Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lulu Thought DAP would have 2 State Chiefs

so, this piece of news really surprised Lulu - that the MB would be from PAS.

Lulu made some phonecalls (like real... well, 2 phonecalls are considered phonecalls with a plural s) to find out what happened.

A friend explained to Lulu that most states have a law which says that the MB must be a Malay, hence, the PAS guy was chosen.

sad isnt it, these racial laws?
Arent we all anak Bangsa Malaysia?

yesterday, we denied the Barisan 2/3 majority and captured 5 states.
tomorrow, we will work our way to getting rid of racial politics



Khairul H. said...

Chief Ministers represent the sultans in matters of Islam as well. That's why.

States with no Sultans (Penang, Melaka, Sabah & Sarawak) do not have this "must be a Malay CM" rule.

mob1900 said...

Thank you for being part of our 'Rakyat's Revolution' with your tireless efforts and your unyielding believe to rebuild Malaysia. I believe PAS is equally motivated and progressive in making Perak and the rest of other 'Rebelious' states a true Malaysian State for ALL!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure of any rule forbidding non-Malays from becoming an MB since each state has its own constitutions. Most do not have this rule though I'm really grey about Perak.

But for DAP to make way to a Malay is probably due to geopolitics and nothing else. Malays make up the majority of the population - and it won't be a good move for DAP to appoint someone from its ranks, at least in this short-term. BN, esp UMNO, can offer lots of incentives (cash and positions) to PKR and PAS candidates to cross over making the number of seats won by DAP irrelevant - since the no of Malay seats (UMNO, MIC, MCA, PKR & PAS) outnumber the no of seats won by DAP. This is a standard BN weapon - often used in East Malaysia but also in other states like Trengganu & Kelantan.

I'm sure if PKR does well again in the next election, most Malays would not object to having a Chinese as MB. Personally, I don't have any objection. It is better to have an honest, fair Chinese than a corrupt, dictatorial Malay.

BrightEyes said...

But DAP still holds the most seats in Perak, alongside .

Deputy can still be a nonMalay nonMuslim. Kulasegaran!

HanNeng said...

Most of the Chinese friends I spoke to, they don't mind Malay Menteri Besar, as long as he is fair to all races, capable to work to bring benefits to all people.

Anonymous said...

Seeing it from a different perspective, whoever took over the position of Perak CM will have a greater chance in governing a more multi-racial state.

It will be a challenge for the Perakian and the CM himself. If new CM able to deliver his promises, PAS will be more acceptable for non-muslims. :)

Anonymous said...

No need to worry if the MB is from PAS. He would be fair to all. That's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lulu,

Why is this char bee hoon still posted on your blog. She is no longer an MP:

Lulu's Keeping This Post On Top Until Chew Mei Fun Apologises For Thinking and Saying Stupid Things OR Is No Longer MP of PJ Utara

1people 1 nation said...

Such law is a violation of Universal Law, therefore there is no binding of contract pertaining to the appointment of MB, or for this matter, the PM of Malaysia.

We are all born free and equal

Anonymous said...

since malaysia is a multi racial country it is not such a big issue as to who to be MB. Most imp. is whether he/she can deliver!!!

Antares said...

Howdy, Lulu! Just swung by to tip my hat to you and say "well done!" for the big part you play in national affairs with your well-visited blog!

High-Fives & Hugs

Anonymous said...

1) Since DAP claims to be multi-racial and is not interested in playing racial politics, it shud have no objection to a Malay MB

2) Isn't it a shame that DAP, who claims to be multi-racial has no Malay within its ranks to be MB?

just my 2 cents...

Anonymous said...

anon, that's pretty quick to assume that chinese is not corrupt and fair.

Anonymous said...

Helo lulu, I think the main thing we sud be contrating now is the forming of the strong Barisan Rakyat coalition and be ready to replace the current govt in the next election!

Alex said...

To Anon 11:56 PM

1)Who said DAP has any objection to a Malay MB?

2)DAP has one Malay candidate contesting in Johor (lost). And is it really DAP's fault that no Malays join DAP? It's not like DAP can force Malays to join it now can it?

What's a shame is that your 2 cents is not worth its price.

Eway said...

Actually it was a pretty smart coup by Lim Kit Siang to convince his Perak team to accept PAS. It is to keep PAS and PKR from defecting to BN(easy due to the numbers). Plus its a good chance for the chinese to see exactly what PAS can offer. I was a bit apprehensive when I heard that too, but PAS cannot change anything there without DAP so it is a check and balance against the excesses of either party.

myop101 said...

well, to me it doesn't matter what race the MB is. the main thing is he/she takes care of the rakyat and ensure that his govt is open, transparent and accountable with full disclosures to their accounts and awarding contracts...

also, they should now go and search the records and find all the evidence for possible abuse of power and corruption. it is high time to clean up the state and local governments. also, they should remove the concept of awarding contracts based on race too. it should be fairness to all and open tenders should be the best method...

Malaysians are tired of BN bullshit. it is time to make good their promises and i am sure with a clean and fair government, all these 5 states will become forefront states

Anonymous said...

bit contradicting lar lulu,

to get rid of racial politics, we muz first heal the destructive racial perception,

and this is a very constructive action from DAP, to act beyond any kind of divination (race/religion/party) looking for the BEST for malaysia :)

moo_t said...

Lulu, a chinese CM is nothing if he is a puppet. Just look at KTK.

Under the corrupted BN system, CM/MB are "VIP". Under a proper system, CM/MB are just a civil servants.

It takes sometime to adjust the mindset.

kakipukul2006 said...

Dear All,

I'm from PERAK. I've talk and discuss this issue with my Chinese and Indian friends. Chinese and Indian voter still can accept rep from PAS to become new MB of Perak because of good religious background and fundamental plus PAS has good track record in Kelantan (tak makan duit RAKYAT).I believe under new Barisan Rakyat in PERAK with good support and combination from DAP, PKR and PAS we as a Perakian boleh hidup dengan aman dan gembira. Dont believe on propaganda & provocation by BN media.

Shawn Tan said...

I'm getting kind of tired of racial politics. Multi-racial politics is still racial politics. I'm getting a little worried at this trend of appointing the MB/CM and deputies based on race. I thought we wanted to get rid of it?

Anonymous said...

Can we have someone like Mordecai in the Book of Esther - a christian as King's advisor ???

Hamzah said...

1) terima kasih lulu for a tremendous effort!

2) if the new mb is from pas, first act is to abolish the malay/muslim clause that I'm sure the Perak Sultan is more than happy to sign :-)

btw, has anyone seen the clause for a malay mb?

Anonymous said...

1) Lulu, with all due respect, you are playing racial politics when you want to remove any privalages accorded to bumiputras.

2) Alex: "DAP has one Malay candidate contesting in Johor (lost). And is it really DAP's fault that no Malays join DAP? It's not like DAP can force Malays to join it now can it?"
Wake up Alex! The fact that hardly any Malays are interested in joining your DAP is because is it NOT perceived as a party that represents all races. The results on the ground prove that. There are lots of Malays who are anti UMNO, and also lots of Malay's who are not for PAS. What do they do? They join the other Malaysian Malaysia party- PKR. Face the fact that there must be a root problem as why not even 5% of your assemblymen are Malaysias, just 1.

once again,
Anon 11:56 PM

p.s. I'm saying this is the spirit of discussion, not to put down any one person. I campaigned for DAP for the 2 weeks, and also without hesitation voted for it. But nevertheless, DAP needs to look into this if it hopes to do well in national politics. Else, it is doomed to the opposition bench in parliment forever.

Anonymous said...

To Alex (again)

1)Who said DAP has any objection to a Malay MB?

apparently lulu has that objection

(or did i misread her post?)

Anon 11:56 PM