Monday, March 03, 2008

Yet Again, Lulu Does Math...

According to the Election Offences Act 1954, a parliamentary candidate can only spend a maximum of RM200,000 while a state candidate only RM100,000 in total election campaign expenditure.

109 pages in a booklet = 55 photostated pages
x0.02sen = RM1.10/booklet
x50,000 booklets = RM55,000

no, she hasnt broken the budget yet, but that's already more 1/4 of her budget, spent glorifying the moments that she is proud of, with little mention of her contribution on policies and direction for the nation.

The booklet is called "her greatest coup". Going by the response of DAP's ceramahs, Lulu would think that the booklet does nothing to justify her as a parlimentarian, but instead highlights everything wrong about her.

did you see the 3 page "advertorial" on her in the Star metro?
it wasnt news-la... it was an advertisment made to look like news for her.
Lulu has today's star, check-check-check but did not see the Chew denies smearing Pua's rep article which is available online. If you see it, could you tell Lulu which page it is on? thanks
what is the "Chew denies" thing about?
the desus-desus is that she called someone [no prizes for guessing who] a "self-claimed economist" and that his decision to sell his Singapore-listed IT company was that of a "bubble economist" during a campaign speech in Kampung Chempaka recently.
She now says, “I did not mention any names in my speech so why should he (Tony) feel slighted?”
wonderful, isnt she? Lulu's going-going-gone MP.
Please, please, vote for change!


Anonymous said...

that shows her personality. no guts to stand up for what she said. if she is not refering to tony, who then?
common chew, this is not the first time that guts are not something you possess. remember the national BOCOR issue. where were you? hiding somewhere coz you wont have the guts to stand up coz the BOCOR guy comes from UMNO?
Do the electorate a favour. Stand aside and get yourself a job as a councillor. YOu will be more effective there and I will support your application. I meant it seriously.

moo_t said...

I can take meehon from time to time, not everyday. Taiwan meehoon is nice but expensive, but I still buy it from time to time. But May13meehon? No thanks, the ingredients are lethal.

moo_t said...

Ong Ka Ting machai has published him a book call "Quotation from Ong Ka Ting", nickname "the little yellow book". Does lulu know the color of Chew "May13" Mei fun booklet cover? Can we call it the "little blank book" ;)

denzook said...

first of all, election spend maax is 200,000 but that's from her pocket or money donated to her. but what if there are some volunteer deliver material instead of money - some mca/cmf diehard fans provide her free copies instead. so expenditure for 50,000 = rm0, isn't it. you know there are alot of rich apathetic ppl willing to do this for her free, like kru and siti singing songs at bn campaign, do you think if go by book to hire them is cheap ?

and about cmf highlighted tony ex-ceo experience and his loss-making company, the thing that disgust me is this tony starting to use legal suit to punish ppl when it is well known that his company is doing very very badly. if you own 15mil of shares in a company recorded losses for 6 yrs, do you still cling on them, or let them go for $$$$. imagine aab (sleepy-head), najib (bomber), nor yaakob (loss maker) start suing ppl with all the allegation against them. i can put it aab is not sleeping, instead he resting his eyes, he thinking, bla bla, and as for najib, judge and DPP cleared his involvement.

i'm not against cmf or tony. the fact that cmf DID NOT MENTION MAY 13 (misquoted by cina press reporter) but election 1969 outcome which are 2 different thing. and why don't tony just be generous come clean/open and talk more about his success/failure when he's ceo in his company, instead of leaving imagination to average joe like me that he sold his shares to fatten himself.

Anonymous said...

Why would you choose to attack Tony for being able to sell his company that's losing money for the past 6 years? I say it makes him a good businessman for being able to sell it.

Besides, I think any buyer would have studied the company before committing to the purchase, so if Tony sold his company, then there must have been some worth.

I think there is no point attacking Tony on his record with his old company because however you look at it, he did good selling it.

myop101 said...

dare to accuse but don't dare to admit responsibility. shows what kind of crap character she has.....

Michael Sun said...

If Tony can sell refrigerator to an Eskimo, he is a super salesman.

Likewise if he can sell an allegedly "loss-making" company, he is indeed a superman.

In law it is called,"caveat emptor" ie "buyers beware". I hope oneday "Densook" would become an internet millionaire like Tony and then come serve the raayat.

denzook said...

50,000 copies ? where to get ar ? i'm voter for cmf and victor gu constituency ...... at least 1 copy for sovenier .... why don she publish it as ebook at her .... well, she might be pc illiterate...

YUE FEI said...



Anonymous said...

"Likewise if he can sell an allegedly "loss-making" company, he is indeed a superman."

on top of tat, wat a earning/losing businessman have to do with his political quality as long as he is NOT DOING MONKEY business but real fair n legal business?

its a man attributes/quality that earn respect and credit AND NOT his success/failure in making $, period!

mr denzook u r even more annoying than those low class running D in the sense that u cant even get ur mind together but display urself like a cynical stray D

Josh said...

What-lah-lulu, the page u want is in Metro page6 of today's MCA paper. No I didnt buy the shameful paper, my bosses did. And u know my bosses are BN supporters because they give money for their election campaign...