Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lulu's "Clear" Is So Very Different From Puan Sri Chui Kah Peng's "Clear"

Association was meant for BN reps' wives
she said it herself that "Article 5 of the PBT Constitution stated that members were to be made up of wives of assemblymen and MPs of Penang, except for those from the Opposition."
pray tell Lulu, didn't her husband lose in his bid for a Parliamentary position?
Isn't the ruling party in Penang the Pakatan, and not the BN?
Doesn't that make the BN the opposition in Penang?
taking all those points into consideration, AND bearing in mind that her husband was not even an assemblyman nor member of parliament, on Mar9th when the meeting was held, shouldn't her membership have ceased by virtue of Article5 of the constitution?
Is it clear to you like how it is for Lulu, or are you seeing things Puan Sri Chui's way?

maybe it's time Lulu go do a law degree cos somewhere out there, there's going to be a loyar buruk who will find a way to twist and turn the meaning of Article5 for the BN wives club and make black white. low life as it may be, Lulu should go and learn these skills.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lulu Wonders How The COmponent Parties Will Vote On This

The Malaysian Insider reports that

Hindraf 5, ISA fireworks in store for Parliament
KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 — Expect fireworks if the Dewan Rakyat Speaker allows an urgent debate on the Hindraf 5 and other Internal Security Act detainees tomorrow.
During the pre-council briefing to Barisan Nasional MPs yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi urged them to be ready for provocative questions from the Opposition, especially on the Hindu Rights Action Force issue and ISA.
He told them to hold their ground
and not be cowed by the Opposition, saying that MPs from Pakatan Rakyat were under pressure from their supporters to deliver on their election promises of abolishing the ISA and freeing M. Manoharan, P. Uthayakumar, R. Kenghadharan, V. Ganabatirau and T. Vasantha Kumar.
Prior to this, the Star had reported that
MCA calls for release of Hindraf five
Free Hindraf five, says Gerakan
Samy wants Hindraf 5 released
Lulu is now wondering which "ground" the fellas from MCA, Gerakan and MIC will hold.

Monday, April 28, 2008

If Lulu Were A Corrupt Person

RM6.1 Billion Space Science University Planned In Kota Tinggi
there are ways to make money out of this you know.
these guys behind the RM6.1billion space university probably have the noblest of intentions to make Malaysia as a reference centre for space science studies. No hanky-panky. Everything honest and above board.
Afterall, RM6.1billion is a no play-play amount, especially in a time where the rakyat are told to eat less rice.

but, if Lulu were a corrupt person and did not believe that she would have to give an account to God, this is what Lulu would do
1. join a self-enrichment body under the pretext of demi maruah of a certain bangsa
2. propose the setting up of this space varsity. could be any project actually, but key words like "bringing back the glory of Muslims" must be in the proposal
3. with active participation from like minded partners and generous "donations", government adopts the project and backs it financially allocating funds to this "noble intention".
4. of course, whilst all this is being agreed, get a huge tract of land alienated to her good self at RM2.52/sf for her "contribution" to the state. sell the piece of land to the government at a 20% discount off the market price, say RM48.00/sf when the project is agreed to.
5. bid for the project with a 300% markup from the baba's construction cost in a alibaba partnership. add in exit cost which requires the government to pay an abominable fine should the project be cancelled. Bridging loan [but of course, provided by MoF]
6. bid and win the contract to buy equipment for outfiitting the labs. Charge RM4,800 for an apparatus whose head is a compact solid mass that is able to deliver the blow to the intended target without itself deforming aka a hammer.
7. sign a 30 year concession agreement that allows you to monopolise the provision of 5,000 sets of meals at RM12.00/meal. Guaranteed increases are given every 2 years. Whether the university jadi or not, there are 5,000 meals required etc, does not matter. Per the concession, you will be guaranteed the 30 years income.

the list is [but of course] not exhaustive.
ah... the things Lulu could and would do, if she were corrupt and if she could ever forget the existense of God

Lulu's Facebook Update

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lulu Thought She Was Very Brave

Ex-minister had no intention of outraging my modesty, says lounge promoter
A bit sad that she may have been "helped" to "think more clearly", but Lulu doesn't think many of us do not think that she was under any kind of duress / pressure /incentive to hust it up.
Whatever it was that made her "think more clearly", Lulu thinks it was very brave of her to make the police report in the first place.

And in the meantime, the "no, it cannot be someone with the initials J and erhJ because he's a Malay Muslim politician and therefore would not have been drinking" MP gets away scot free. The MakDatin must be so embarrased, and Lulu hopes she will tarik his telinga for this incident for making her the talk and sympathy object of the datins around town.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lulu Does Not Believe That It Could Be Someone With The Initials J&erhJ

no, cannot be...
look at the Malaysiakini report.
It says that the former minister - dropped in the recently announced cabinet although he retained his parliamentary seat in the March 8 general election - was said to be drunk and had tried to caress the woman while she was serving drinks to him

can't be JJ
afterall, he's a Malay Muslim politician and this itchy handed fella was D-R-U-N-K.
Maklumlah, like all good Malay Muslim politicians in our country, he couldn't be drinking minuman yang memabukkan. NO, cannot be. Afterall, everyone and their makciks know that our good Malay Muslim politicians do not consume alcohol. Neither would they earn money from unhalal piggy ventures.
No, not JJ-lah. Cannot be.

Lulu Poses A [Not So Difficult] HypotheticalQuestion

You know those "if your mother and wife/husband are drowning, and you can save only one of them, who would you save?" type of question? susah to answer, right? Lulu give you a variation of it, which is not so difficult to answer.

Let's say-la, you are a BN person party-ing on a luxury sailboat, off the shores of Trengganu, being entertained by Al Jarreau, hobnobbing with the PM, his family, his cronies friends and other BN leaders. Suddenly, someone cries out "2 people overboard!". The guests look. One kid, struggling in the water, is wearing a DAP t-shirt, another, gasping for air, has on a PKR t-shirt. [Dont ask Lulu what they are doing on a obviously BN-party party. This is a hypothetical question-lah] There is only one life jacket. Who do you think those BN guests would save?

3 days ago, that would have been one of those unanswerable questions. How-la to choose?

but Lulu, following the news on the appointment of Lee Kah Choon of Gerakan to Penang Development Corporation Invest-Penang, Lulu thinks the answer is obvious.
Most of the BN persons on board would not care and continue to party. If something happens to the drowning kids, well.... that's one less DAP and PKR member respectively.
Other with some form of conscience but having also followed the Lee Kah Choon saga, would look at the PM and ask him permission. The PM will give them a lot of fatherly dilly-dally advice and at the end of it, tell them to consult their respective party leaders. The respective party leaders, having been taichi-ed the problem would take a while to deliberate on the problem at hand. The two pakai salah t-shirt kids would by then have met their maker.

Sad isn't it, that the BN cannot see beyond the party and look towards nation building.
Party first, if the state needs help and we can offer it, too bad.
Party first. Rather the state sink, die, drown, bankrupt and the rakyat hidup merana [not that they are, but...] than we, o holy ones a class above these lowly opposition, defile our hands in supporting them.
Its not that the government in Penang is desperate for the BN's help. But they do recognise that there are some within BN who do have the expertise, and putting aside political differences, would be great in helping build the state.
And its not that all people in the BN are bad and evil. They do have some gems [some, not many. maybe a few. but memang ada] And Lim Guan Eng and his team are mature enough to recognise this.
Unfortunately, one cant say the same for the BN.

and if you're interested in reading the whole saga, these links are from Malaysian Insider
Leave Gerakan, Wanita head tells Kah Choon
Gerakan show-cause letter for Kah Choon
Second BN man crosses the divide
Kah Choon: InvestPenang job has nothing to do with politics
InvestPenang to focus on five areas for investments
Pak Lah: Kah Choon acting against BN spirit
DAP lacks local talents to run Penang, says Keng Yaik
Lee’s appointment: Penang CM to explain to DAP members
Lee Kah Choon accepts senior Penang posts, sends shock waves through Gerakan
Reply to charges, Kah Choon tells ex-Penang leadership
A Gerakan boss quits all posts

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lulu Is Glad That The Parliament Will Be Accorded More Respect From Those Who No Longer Have 2/3

Lulu's wondering, during the last UMNO general assembly,
how many of you realised that not only did they hold it on Deepavali, it was also held when Parliament was in session?
It shows their arrogant belief that their general assembly is far more important than the Parliamentary debates and decisions, which, actually, if you think about it, is true, though not correct, in this country of ours. Afterall, in their assembly debates [and also the very scary UMNO Youth's], they come up with proposals which often times, whether is goes through the correct channels or not, becomes policies in our countries.

But Lulu is glad those days of arrogance are over.
The Parliament is now accorded the respect it deserves.
No more 2/3 = no more ponteng-ing.
No more 2/3 = no more throwing our own keris waving parties.
No more 2/3 = a glad Lulu

Monday, April 21, 2008

One Of The Things Lulu Learnt From Watching TVB Serials

how many of you remember this show?
ah.... this is Police Cadet '85.
this was Lulu's favourite in the Police Cadet series.
and this was where Lulu learnt the phrase ICAC.
The bad cop [aka Simon Yam] was being investigated by an undercover ICAC agent.

and then there was the Turbulent Decade. The rich heiress [aka Carina Lau] embezzeled money from her company for her bad-bad-bad lover who was also her best friend's husband. ICAC investigated it, and she was arrested and put to prison.

ICAC - cops, the government servants and private sector feared being investigated by them.
An "ICAC" introduction would bring the chill down through their spine.
And it helped [though not totally] keep them clean.

Lulu is hopeful that Malaysia's ACA which has rebranded to MCAC [ Malaysian Commission on Anti-Corruption] will be as feared as the Hong Kong's ICAC. That they will do a job accountable to the rakyat. That people like the masuk saku sendiri cops, the idiots at RELA, the Wanita-status-in-doubt Minister, the idiot who signed away land belonging to the state will fear them. That MCAC do more than just wear "Saya Anti-Rasuah" badges.
The government that is in power today should not protest against this move but should instead welcome this as one of the ways to keep the next government honest.

MCAC announcement
Malaysian Insider Going for full transparency, ACA to become MCAC
Malaysiakini ACA to be fully independent

Lulu Sighs

"we voted you in, we can vote you out too!"

have you seen these remarks going around the blogs?
Lulu has.

And everytime Lulu sees it, Lulu's heart breaks a little.
Lulu wonders you sure you want to vote them out? that would mean voting the idiots back. and having nazi-type idiots say thing like, "the rakyat wants the ISA. that is why we won 92% of the seats in the last elections"

Most of the new PR representatives are good people.
new at their job
not enough help
no money
no additional "funds"
people keep seeing them to resolve this and that.

Lulu's urging you to go beyond, "Give them a chance".
Lulu's urging you to go help them.
You may not be partisan, but there's a lot you can do to help offload some of the errands from them.
Bernard posted WE GAVE THEM OUR VOTES. LET'S NOT STOP THERE.... Go read some of the suggestions posted.
Lulu's State Assemblyman, Lau Weng San, meets his constituents every Wednesday at 77, Jln 20/9, Paramount Garden. This is the corner terrace house which serves as DAP Selangor's HQ. He needs more volunteers to help him. If you are able to consistently commit some time, go meet him there and see how you can help. He is also in the midst of setting up a service center in Sg Way. Office equipment would be most welcomed.

Who is your MP? Who is your stateassemblyman?
Do you know how they're progressing?
Is there any way you can help them?
We've voted them in because we believe they can and will make a change. Are you able to support them make the change? For your family, your children, your grandchildren, for the nation, Lulu hopes you will.
We have to help them make it.
There is little choice in that matter.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lulu Wonders What Happened To Anwar's "Ketuanan Rakyat"

Lulu would have taken this as an UMNO idiot's half baked attempt to court the Malay votes and trust.
But sad to say, the paper also reports that Mohamed Azmin said there would be no problem for PKR to attend the meeting as their DAP coalition partner accepted their desire to strengthen Malay unity. Salahuddin said Pas, too, was interested in defending the rights of Malays and other Bumiputeras.

Is PKR not a multiracial party? Did Anwar not advocate ketuanan rakyat just this week? WHat's going on?
Lulu can only hope that at the end of the meeting, PAS and PKR will remind this UMNO idiot that the voters have shown that they reject UMNO and racial politics in the recently concluded elections and that Bangsa Malaysia is the way going forward.
Lulu would much rather if PAS and PKR do not step into this spider web.

btw, google "Mohamad Norza" and read more about him. Definetly not what Lulu would call a "nice guy".

Thursday, April 17, 2008

If Lulu Were The Sports Minister

You know what? If Lulu was the Minister of Sports, Lulu would work towards a sihat Malaysia.
That would be Lulu's main agenda.
Making sporting activities and exercising accesible to all Malaysians.
Parks for people to jog.
Trails for walks.
"gym type" apparatus in public parks.
more public parks
more football fields.
basketball, tennis, sepak takraw and netball courts for rent at very low price.
playgrounds for children.
coaching sessions for our youth.
taichi and ballroom dancing for the community.
activities for everyone.

Lulu cannot comprehend why our government in their quests for "Malaysia Boleh" chooses to spend [pluck from the sky] 90% of their money glorifying 0.01% of the population, leaving the others not looked after.
A prestigious as winning an Olympic gold medal is, between that and 10,000 fit Malaysians, Lulu would choose 10,000 fit Malaysians.
100,000 kids running around and laughing at playgrounds rather than 11 overpaid, undeserving, underperforming Malaysians chasing after a ball.

erhh, btw,
1. Lulu has no political ambitions, aspirations whatsoever. So, tak payah "undilah Lulu!"
Lulu's geram with the organisation which ran a 1.4million entertainment expenditure used up their money when it could be used for so much more basic simple things which would have sport-ised Lulu, the epitome of unfit wanita Malaysia who could have benefit from such a program

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And It Broke Lulu's Heart Then When The Youth And Sports Ministry Had "No Funds" To Send The Participants for The Special Olympics

Have you heard of the Women's Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia [WSFFM]?
Their media team should be fired. In spite of their spending RM932,000 for Media and Advertising, you'd probably have never heard of them until today.
Until today, when Citizen Nades did his expose Song And Dance While Others Suffer on WSFFM's spending
Until today, when the blogs are picking up on this.
RM932K, and it's like a best kept secret.
Kononnya, according to their website, WSFFM is an organization devoted towards the empowerment of women through sports and fitness.

The Foundation has pursued this goal from 1995 along with our humble quest to enlighten women on the significance of sports and fitness as a national agenda. The WSFFM is the first non-governmental organization (NGO) in Malaysia to be affiliated with the National Council of Women's Organization (NCWO).
In the various strategies deployed by the Foundation to acquire a unified synergy among women, several have indeed made a difference. The membership drive campaign in which the retail pharmacy alliance (Tigas) formed the nucleus, had acquired a total of ten thousand members and the number has been increasing rapidly.
looking at the pictures on the front page, the things they do is like so best!

but looking again, for a "Women's Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia" , dont some of them look like, erhh... they're not women?
and it does seem like its targeting the English speaking market as there is no BM version which would have a greater reach to the masses, yar?
and doesnt it look like a tai-tai thing?
No wonder their expenditure can run so high
• Meals and Accommodation RM2.1 million
• Entertainment RM1.4 million
• Travelling and Transportation RM858,000
• Rental of Equipment RM865,400

To think that RM11 million of our money was spent on what looks like a private club, and they could not spare RM150K to these special ones.
Something is wrong with those who govern.
And something is wrong with us cos we continue to allow them to govern.

For A Moment, Lulu Was Like "Wow! NST So Brave!"

today's frontpage article mentions things like
But what has Umno, the leading partner of the coalition and largest party in parliament, been doing since March 8? Bickering, pointing fingers, baying for vengeance and doing everything imaginable except rolling up its sleeves and getting down to the work of governing.
Brandishing the kris was hurtful to the non-Malays but the party leadership did nothing to take the Umno Youth chief to task for the menacing and insulting gesture.
yar! it hurts Lulu to see the UMNO Youth chief [why they never mention his name-ah?] say he will not hesitate to use it against Lulu's "type"
It also did not go unnoticed that the leadership put up with the racist and inflammatory rhetoric of the delegates at the televised 2006 Umno general assembly.
yar, even Lulu noticed that too!
Then there was the desecration of the temple under the watch of the then Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo which did so much to outrage the Hindus throughout the country and turn them against the ruling coalition.
wah! mention name some more wah!

then Lulu was brought back to Malaysian life ala BN control again
That is, in fact, the verdict of his mandate, and he should be allowed to get on with it. But all the worms crawling out of the Umno woodwork — especially the retired and those with shelf lives past due who have found new breath in their calls for a party coup — won’t let him.
They don’t get it. Abdullah is not solely to be blamed and everything will not suddenly be all well again if he goes. Umno from the roots to the high branches all have to share the blame for their silence, their greed, arrogance and shenanigans that have turned off voters. So stop the navel-gazing and infighting.
If they have to fight among themselves, at least have the decency to keep it civilised and behind closed doors. They don’t have to drag the whole country through their infernal politicking.

haiyah... they telling all those "Undur-Lah" people to shut up.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lulu Doesnt Want This Mother To Shed Tears Of Desparation For Her Son

A few years back, a child drowned in one of the swimming pools in a PJ condominium. What made her death so tragic was that her father and 4 other grown men tried to rescue her, and yet she drowned.
Her leg got caught in one of the pool's suction. Others in the pool noticed her struggling, and went to her rescue. They tried and tried to pull her out, but her leg was caught in the vent, and the suction was too strong. They could not pull her out.
Her father held on to her, still trying to pull her, as she drowned to death.
Her lifeless body was pulled out when someone turned off the main to the whole condo.

if only someone had turned off the pump...
if only the main was turned off earlier...
if only the design of the pool was not such that the suction was so strong...
if only.

like the child's father, this mother is watching desparately as her son is dying before her very own eyes.

She pleads with the authorities to free her son. She is standing by watching helplessly as her son dies. She can't do anything but plead and cry for mercy.
She is not alone in her plea. Hindraf, the opposition and the NGOs have called for his [and the others who make up the Hindraf5] release. Even 3 of the component parties have called for their release.

Lulu hopes the PM would take a break from his politik-ing and get in touch with his human side.
Dont let this be a
if only they had set him free...
if only they kept him in the hospital...
if only they allowed him his medication...
if only they took care of his diet
if only they treated him like a person, a creation of God
if only.

cos by then, this mother's heart would be broken
and many in Malaysia would never ever forgive UMNO, BN and the PM.

Monday, April 14, 2008

More Reasons Why Lulu Has Absolutely No Confidence In Federal Appointees To Spend Her State Money

he-who-talks-too-much-and-should-learn-to-shut-up-cos-everytime-he-opens-his-mouth-he-spews-something-stupid supports the setting up of coordination committees in Pakatan Rakyat-led states to ensure that funds from the Federal Government , continue to be channelled to to the Opposition-led states so that the interest of the people there are taken care of.

Azalina, of Brickendonbury, fame pula is channeling all funds set aside for tourism activities for the Pakatan Rakyat-led states through the Federal Government instead of the state governments. She says that programmes planned in the Pakatan Rakyat-led states will go on.

Sometimes, you hope that these politicians will remember that there is a God, and he will judge them for their crimes and that will keep them honest.
but for most days, you are reminded why you have absolutely no confidence in them.

he-who-talks-too-much-and-should-learn-to-shut-up-cos-everytime-he-opens-his-mouth-he-spews-something-stupid Continues To Leave Lulu Flabbergasted

truly, truly fabbergasted.

Lulu is a MBPJ ratepayer. The grostesque wrongdoings at MBPJ totally, totally disgusts the residents, and this was one of the factors which led to BN and MCA [but of course] to kalah teruk-teruk both for the state and parliament seat.

The people have seen the "works" of these councillors, and have rejected them.
The candidate for Lulu's constituency, Kg Tunku, Sheah Kok Wah from MCA was a councillor for PJ back in its MPPJ days, and he still lost by almost 8,000 votes.
Mdm Ong Chong Swen, was a MBPJ councillor when she ran for the Subang Jaya state seat. Guess what? also kalah teruk... lost by almost 14,000 votes.

and now, he-who-talks-too-much-and-should-learn-to-shut-up-cos-everytime-he-opens-his-mouth-he-spews-something-stupid has announced that the Housing and Local Government Ministry [using the tax money that Lulu pays plus the Petronas money that no one knows about] may absorb some of the local councillors who have resigned into a Federal committee to channel funds to new villages.
He-who-talks-too-much-and-should-learn-to-shut-up-cos-everytime-he-opens-his-mouth-he-spews-something-stupid said he saw no reason why those Barisan Nasional councillors who quit as a matter of principle in Pakatan Rakyat-led states should “sit around and do nothing”.
erhm.... its not like they did a lot in the old days anyway. And looking at the way MBPJ spent money and gives out contracts at exorbidant costs, one wonders if "sit around and do nothing and not get to pocket money" would be the more apropriate quote.

“Although this is not the ideal situation, this is the reality we have to face,” he added
Face it, you're in this situation because the rakyat has rejected you. It doesnt get more obvious than this.
In case he-who-talks-too-much-and-should-learn-to-shut-up-cos-everytime-he-opens-his-mouth-he-spews-someting-stupid has forgotten, MCA lost 25 of 40 parliamentary seats and 59 of the 90 state seats contested in the 12th general election concluded on March 8.

and he-who-talks-too-much-and-should-learn-to-shut-up-cos-everytime-he-opens-his-mouth-he-spews-something-stupid still want to use the rakyat's money to pay these type of MCA appointed losers?
That's sick.
But then again, MCA is sick.

btw, you know what the title of the news is?
Ong: Those who quit can help Federal committee distribute funds
Going by BN's track record, Lulu cant help wonder if their help is enlisted so that distributed like this
RM1 for me, RM1 for the party,
RM1 for me, RM1 for the middleman,
RM1 for me, RM1 for the actual project,
RM1 for me, RM1 for the party,
RM1 for me, RM1 for the middleman,
RM1 for me, RM1 for the actual project,
RM1 for me, RM1 for the party,
RM1 for me, RM1 for the middleman,
RM1 for me, RM1 for the actual project...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lulu Hopes PM Understand The Consequences If Uthayakumar Is Not Given Decent Medical Attention

as it is, the elections on Mar 8th was the first time ever the Indian community abandoned Barisan Nasional and voted the opposition.
The community is angry with the lack of progress and even angrier at the detention of the Hindraf5.
But, there is still hope that the government would repent and change their ways. And with that, the support, though not as unwavering as before, would return.

Sad to say, we do not see it happening yet.
The power behind the government aka UMNO is too busy politiking, watching their backs and stabbing each other to care about the matters of the Indian community.

Uthayakumar, one of the Hindraf5, a diabetic, has not been allowed his medication nor a special diet in Kamunting.
Without proper diabetes medication and food, his health began to deteriorate. Diabetics need a special diet and medication to control their sugar level. The sort of food given to Uthaya to feed his hunger was at the same time, poisoning his body.
Uthayakumar was rushed to the Taiping district hospital on Monday afternoon after he became ill. Still weak, he was prematurely discharged back to Kamunting on Friday.
If this continues, if Uthayakumar's diabetic needs are not taken care of, he would be facing
- cardiovascular disease (doubled risk),
- chronic renal failure,
- retinal damage (which can lead to blindness),
- nerve damage (of several kinds),
- microvascular damage, which may cause impotence
- poor healing of wounds, particularly of the feet, can lead to gangrene, which may require amputation.

If/When that happens, Lulu thinks the Indian community would never forgive BN.
And it wont be just the Indian community. Many more Malaysians from all walks of life will find it difficult to vote in an inhuman Barisan Nasional.
Lulu hopes the Prime Minister will be able to see that.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lulu Works Out An Apropriate PayCut For [Malaysia - 5 States] Tourism Minister's Pay

Khoo Kay Peng, in his entry Azalina the Unbelievable! hopes that perhaps the MPs will demand for Azalina's paycheck to be reduced accordingly since she is not interested to serve the rest of the country
Lulu thinks that is a fair proposal, considering she refuses to cooperate with the local tourism committees of the five states.

And, as you all know, Lulu's quite kind. Cannot just cut her pay to RM10. It would be fun though, but tak boleh-la like that.
So, Lulu checked the tourism arrivals for those 5 states.

Not having much to work on, Lulu is using the latest official figures from a non-OSA source aka Tourism Malaysia's website which reveals the 2006 hotel guests by locality.
The numbers are as follows :
The 5 states take up 27% of the hotel guests in Malaysia.

So, taking up from KKP's entry, Lulu is suggesting perhaps when the parliament resumes, MPs will demand for Azalina's paycheck to be reduced by 27% since she is not interested to serve the rest of the country.
If you agree with Lulu, say AYE!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

If It Were Up To Lulu

it wont be wishy washy statements like the PM's
Abdullah, also the prime minister, added that he hoped that party delegates would not be involved in money politics in the coming party polls to be held in December.
source Malaysiakini Umno's mistake: Selecting wrong candidates

No sir-ee!
What is there to hope about? He, of all people, should know the tricks and desperation that those who do not have the "good fortune" of quota system for party polls have to resort to in order to keep their position. And these are not lowly unpaid jobs, but posts which allows you to live like a warlord ala Zakaria Mat Deros.

No sir-ee! if it were up to Lulu, Lulu would say, "Anyone involved in money politics, straight away, gantung upside down by their toe. Don't play-play with me! Grrrr!" Fierce-leh?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Please Feel Free To Use Lulu's Letter

UMNO president and Prime Minister said acts of sabotage had taken place in 14 parliamentary and 22 state constituencies in Kedah and Perak during the March general election. If not for the sabotage, the PM says, BN would not have lost the two-thirds majority and two state governments
Follwing that shocking revelation, his nifty ever-so-eager deputy Najib urged those with evidence to make written reports to the Umno secretary general.

Lulu has some evidence of sabotage, but alas... [or is it thankfully...], Lulu is not a member of UMNO. So, if she were to send in a written report, sure tak laku one.
so, if anyone of you are UMNO members and feel the need to reveal the sabotuers, please, by all means, use Lulu's letter and letak your name at the bottom.


Berikutan seruan Naib Presiden UMNO YAB Datuk Seri Najin Razak, saya ingin melaporkan kejadian sabotaj dan menampilkan juga gambar bukti insiden tersebut.
Sabotaj sebegini mesti diambil tindakan tegas kerana ia menyebabkan rakyat Malaysia, khususnya ahli kita sendiri hilang kepercayaan terhadap pucuk pimpinan UMNO dan seterusnya, mengakibatkan ramai yang tidak memberi undi kepada parti Barisan Nasional. Maklumlah, kita kalah teruk dalam pilihanraya yang baru lepas, kehilangan majoriti 2/3 and 5 [+1 jika Wilayah Persekutuan diambil kira juga] negeri Semenanjung kini berada di bawah kuasa parti pembangkang.

Datuk, besama ini, saya menampilkan gambar ahli kita yang tidur semasa mesyuarat dijalankan. Tidak kira mesyuarat UMNO-ke, Kabinet-ke ataupun semasa bersama Yang Dipertuan Agung ataupun ketua negara yang lain. Yang peliknya, beliau tidak pernah tertidur semasa jamuan makan malam bersama bintang terkenal seperti Datuk Michelle Yeoh and penyanyi kesukaan isteri beliau, Al Jarraeu yang diterbangkan khas ke Malaysia untuk men"serenade"kan isteri beliau.

Kelakuan sebegini tidak patut untuk pemimpin negara kita. Sikap tidur dan tidak kisah beliau telah mensabotajkan peluang kita bukan sahaja di Perak dan Kedah, malah membahayakan kedudukan ahli kita di seluruh negara.
Saya berharap datuk dan ahli panel Jawatankuasa Disiplin UMNO akan mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap beliau.

Sekian, terima kasih.
_____________ you letak your nama here-lah

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lulu Would Be Scared Too

if this happened to her

In the 3.15am incident on Monday, Leow said she was fast asleep at her apartment located on the second floor of a town house.
"I heard a thumping sound at my front door and heard a man shouting loudly, asking me to come out.
"I went to the door and asked him what the problem was, but he only shouted back that if I did not open the door he would break it open.
"I peeked through the peephole and saw several men standing outside. Fearing for my life, I ran back into my room and telephoned my first-floor neighbour who advised me to open the door,'' she said.
Leow said she hesitated for several minutes but decided to open the door when her neighbour and his wife came over to her apartment and shouted at her to open the door.
"There were about six to eight men in uniform, and one of them just dashed into my house with a torchlight.
"The man came out several minutes later and told his superior that he did not find anything,'' she said, adding that they refused to tell her what they were looking for.
from the star Tour guide cries foul over Rela raid

We read of bogus policemen carrying out "raids" and/or stopping cars and kidnapping and raping the women.
How do we ascertain that these "RELA" men are for real?
What do we do when people bang-bang-bang our doors in the middle of the night?

Lulu hopes the Women's ministry will take RELA to task for intimidating women. Lulu can hope, right?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Lulu Laughs At Selangor BN And Especially At Selangor MCA

Selangor Barisan Nasional (BN) on Friday announced the formation of a "shadow executive council (exco)" led by former menteri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo.
the list of shadow exco members can be found here comprises of those from BN who retained their seats in the Mar8 elections. MCA, the party which kononnya represents the Chinese, was given one slot.

And now Lulu reads that the Selangor MCA has formed their own shadow state exco line-up to keep an eye on the Pakatan Rakyat state government’s policies and conduct.

Lulu's really not sure why they're setting up their own ahadow exco when BN has already announced the formation and the participants.

They "mm sun hei" [dissatisfied] with the BN shadow exco line up and want to form their own?
They have nothing better to do with their time?
They didnt realise that BN has already formed a shadow exco?
They have no confidence in the Pakatan Rakyat AND the BN shadow exco in representing the Chinese [and lol! you know what the MCA track record is on representing the Chinese vs representing UMNO]?
so how? They're going to monitor the entire Selangor exco, or just the Chinese members of the exco, or just the policies which "affect the Chinese" only? Afterall, anything beyond that would be out of scope, wouldn't it? It would be eating into UMNO's turf, MIC's turf and so on.

Lulu wouldnt be surprised if this MCA shadow exco end up doing many "Samy Vell"s.
Uncle Samy hit out governments of Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor for insuffiecient Indian representation, but, in the case of Pahang, “If the Pahang state government feels Indians do not deserve an exco’s post, let it be like that.” swept it under the very dirty and dusty BN carpet.

As The Days Pass, Lulu Thinks, Perhaps They Never Will

Lulu knows anything Dutch is not in fashion now, but this song based on the life of Vincent Van Gogh crossed Lulu's mind as she continues to watch and read the finger pointing by the PM and those from his camp.

In each chorus, McLean says
They would not listen
they did not know how
perhaps they'll listen now

except in the final verse, McLean says
They would not listen
They're not listening still
Perhaps they never will.

Lulu thinks, many of us are hoping that the PM and his camp would understand and listen to the message sent out on March 8th.
But as the days pass, Lulu thinks, perhaps they never will.
Has our country reached "the final verse"?

Sad isnt it?

Hope you enjoy the art of Vincent Van Gogh as much as Lulu did

Lulu Wonders If PM Would Take To Task Those Who Are Offering Money To Party Hoppers

The PM has spoken.
He has decreed that party hoppers have no integrity and so on so forth.
Lulu wonders if he would take to task those who are offering money to party hoppers. They are as low life, if not more, compared to the party hoppers. Think about it, if RM5 million is offered and taken, where do you think they are going to recover the RM5 million from? From the state coffers, the national pockets, thru land deals where everyone on the approval committee are as clean as Mugabe, thru contracts which are jacked up 300%.

Anyway, The Malaysiain Insider reports that V Sivakumar of DAP was offered sums of money between RM10mil to RM65mil to leave DAP and join any BN component party. V Sivakumar has lodged a police report, and Lulu hopes that he has furnished them with enough evidence to bring out the lowlife and shame him to death. As this is Malaysia and still BN land, Lulu is not holding her breath for the full measure of justice via the judiciary.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

aiyoh... How Come Lulu Can Figure This Out When Ong Ka Chuan cant-ah?

In response to the Perak state government's initiative to issue permanent land titles to all new villages and planned villages,
Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Ong Ka Chuan said he would not hesitate to praise the coalition government if it could pull off such a “logistical nightmare.”
“For now however, I would prefer to wait and see if they can overcome the technicalities,” he told reporters after a working visit to the Bidor Station New Village yesterday.
Lulu hopes Ong Ka Chuan does not do anything to sabotage this goodwill initiative. You have to understand that he is the minister in charge of these matters. However, because this is state land, Lulu is not sure if he can interfere or not.

Anyway, if the Perak government faces problems, they could study how those greedy land grabbers from the booted out state government of Selangor and Penang did what they did without any reprimand from his brother, the previous minister in charge of these matters.

update 8:19am
after Lulu sleep-sleep-sleep. Lulu is now wondering.
if, OKC tries to frustrate the attempt at Federal level citing this and that clause, would it mean that his brother was ignorant of those laws or an accomplice of the land grabbers when all those land alienation was taking place in the previous governments? hmm....

Friday, April 04, 2008

Lulu Is Fed Up With This Nonsense

don't they trust Lim Guan Eng and his team to do the right thing?

i'm fed-up with all these outburst. fed-up with all these "what about my kind?" fed up, fed up, fed up.

and they go on to say
However, their hopes to set up the council seem being hindered by a certain state assemblyperson.
An insider said the assemblyperson had been dragging his feet on the proposal due to fear of losing his prominence and influence in the state government.
“The assemblyperson obviously did not realise that politically the council, if set up, would strengthen his position and influence in the government and party,” said the insider.
Lulu thinks the "insider" got it wrong on both counts.
He thinks the assemblyperson is not doing anything in fear of losing his prominence and influence.
it obviously does not occur to this insider that the assemblyman [who is probably of the same race as him] does not see race division as a solution to their woes.
and to do it to strengthen his position and influence in the government and party?
that is called main politik, isnt it, and doing things because it is popular and not because it benefits the rakyat.
yippee for that assemblyman! you have lulu's respect.

to these indian dap members who are demanding special rights and preferential treatment, lulu says, maybe you misunderstood the principles of bangsa malaysia which dap holds to, and maybe what you are looking for can be found in mic.

if you're poor, then you're poor. a hungry indian tummy is no different from a hungry chinese tummy or a malay hungry tummy.
if the roof leaks over your head, you will get wet regardless whether you are an indian, chinese or malay.
this new government want to, and they will, look after your tummy and your roof, regardless what your race is.
the old days of umno taking care of the malays, mca the chinese and mic the indians are gone-gone-gone in penang.
no more.
the end.
when will we ever break free from these shackles of racist thinking?
when will we trust a fellow malaysian to solve our problems, regardless of race?

Update 1:38pm
maybe Lulu in her own way is narrow minded in expecting people to change overnight. after 50 years of umno->malay, mca->chinese, mic->indian, its a bit difficult for people to see differently.
i guess, each of us, in our spheres, need to show the people we meet and come in contact with everyday that we're all the same. we care for one another. we are all anak bangsa malaysia.

erhm... Air Supply's "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" Popped To Lulu's Little Head When She Saw This Headline

it's a bit difficult to discuss isn't it, after how he had reduced the number of ministers, dropped the parlimentary secretary posts [which Lulu felt was created to give out more salary to his 92% victory winners the last round] AND named people to their positions.
Well, Lulu highly doubts if he can move those he has named.
So, how now?
Set up another 2-3 new ministries?
Making cabinet positions out of nothing at all?
lol! hence the Air Supply song.

Lulu looked up the lyrics and laughed and laughed and laughed at the closing lyrics of the song.
But I'm never gonna make it without you,
Do you really want to see me crawl?
And I'm never gonna make it like you do,
Making love out of nothing at all.

Lulu's Guess On What Would Be The Most Whispered Words At 10:30am +- 5 minutes

and with this kind of "breakthrough", the government can now boast that they do allow live telecast of the proceedings without [erh... but of course] mentioning that it's only the first half hour of the day.

In moments like these, Lulu wishes she was artistic and could draw cartoons. Lulu would draw the contrast between 10:29 and 10:31.

Lulu thinks youtube uploads of the proceedings done by amateurs holding shaky cameras would be worth much much more compared to government restricted recordings.

Back to the most whispered words, Lulu's guess would be that at that 10:30am +- 5 min, the most whispered words would be, "Kamera sudah tutup-ah?"
What is your pick?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lulu Is Glad No One Had To Die For The Villages To Get Their Land Titles

for the normal rakyat, prior to the new dawn, land titles were dangled in front of the voters only during by-elections, causing many Malaysians to have a silent deathwish upon their state assemblyman and parlimentarian.
[side topic. that's for the normal rakyat. for the ab-normal rakyat, well, go read what's being uncovered in Penang and Selangor. back to main topic...]
look at Ijok - land titles for more than 400 lots in four villages in Ijok (NST, 22 April, p. 8) and Machap - 102 grants for housing for second-generation settler families at Felda Tun Ghafar Baba scheme.
Get the picture?
Now, in the advent of new governments, the normal rakyat no longer has to wait for someone to die.

those days are gone.
all the rakyat needs to do is vote in a new coalition government who will do what is right and just.

for some lets-rub-it-into-mca news, click here

Lulu Hopes The Silly Bigots Will Not Get Anywhere With This Silly Proposal

what is there "to be fair to both parties"????
how can you impose something on someone who is not a believer?
and, considering that the judiciary department is involved, don't they know that the law has to be passed if they want it to be judged in the civil court?
Lulu hopes its a case of "dream on". With the current parliamentary mix, Lulu is a bit more confident that this is just nonsense which will not get anywhere.
Aren't you glad you voted for change?

Updated 5:40pm
Suddenly crossed Lulu's mind.
Havent heard anything from this "new" MCA who has vowed to not be silent anymore.

why-ah? President not yet say can protest-ah?

Lulu Excited For Them

kinda like the day before the 1st day of school, isnt it? checking out everything, briefing etc.
who knows, maybe they have to chop-chop place too :P

Congratulations to
P43 - Bagan - Lim Guan Eng
P45 - Bukit Mertajam - Chong Eng
P46 - Batu Kawan - Ramasamy Palanisamy
P48 - Bukit Bendera - Liew Chin Tong
P49 - Tanjong - Chow Kon Yeow
P50 - Jelutong - Ooi Chuan Aun
P51 - Bukit Gelugor - Karpal Singh Ram Singh
P60 - Taiping - Nga Kor Ming
P64 - Ipoh Timor - Lim Kit Siang
P65 - Ipoh Barat - M. Kulasegaran V. Murugeson
P66 - Batu Gajah - Fong Po Kuan
P68 - Beruas - Ngeh Koo Ham
P76 - Teluk Intan - M. Manogaran
P102 - Serdang - Teo Nie Ching
P103 - Puchong - Gobind Singh Deo
P106 - PJ Utara - Tony Pua Kiam Wee
P110 - Klang - Charles Anthony Santiago
P114 - Kepong - Tan Seng Giaw
P117 - Segambut - Lim Lip Eng
P120 - Bukit Bintang - Fong Kui Lun
P122 - Seputeh - Teresa Kok Suh Sim
P123 - Cheras - Tan Kok Wai
P128 - Seremban - John Fernandez
P130 - Rasah - Loke Siew Fook
P138 - Kota Melaka - Sim Tong Him
P145 - Bakri - Er Teck Hwa
P172 - Kota Kinabalu - Hiew King Chew
P195 - Bandar Kuching - Chong Chieng Jen

Lulu is SO looking forward to the 1st parliament session with so, so many heroes and heroines in the august house.
don't play-play kay?

Update 5:51pm
from Lulu's MP's blog
My first task at hand is to submit 15 questions (10 for oral replies and 5 for written) to the Parliament secretary for replies by the relevant ministries by the 8th April (next Tuesday).
So for those with key questions of national interest which you'd like me to bring up in Parliament during the question and answer sessions. (Note that the questions should be fairly specific and directed at a particular ministry) ;-) leave a comment at Lulu's MP's blog or send him an email at

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lulu Wishes The M'sian Government Would Show As Much Compassion To Their Own Local Citizens

as they would this young lady whom Lulu is quite sure is not a Malaysian.
[Malaysian citizenship is given to children born abroad only if the father is Malaysian. In this case, her mother is the Malaysian, whereas her father is Pakistani, and she was born in the UK]
and here we are, coming up with a "Save Sufiah Programme" programme.
What next? "Save Michael Jackson Programme"?

In Malaysia, charity bodies often have to raise funds on their own as the government grants are not sufficient to cover their expenses.
Take care of your own backyard. Orphanages, old folks home, women's shelter, soup kitchens. Lorong Haji Taib, back lanes of Petaling Street. Take your pick.

The kind of help that Sufiah needs would be from friends and people who genuinely care for her. Not from those who parachute down and tell her to insaf and taubat.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Meet Lulu's MP

this was Lulu's MP.
her name is Chew Mei Fun.
she is a perempuan.
she is chinese.
being perempuan and chinese did not make any difference whenever the idiots at parliament were making chauvanistic sexist remarks or when the racists cumm supremasists were telling the chinese to balik tongsan.
she stayed silent.

this is Lulu's MP
his name is Tony Pua Kiam Wee.
he is a "he", not of the same gender as Lulu
and he is a Chinese.
Lulu knows he will make the right noise whenever any Malaysians are ditindas-ed. regardless of race, religion or gender, he will speak up for us, because he is one of us - a Malaysian.

so, to all those who still carry the thinking that only a person of the same race or gender can defend the "same type", people like A Sivasubramanian, Ong Ka Chuan and Ng Yen Yen, Lulu says, "you very narrow minded. i hope that you represent more than just "your kind" in the state assembly and parliament."
Lulu would say more, but she has to go back to work.