Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Maybe Lulu A Bit Different Compared To OKC

Lulu has 4 sisters.
We don't see each other everyday. Sometimes, weeks pass before we meet up. But we do talk on the phone or drop a mail or something like that.
If one of us was making a very important decision, the other would rally to support.

Lulu finds it very hard to believe that in the case of these two brothers, when the younger brother is making such an important decision [well, it is an important decision at least for the family and their party], advise, support and recommendation was not made face to face or through phone calls, but via sms-es.
Well, Lulu just has to accept that not everyone is like Lulu


my lumut said...

well, guess he will be sending lots of sms to his boss the PM why his sms charges have been astronomical lately . Maybe he will be our first dumb transport minister in errr 50 years

Sharing said...

Hot Potatoes in Hands!!
Because of Brotherhood and Seniority they will in the elder's hands?
Or because they are too hot to be in anyone's hand?
If they cannot talk (and no e-mail to mention)
How can those Hot Potatoes be transferred?
Another Koyo from MCA?

Can you work without job transferred?

Can't you learn something from Dr Koh Tsu Koon in Penang in showing Lim Guan Eng around when he handled over the office?
Can't even be compared with Dr Chua Soi Lek!

myop101 said...

haha...maybe it is a love hate relationship...

so sms la...

need not see face to face...

Anonymous said...

That's why I always feel he is a moron!! Most Perakian said he should stay on and fight against Fong Po Kuan in Batu Gajah instead of running away with his tail between his legs. Chicken SHIT!!!

I am surprised why his datukship has still not been stripped off for questioning the Sultan and Regent of Perak for appointing a PAS member to be the MB.

the pits said...

He tried very hard to get into the cabinet in 2004 after being appointed as Sec-Gen of MCA by little brother. However his plan was derailed after getting a whipping by Cili Padi of Batu Gajah. Made the usual political hogwash by saying he would continue to serve BG folks despite being rejected and planned to return and fight another day.

Come GE12 and he forgot his promise to BG folks and ran off to safe haven of Tg Malim. But this time the plan of the Ong bros to set up Ong dynasty was again derailed, this time by Makkal Sakhti. So OKT made a show of not accepting a cabinet post but continued to cling on to the presidency despite being rejected by the community they claimed to be representing. So korkor gets to become a minister, after all, half a dynasty is better than none.

denzook said...

duh, whats different with mail and sms ?

sms is actually better than phone call i guess - clear, precise and "black and white"

ycg said...

possible OKC & OKT SMS conversation:

OKC : EH, y lik tat? me go up u cum down.
OKT : U shaddap! I hep u now I deep shit.
OKC : Don lik tat la. U hep me, I hep u. Las time i kena cili padi-ed, lucki now got prepare many postal votes.
OKT : Fuc u! I prepare for u!!
OKC : I lap u bro. Cum bakkkk! MCA deep hole need ur plug.
OKT : Not my problem anymore.
OKC : Eh...u go bank view ur moola?
OKT : FUC U! my moola not ur moola
OKC : Abit for me?
OKT : ok...FUC U!
OKC : cum la.
OKT : @*^%^&$%@#
(and on and on and on...)

wits0 said...

Really, the drama of the cockroach family isn't making it to prime time.

huey mei said...

i sms my bro too...hahhhaaa