their KSU & TKSU knew abt this) when d co cannot deliver d money n another co have to give d money after they were awarded this project "PROJECT UNTUK MEMBEKAL, MENGHANTAR, MEMASANG, MENGUJI DAN MENTAULIAH KOMPUTER DAN PERALATAN ICT BAGI IBU PEJABAT KEMENTERIAN BELIA DAN SUKAN (KBS) DAN PEJABAT-PEJABAT CAWANGAN KBS DI SELURUH MALAYSIA. NO TENDER: KBS.S.4-14/39(T.20.2006)" costs abt RM13Mil (if i'm not mistaken). And also check Rakan Muda's account...

Angelia said...

This is just plain frustrating, make-you-made kinda thing. They alway have to struggle, those of the special olympics/games etc. and they work so hard, other countries (even neighbouring countries) support their special athletes.

Isn't there a way we can raise money for them too? or donate?