Monday, March 17, 2008

Lulu Sometimes A Bit Too Optimistic

Lulu really thought a new dawn was coming.
really, really.

Lulu's now realised, its a lot worse.
At least in the opd days, it was lies-lies and more lies.
but now, truth is sprinkled with blatant lies to screw our minds.
Lulu, being of simple mind, is having trouble discerning the two.

Haris is right.
I urge that if we do not see an immediate end to the shameless attacks on our YBs, that we take the word out far and wide that we, the rakyat will, from 24th March, 2008, commence a boycott of all the MSM for a period of one week.

Its time to reform the media.
Lulu doesnt know how she's going to cope cos she's such a newspaper junkie, but she's not going to spend a sen on the papers the next 7 days. Lulu'll read it online. slowly-la...ha.... weaning off a daily habit is not so easy.

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Anonymous said...


dont get despondent. when the time comes, the latuks2 wakil rakyat will be put to shame. imagine headlines in blogs:
ong dynasty was taking timber concessions and raw lands for a song.
the saliva man was doing the same. samy the toupee was no different. so was the botox family. just imagine, line them up for the rakyat to see the type of leeches they are.
what goes round will come around. aint it interesting, lulu? now, you understand why they are shivering in the pants.

James Ooi said...

One particular paper that needs immediate boycott is Utusan Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

No problem there. I've canceled my company's daily delivery of the Star.

Not sure of the reaction from the staff yet. I reckon they might be too busy to notice.

wits0 said...

To kick the habit is much easier these days than b4 the Internet Age.

Anonymous said...

Lulu, since you wont be having any papers to read, how about a date?

myop101 said...

dear lulu,

it is only for 1 week. i have boycott it since Nov. It feels good...hehe

at most, i read MSM online to find out lies and expose them...keke

denzook said...

take the heed of new penang CM:


Ng Mok Huat :
Can you comment on calls to boycott the mainstream media because of unfair reporting? Ng Mok Huat

Lim: I don't boycott newspapers.

wizsurf said...

this game of love and hate must stop ! show them you mean business ! just stop buying/reading them completely if you really sincerely believe they are treacherous ! Not 1 day not 1 week kind of hollow threats and pretense ! ...until they become goodie boys again

wits0 said...

All the blatant Jln. Riong (privilegedly licensed)racist-fascist propaganda pub(like what that MMT exemplifies) and the (should have known better)Star need to be boycotted.