Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lulu's Urgent Call For Polling and Counting Agents

please help spread the word

what would you do with a kertas undi which looks like this?

who do you think the voter was voting for?
is it mau roket atau tak mau roket? how would you interpret this?

[lulu learnt this recently]
did you know that when the polling station is closed, the box is emptied out and the counting process begins.
the returning officers will open the ballots in front of the observers appointed by the candidates (aka counting agents). those indicating the rockets are placed into the rockets tray, and dacing macam cacing into their tray.
for votes which are not so clear cut aka "undi ragu", the two counting agents will make the call on whose tray the vote belongs to.

if there is no rocket agent, the vote will [but of course] go to dacing macam cacing.

that is why the role of the counting agents is so very important.
cannot play-play
if no counting agent, then youknowho will get those votes.
AND Lulu doesnt want to see that happen.
fair is fair. Lulu will not act and insist on a vote which looks like the cacing's. but if no one is there to watch the proceedings, do you think the rocket will have a fighting chance in this race?

so, please-please-please, make yourselves available as polling agents [more on polling agents here] and counting agents on Saturday.

The DAP team for PJ will be conducting training these next two days.
Mon 8:30pm
Tue 8:30pm

DAP Damansara office @ 55-M, SS21/1A


Please come for the training.
We need more polling and counting agents to help ensure the process of a free and fair elections.


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ycg said...

I went to register my name as pooling agent 3 few days ago at DAP pandamaran, your ppl say i should register as counting agent cos more important. i tot for a while and called up my buddy to excuse myself that night for the occasion. DAP then got me to help out on admin stuff during a ceramah first. ok with me. after that, when about to register, another DAP fella ask me why i register as counting agent, told me somemore too many ppl for counting agent already and ask me to pick pooling agent. then this bugger told me to sit in as pooling agent from 8-5 then at lunch time go vote at my own constitution! KNN, respect abit la, ask me first can or not ma...i'm volunteering here not paid...where is the courtesy? actually i wanna ask, you sure you got no enough counting agent? Somemore the DAP fella told me i got to have experience to be counting agent, but as i recall from DAPs blog, 'no' experince is required (?!) my question to your guys is 'if you dont let new blood learn to be counting agent, where the heck are you going to get experience counting agent to begin with? sigh...