Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lulu Wondering If A New Dawn Has Also Arrived For The Mainstream Media

These 2 online reports have set Lulu wondering.
Afterall, these are things which you may find in Malaysiakini, but who would have thought you could find these sort of writing in the NST and the Star?????

Pre-election time, the mainstream media (msm) spinned and spinned and spinned. It was amazing, the songs of glory heaped on the BN candidates. Lulu's ex-MP was glorified, and her current MP [YAY!YAY!YAY!] was villified [boo.... to the nasty people].
When dawn broke on Sunday, Lulu thinks one of the truth and realitiy that the MSM editors had to face was that it looks like the rakyat was not believing what the press had published.
And that hurt.
No longer could they publish rubbish [lol! it rhymes] and get away with it.
The time to speak some truth [ok-lah... we can't expect overnight changes] has come.

Lulu hopes this is the beginning of a more free and open press.
Lulu is enjoying this new dawn.
Thank You Malaysia!!! Lulu Loves You!


rich said...

of course we are not surprised, for even lap dogs can become useful, sometimes

Anonymous said...

basically the "boycott the papers" campaign has hit all the newspapers quite badly, another thing the journalist themselves feel sick of all the lies they have to pen their name to, basically ask the journalists who they voted for, BETTCHA BR, they have families to feed too but if not for jobs with the local papers who with their right mind would hire them, they have lost all their integrity and reputations, now just say for e.g. all the br state govt tell all these mainstream media wallas, since you clowns are all going to distort whatever we say might as well don't call you, than what are they going to cover, umno wallas gardening experience or how to get rich quick schemes? well I had a bloody good laugh at syaitan's oops shahidan's antics wanting to sack this guy want to disipline that guy in the end got a flying royal kick in the arse from the Sultan of PERLIS, YO YOUR ROYAL HIGNESS SULTAN OF PERLIS YOU ROCK, HIGH FIVE, heard a rumour (you know lah we malaysians love rumours) when syaitan told HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THAT HE GOT THE APPOINTMENT LETTER FROM BADAWI , SULTAN TOLD HIM TO WIPE HIS BUTT WITH THE LETTER, after that syaitan WENT running CRYING to his old man the sleepy one that the letter he got from the old man WAS TAK LAKU, HAHAHA WHAT A JOKE! WAS ALMOST IN TEARS WITH THIS ONE, only in Malaysia you have such juvenile antics happening in the highest offices of state, god save us from fools

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

We'll still be a long way from free press
As long as all the chief editors are under stress
To come out with desperate stuff strictly to windowdress
Otherwise they may even lose their own unisex pant and dress

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150308
Sat. 15th March 2008.

jesscet said...

not that i want to be cynical, but i think your joy is pre-mature. well these two articles' `villains' were only retired a component party leader and a news agency. if these MSM have the balls to speak out against the ruling power then there is hope for a new dawn..

well, i certainly hope to see it happen one day!

Anonymous said...

Lulu - dont' be too happy. I think DAP and PKR are not giving due recognition to those bloggers who did great jobs during the campaign. Go to Rockybru blog - Husam Musa is more PR savvy. Even BN is courting the bloggers. I think you guys are having a "halo effect" for the moment. Pls come down to earth.

SOS Damansara Primary School said...

Lulu, me love you too for all the subtle articles! Very tactful of you.

The journalists had been leased like a dog for too long. But what to do if you don't want to break your rice bowl. We could understand the frustrations besieging all the journalists.

Now that their boss, Zam had been 'sacked' by the People's Power, they are relieved of their 'lease'.

The poor journalists have now found a space to vent their anger/ frustrations before they have to be 'leased' again like a dog- when a new Minister of Information is appointed again.

Have you seen a leased dog when being released in a park/ field?

It's kind of ' hooray! I am freed!', but it's only momentarily. So we are the the envy of them, can comment freely like as free as a bird.... ha ha ha ha....

Anonymous said...

Ini NST a ada manyak jahat juga tau, ingat tak masa Saudara Anwar kena tangkap and hentam, dia sudah kasih jahat punya berita...selepas election it hha... dia punya circulation jatuh banyak.. NST group hampir2 bankrup ... sekarang dia mau jaga hati supaya orang tatak pulau dia punya paper la.... ini periuk nasi punya hal....bukan apa apa punya hal....

myop101 said...

well, MSM will also need to meet their daily nutritional needs.

if people keep refusing to feed them, they will die of starvation.

so the trade-off is, give a bit of so-called balanced reporting in hope they get their crumbs.