Monday, March 10, 2008

Lulu Wonders... Macam Mana Dengan Khir Toyo?

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Beliau [Datuk Seri Mohd. Tajol Rosli Ghazali] yang berjaya mempertahankan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Pengkalan Hulu dikatakan hanya mampu menangis di kediaman rasminya bersama penyokong dan pemimpin kanan UMNO negeri malam tadi.
Berita kekalahan demi kekalahan calon BN juga membuatkan beliau terkedu hingga enggan menemui orang ramai dan pihak media yang berkumpul di kediaman rasminya sejak pukul 8 malam.


koolgeek said...

crying or rather busy shredding documents?

Anonymous said...

Can you translate in English, pliz. Thanks.

thinking said...

Tajol Rosli Locks Door And Weeps

IPOH March 9 - BN's shock defeat in Perak in the 12th General Elections yesterday was something that many did not expect, especially Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali.

He, who successfully defended his Pengkalan Hulu state seat, was reportedly only able to weep at his official residence together with supporters and senior UMNO state leaders yesterday night.

The news of BN candidates losing seat after seat also made Tajol sob, so much so he refused to meet the public and members of the media who had gathered at his official residence since 8pm that night.

Media intentions to get his reactions and explanation about the oppositions' success was also cut short when he decided to keep/lock up himself in the said house.

Until 6am this morning, the media still failed to get any comments from him, and reporters were even politely requested to leave by his supporters.

In the end, members of the media who had waited patiently and stayed up throughout the night, gave up and decided to leave in order to carry out other job postings.

Efforts to get comments from Tajol Rosli are still ongoing even till now but unfortunately the official residence is guarded tightly by police and even locked to prevent the public and media from entering.

It is understood that Tajol Rosli is still so shocked and saddened until he refuses to meet anyone to console his feelings. Before this, his confidence that BN would maintain victory in the recent elections was visibly apparent to anyone.

In yesterday's 12th General elections, the opposition managed to successfully form a new [state] government after winning 31 state seats while BN only managed to occupy 28 seats.

The opposition also won 11 parliamentary seats while BN received 13 seats.

*note: words in parentheses are my own additions.

wits0 said...


The entitlement presumption of the dynastic "patrician" was found crashing. Many smiles appear everywhere.

Anonymous said...


Dont mock them. They have lost. They have been beaten badly. Let them make their exits.

As winners, lets be graceful.

Dont degrade ourselves to BN levels. The Opposition have a lot of work to do. And they got to do it in 5 years. In short, they need to prove to the rakyat that they can deliver all their promises in 5 years or else, the Opposition will be looking at more than just a bloodied nose in the next GE.

wits0 said...

It was reported that a group of opp's ppl beseiged the Dewan Bandaran Ipoh to try to prevent any removal of incriminating evidence.

For 50 years of unremitting authoritarian and repressive rule, this is mocking too badly ; no one is dancing in the streets.

Bring back the Local Elections!

wits0 said...

Correction "this is NOT mocking too badly"

It's just a brief object lesson that has to be ingrained for posterity to bear in mind wrt what is bow beating arrogance and its day of reckoning.

Anonymous said...

I am a rakyat and I am happy, and laughing my head off at this post, why? very simple for far too long the rakyat has been taken for granted, and when we shed our tears in frustration at the unfairness of it all, this clown and people of his elk went about galivanting around town without a care and laughing to the banks with the rakyats' hard earned cash, now if he sobs, thats nothing, wait till the BR takes over the state and dig out all his and his fellow leeaches'crooked deals, you'll hear him squelling like a stuck #ig, he was actually sobbing because he couldn't find his pasport and all flights out of the country were fully booked, thats why he couldn't meet the press, he was packing up to fleeeeee....SMILEEEEEEEEEE

galadriel said...

Tears are good. Sadness follows disbelief, but after that there will be reflection.Maybe UMNO and Barisan will realise what a miscalculation they have made.

They forgot the people's voices.

They forgot that they were WAKIL RAKYAT. They forgot what it meant.

They can go fly kite!

And the Opposition now has a term to show that they are sincere and can deliver.

Anonymous said...


Whether "this is NOT mocking too badly" or not, 5 years is a relative short time. The Opposition now have a chance of a lifetime to really DELIVER.

So, they can either get down to work immediately or resort to "this is NOT mocking too badly".