Friday, March 14, 2008

Lulu Wonders If Lee Chong Meng Would Fly Down To Penang And Fend The ShopOwners There

a protest by 1,000 UMNO members and supporters was held around the Komtar vicinity this afternoon.
What could they have been protesting? The NEP?
Can't be. The Chief Minister had already met with 21 Muslim NGOs and explained to them that he wants to rid the tainted-with-cronyism-and-corruption NEP. Mind you, not the NEP per say, but the [repeat after Lulu...] tainted-with-cronyism-and-corruption NEP. Lulu thinks the NGOs left the meeting with a good feeling of days to come.
So, what were those UMNO fellas protesting? Maybe they were protesting the do away of UMNOputera rights.

Anyway, Malaysiakini reports that most of the shops nearby including Maybank in Komtar were briefly closed.
Now... isnt this a "Lee Chong Meng" moment?
Shouldnt he fly down to Penang at once book a hotel meeting room, gather those affected to protest against public demonstrations and condemn UMNO for affecting the businesses?
It is his niche, right?

A little bit more update
Anil Netto's friend who is a personal eyewitness noticed this
One thing though - there was a slight awkwardness in the marches… and unfamiliarity… as if they were not from Penang, at least not from the island. They looked a little out of their familiar territory - just an observation.
A commentator said

The protester came in a number of busses from neighbouring state being a public holiday on Friday



KLConfidential said...


If i was a lesser woman, i'd demand they taste the tear gas and water cannons.

But i'm not. I wish i was, but i'm not.

Hey, BN, Why are you protesting? It's not YOUR nature la. It's the 'opposition's nature right? Blah la.

I benci la. If i was a lesser man, i'd go there, show them my *toot* and tell them to suck it.

Sorry Lulu, but i'm damn PISSED OFF.

Anonymous said...

Lee Chong Meng's response: "What? Me protest against the umno demonstrators? You nuts? You want me to lose my Senatorship? You willing to pay me for the loss of income should I sacked as a senator? But you can always count on your old Uncle Lee because I'll be sure to protest if these happen to be Indian demonstrators..."

denzook said...

no surprise, those umno memang nothing to do ? they no need to work izzit ? and i bet ALL of them are umno members "force" to rally at penang to protest at lge. heck they can even mobilize millions if they want to, given total umno memberships are 3 million.....

where the hell is pdrm when they are needed to durtail this. the leader in the protest should be jailed for jeopardizing peace in penang (should heret him to ISA for being racist).....

denzook said...

please take the photograph of the protester so next time post it as BR ad to say BN are all barbaric and violent,,,,,

Anonymous said...

I think we could demand an ISA detention for UMNO leader protesting. It has crease an racial tention.

If UMNO could do it without ISA dention.


Haih =( said...

at the end of the day, semua orang porak-peranda, DSAI juga yang senyum keriangan. mission accomplished DSAI. your sweet revenge has taken place.

bijak bijak.

mob1900 said...

If FRU needs donations to use the Tear Gas and Water Cannons on these Pelakon-pelakon AMNO then I will be the first to give.

"Berapa Lui Mau? Apa? Aiyah, kasi diskaun sikitlah, ini sisa bekalan masa guna kat BERSIH, PROTES & HINDRAF!"

artchan said...

were they paid..? and did they also have packed lunch? Otherwise I don't see UMNO ppl grouping.

Ask them to come to a function where food in not will probably have zero participation

lucia said...

and heard among the grapevine was that many of the protestors were import from KL... by the son-in-law. i will blog about that later.

Bukit Bintang Hawker said...

Aiya! Dear Lulu, you know this Lee Chong Meng is a hardcore Umno bodeker, but to pretend he is a die hard supporter of the Chinese hawkers from bukit Bintang, he will let the Umno hooligans walking over his dead body.

So come the next GE, the Bkt Bintang hawkers will only believe that he is a genuine defender of their shops/Chinese.

So come campaign days, it's Fung Kooi Lung V Lee Chong Beng's corpse, ha ha ha ha....

wits0 said...

A large mix of outstation fellas and mamaks included it seems, in the rent-a-crowd effort to cause fear. Even in a demo, special privileges seem to have been accorded. Police being very noticeably tolerant.

Anonymous said...

kudos to the PDRM & FRU for not using force or arrested anyone in this illegal but peaceful rally.
hope the umno goverment will learn from the penang goverment the meaning of democracy and human rights.

Anonymous said...

Yes iSA should detain the leader for this protest, so as the editor of Utusa Malaysia who keep publishing news & articles that create racial issues. Better till kai gantung the license la.

Scott said...

Lulu, your blog is now the 1st Google hit. It used to be fourth or fifth after some gift shops or something.

As to your previous post on 'budaya kita'... Indeed, where's Super-Nutjib when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Hmm... just seen some videos, looks like Penangites were watching & enjoying the "show" from the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

dr ayam will reverse his logic. protest good now coz at least the protestors from outstation will have to patronise the shops. good for business. aha, thats the hallmark of a POLITICIAN, albeit a hypocrite one.

myop101 said...

Personally, I feel these people are mere puppets of the "elite" few who are about to suffer from withdrawal symptoms after years of getting hooked on nepotism, cronyism and corruption.

I don't see the ordinary poor Malay benefiting much from the current NEP preached by BN. They, like every other helpless poor and weak Malaysians, are being sidelined. It is high time for a proper affirmative action that is colour, creed and religion blind be instituted to address the needs of REAL poor, weak and helpless people!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

When NEP has been caught long napping
It's time for a brave and bold new mapping
To boost national economy and arrest its sapping
There must be new measures without past trappings

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 15th March 2008.
Sat. 15th March 2008.