Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lulu Wonders If The Star Got No Friends

Rocky has friends. He broke the news at 11:00am.
Pak Lah concedes another defeat
Idris Jusoh, say bye to the MB's office: -The PM, who was granted an audience with the Agong before this morning's weekly Cabinet meeting, has agreed to the Palace's choice for MB, Ahmad Said.
The Malaysian Insider has friends. Several of them...
Several people familiar with details of the meeting said Sultan Mizan said that he had no intention of causing problems for the government, and also added that some people were trying to convince him to take more drastic action to break the impasse. But it was not his intention to stoke the fire, he said
the Star?
up to 2:39pm, the Star still has no word yet on its outcome. No according to "anonymous sources", "sources close to the palace", nothing. zilch.


kittykat46 said...

STAR - Selalu Tiba lAmbat laR.

All stories concerning the current BN related political crise(s) around the country have to be cleared with top management.
THEY will decide how to spin the story.

So...very slow to come out lah..

ycg said...

they still rely on 'hai tech' like smoke signals and pigeons for instant message sending.

Anonymous said...

The jungle drums were silent - the cannibals have eaten each other!! Of course the star has friends - NST, Bernama, but as my old Indian add maths teacher said of our add-maths-challenged class "They are very cooperative - All in the same boat, but unfortunately that boat has a dirty big hole at the bottom!"

myop101 said...

their hands are apparently tied because they are more "professional" as they "don't quote rumours" and would want to "back it up with facts".

so what if they have friends, they are still muffled by their "internal" policies and decisions set by their "management".