Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lulu Wants To Protest For The Sake Of Protesting

aiyoh.... Lulu's feeling so encouraged by the amount of support the police has been giving protestors recently

re : Perak illegal assembly
Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Azisman Alias, who was among the 200 uniformed personnel on duty, told reporters that the gathering did not have a permit and was illegal.
"We are not arresting anyone for now. Since things are calm here, we are using our discretionary powers to let them have their say,” he said.

re : Selangor illegal assembly
They stopped in front of a line formed by police Light Strike Force personnel about 150m from the main entrance to the building, continued with their protest and left peacefully about 20 minutes later.
Shah Alam Deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Mohd Shariff Abdul Wahid said police were aware of the planned gathering and confirmed that no permit had been issued for it.

re: Penang illegal assembly
When the demonstrators approached Komtar, they were told by George Town OCPD ACP Azam Abdul Hamid to disperse within five minutes.
Musa then explain to Azam that the protestors wanted to hand over a four-point memorandum to Lim, who was sworn into office four days ago.
But when Azam allowed a delegation from the group to do so, the leaders declined claiming that it was pointless to meet a chief minister who had made up his mind “to destroy the Malays”.
[lol! so duh! police even give in to their demand, then they say tak payah. talk about no action plan]

anyway, since the police is so cooperative, Lulu dont have to worry about acid spray, getting beaten up with a baton, made to squat in a black Maria, waiting for days to meet the lawyer, Lulu SHOULD seize the moment.
so, what should Lulu demonstrate for?
Lulu did the think-think-think thing
Lulu wants to protest/demonstrate that the new Selangor government provides free-of-charge to all anak Selangor above 30 years old tak kira bangsa atau jantina [drumroll please]
whatever tempe it is that self-appointed chief opposition leader, aka Mr Pembangkang Sifar who in the end became the Mr Pembangkang, is taking to keep his complexion smooth and radiant.
Apparently, tempe works even better than botox!

You think that's ridiculous?
Then what say you about those "Penang" chaps [note the inverted commas. they are there for a reason] who still "needed help" after 50 years of UMNO-nation protesting over being sidelined by less than a week old government. Not forgetting that the government [the new one-la] had met with 21 Muslim NGOs on that very morning and everyone came out of the meeting assured.
Isnt that more ridiculous than free tempe?

Since Lulu works in the day time, is hooked on the 8:30 Korean drama and the 10:45 Canto series, can we meet at 12:00 midnight for the perarakan? Look at it as not so hot and not so sunny. Can anyone get hold of Mr Smooth-and-Radiant? Would be great if he could join us!

Cheers everyone! Have a good day at work!


Peter Tan said...

Time and place? I wanna join.

James Ooi said...

Look out! Toyol!

OK, back to serious stuff, really cakap tak serupa bikin.

During the BERSIH demos, there was water cannon and tear gas & the PM said that street demonstration is not their culture.

Why are they not practicing what they preach now? And why no arrests? Clearly double standards!

ycg said...

haha...when the situation reverses, suddenly they are so compasionate and understanding. lol, who are kidding. I was one of the pre-election street protestors. During that old time, we were chased, sprayed and intimidated. these youngsters nowadays got it so easy :P

Anonymous said...

Hello Lulu,
Let this blokes which 3/4 months back, it is not their culture and now it is their culture, and of course they too even have escorts opening way what a shame -Double standard, We have to be rationale that this world have many different human ie sore losers, opportunise,got brains but no cells found(even dead one not found,and so on.
Take a back seat enjoy the block buster show coming its way soon.Dog bite Dog Bone Haha:D

wits0 said...

The tunasings and flipflops in their death throes.