Monday, March 31, 2008

You Know How Lulu Can Tell If The Attendees Were Being Honest & Truthful & Forthright & Brave

so far, according to the news update on the Star, NST and Malaysiakini, we have
1. release the Hindraf 5
2. establish a committee aimed at reviewing and analysing the community’s needs and requests

Lulu would think that if those 150 division heads were being honest and truthful and forthright and brave, wouldn't the call for the one aka SemiValue to resign be ringing loud and clear?
Guess everyone's not brave enough to tie the bell around the cat's neck.
Either that, or these 150 division heads are good guys who believe in the democratic process of letting the next party AGM deal with the president.
Yar, and the cow jumped over the moon.


mob1900 said...

These workshops are for getting free makan and minum secara besar-besaran. You just have to check the 'Beverage' section to know there's MICkey gathering. Dey, Free minum-lah! *hick!

bayi said...

As long as Semi Value is part of the team, MIC will be climbing uphill!

Anucia said...

A one-day workshop to fix decades of abuse?
very far-fetched, these people are...