Monday, March 31, 2008

Lulu's Not Finished With Semi Value Yet

insomnia-lar. That's why there are posts in the middle of the night.
It's been confirmed - Lulu cant sleep if she take chinese tea at night. How Lulu knows? erh... well, she had chinese tea during dinner. It's now 3:35am and she cant sleep. It happens everytime.

so, anyway, to continue with matters of semi-value...
Malaysiakini reports his boast
The MIC president also revealed how he had helped secure the release of four students detained with scores others in the wake of the Hindraf rally.
Thirty-one detainees were later charged with the attempted murder of a policeman, but this was subsequently dropped.
Samy Vellu said this happened because he spoke to the prime minister and attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail
Lulu doesnt know which is scarier
The 4 kids were rightfully and justly arrested, and then a politician from the ruling party has enough clout/power/whatever to speak to the PM and the AG and due to his influence, the charges are dropped
and mind you, in cases of law and justice, the judiciary is supposed to be independant of politics meaning its no business of the PM's
we live in a despot nation where charges can be created and dropped by those who are in power.

either way, this is wrong-wrong-wrong and needs to be corrected.
[btw, if it was the earlier option, Razak Baginda must be regretting that he's friend of Najib and not friend of Samy]


myop101 said...

Dear lulu,

It is not about the rule of law. It is about approaching Samy and seeking his intervention. Yup, one needs to grovel. I think offering flowers and gifts may help to curry some favour.

It doesn't matter if we have the written law. It is only there as a reference point for former cabinet ministers. You know, like additional exercise materials used to aid further understanding on school subjects?

Gan said...

This statement confirms that politicians (rightly or wrongly) can influence and nip any due diligence process at the Executive even before it can get one foot into the sacred doorway of justice.

Where rightly, lucky for the poor victims - where wrongly, it's definitely a miscarriage of justice !!

Therefore, restoring the rakayat's trust and confidence in the AG, police and judiciary is paramount !!

Scott said...

Ninth poster from top. Enjoy!

Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

Anonymous said...

old age is getting to him with his brans having lost most of the grey matter. the moron thinks he is above the law and he can walk into the AG office to talk him into changing the charges. but then, there may be another moron in the AG office who agrees to pander to samy's will. seriously, i dont know whats happening to this country. there's no rule of law? laws are being applied at the whims and fancies of the powers-that-be? can someone tell me please? I AM CONFUSED!

Anonymous said...

LULU LOVE YOUR POSTS, screwed if he does, screwed if he didn't. well the knife cuts both ways no?

wits0 said...

Rule of Law? Samy was never the first to confirm this does not exist as much as the political influence that trumps it.

What A Lulu said...

anon 12:23 left a comment with a slight threat/warning/whatever
i've left that out and am posting the rest of it.

Dear Lulu,

Dont la always look at MIC or BN. Look at your own Opposition i.e. DAP backyard as well.

Your Perak assemblyman who first resigned and then retracted his letter a few hours later is shameful. It is shameful because before the GE, during your election campaign DAP talked about Bangsa Malaysia.

Now, why is race being an issue here??? What happened to your bangsa Malaysia??? Do we actually need to go back to the racial formula when we decide on the state EXCOs???? Indians to look after indians, chinese for chinese and malays for malays??? You lot are actually no different than BN.

I voted for the DAP in the last GE.

In summary, DAP PAS PKR got 4 years to show that you lot are really serious about bangsa Malaysia.

lulu again:
i think if you read it carefully, that one person was making race an issue, not DAP. in his foolishness, he made a very stupid decision, and he chose to "glamour" it. and now, he's getting all the boo's he deserves.
i hope that this will serve as a good lesson to anyone who tries to be a hero drama-ing things like that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lulu,

If you open your eyes and see carefully, if race and all is not an issue then whats all these 6-2-2, 4-4-2 formula when DAP PKR PAS are throwing about when forming the state EXCOs.

We should completely do away with such 6-2-2 formula if we are really serious about bangsa Malaysia. The State EXCOs should make up of the best and most qualified regardless of RACE, AGE or GENDER, not this 6-2-2 or 4-4-2 nonsense.

DAP and the Opposition need to walk their talk because 4 years will come and go.