Monday, March 10, 2008

pssst..... Lulu Tell You Where You Can Meet The PJU Winners Tonight

Lulu got this little notice in her email.

DAP PJU MP and state assemblymen will have walkabout at 6pm tomorrow at SS2 night market

[tomorrow as in today Monday-lah...]
Go there if you want to catch them!

Lulu will probably not be able to go cos she's nursing a cold + having been out of office for a long, long time, there's a huge backlog of work to complete.


Anonymous said...

Think I saw them..but not sure..

Didn't have badges or anything..

They looked a little lost..

a living micro~organizm said...

lulu. get well soon~~

SOS Damansara Primary School said...

Aiya! Still basking in victory? The PJU had been living in quagmire for a long time.

Our school has been closed for the past 8 years and our newly elected representative are strolling in SS2 streets?

Hi men, get work done, please come to our school and get the school reopened. Give lah some moral support to our teachers and children in SOS Damansara school.

If you are fighting for justice and working for the voters/people, just show it.

This is the biggest issue in PJU and Malaysia affecting our life and future generation.

Use your head and stay focus and be cognizant to the important issues and lives of PJU/State voters/ residents.

We don't vote you in for what CMF had been doing to us you know!

What A Lulu said...

sos, they were there to thank the people.
after ss2, they went over to the primary school. if you are actively involved in the reopening of the school, i think you'd know why.

SOS Damansara Primary School said...

The SOS Damansara school salutes our Chairman Siong Yoke Sang who passed away peacefully yesterday.

Though you have left us, but our struggle to reopen the 76 year old school unabated. The passion will always be there.

It's the previous State government which closed the school, now is the time for the new state government to reopen the SOS Damansara school.

Thanks for all the YBs for visiting our school and your sympathy and condolences to our late chairman. What is the time frame for reopening our school?

Aiya! Lulu, please take good care of your 'cold' body and have a good rest.

Yes! A new dawn for SOS Damansara school is in the offing. I could see the emerging gleam of hope in the new dawn at the horizon, the school shall be reopened.

Thanks to all the people who worked fervently for the reopening of the school.

Yes! To our late chairman Mr. Siong, this one is for you. You deserved it and please please take it with you where-ever you go(In advance).

doinkers said...

Dear SOS, it takes time lar. You think overnight can give approval, funding or to reopen schools.

It'll take time. BN is still the ruling govt and their going to do everything to stop our YB's from performing.

So give our boys time. You're not the only one reminding them of their promises. The whole PJ-U is on the lookout to see how they perform.