Sunday, April 06, 2008

aiyoh... How Come Lulu Can Figure This Out When Ong Ka Chuan cant-ah?

In response to the Perak state government's initiative to issue permanent land titles to all new villages and planned villages,
Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Ong Ka Chuan said he would not hesitate to praise the coalition government if it could pull off such a “logistical nightmare.”
“For now however, I would prefer to wait and see if they can overcome the technicalities,” he told reporters after a working visit to the Bidor Station New Village yesterday.
Lulu hopes Ong Ka Chuan does not do anything to sabotage this goodwill initiative. You have to understand that he is the minister in charge of these matters. However, because this is state land, Lulu is not sure if he can interfere or not.

Anyway, if the Perak government faces problems, they could study how those greedy land grabbers from the booted out state government of Selangor and Penang did what they did without any reprimand from his brother, the previous minister in charge of these matters.

update 8:19am
after Lulu sleep-sleep-sleep. Lulu is now wondering.
if, OKC tries to frustrate the attempt at Federal level citing this and that clause, would it mean that his brother was ignorant of those laws or an accomplice of the land grabbers when all those land alienation was taking place in the previous governments? hmm....


Anonymous said...

what about greedy land grabbers from the silver state? hmm.isnt he head of MCA Perak? Is he involved? Lets not speculate and wait for the new government to reveal the extent of the plundering. Too bad, they cant OSA the truth now.

kittykat46 said...

Of course everyone who knows the issue is aware there are complications. Most new villagers have never had a proper land survey done to demarcate land boundaries. It will take time and effort to settle all the issues.

But the new Perak State government has made a commitment to get it done.

MCA has been there for 50 years, what have they got to show for it ?
Be honest...Tuan UMNO said "No", and MCA had to nod "setuju.."

You can bet Ong Ka Chuan and MCA will not lift a finger to provide cooperation, assuming they don't actively sabotage the effort.

Just sounds like sour grapes.

wits0 said...

What "technicalities" is Ka Chuak referring to? Obviously any technicalities are created by the governance of the land, especially previously. If things are so simple, any donkeys can do it, any self-respecting school teacher would have taught one that. Also, if there's will, there's a way.

Why don't he touched on the illegal shredding of Local Council's documents of a previous State governance instead? I don't think people today are impressed with such inane diversionary antics.

kaki.ayam said...

lulu, if you have watched the ntv7 chinese news at 9.30pm last night, you would have heard that the Perak MCA has organised a dinner that was meant to gather support for the ousting of OKT....

i wonder how much longer OKC will be Perak....he should move to Johor soon....hehe

Bunnies said...

For the life of me, I cannot understand why is it so hard to give land titles?? What is so complicated when you are in the position/power to uncomplicate or complicate it? How hard is it to get a land surveyor in and go survey, measure and dont know what else and declare who is sitting/shitting on where, record it and get the title out? Sigh.. if these MCA people want to lie, can someone please tell them to make effort to lie intelligently or shall I say complicatedly so, we will be impressed!? Cheh~!