Friday, March 14, 2008

Lulu Is Like, "Gee, Don't These Guys Know That The Government That They Love So Much Has Decreed That 'Ini Bukan Budaya Kita'?"

NST reports that there are sms-es going around Penang about a protest.
Don't these kids watch RTM?
Didn't they see ugly shots of unpeaceful demonstrations taken from foreign countries?
Don't they know that the ruling party government has been telling the people that ini bukan budaya kita?
How dare they defy the government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi [which is not necessarily led by him]?

Lulu can only guess who the dalangs are behind this.
And Lulu is quite sure that those dalangs are not going to be present.
They will be watching and cheering from their airconditioned office, ready with a statement to condemn the state government when their kuncus go riot.
Lulu pities the kuncus, treated as pawns in this horrible game. It is doubtful if they'll get police escort like what Mr "Madam Conderezza Rice, I WANT YOU TO COME OUT NOW" KJ got.

Lulu can only hope and pray that the moderate Malays will speak up and explain to those who do not properly understand and are wrongly influenced that there is no intention to marginalise, that if you are poor and in need, you will be helped. The poor will be better off, and the UMNOputeras will gain their contract in a fair tender via best offer and not best connection.

In case you're not a RTM viewer erh... like Lulu, here are some "Ini Bukan Budaya Kita" snippets


denzook said...

those malays in the protest might not penangnites themselves but parachuted from kedah/perak/kl.

if it's true, penang malay is so racist/sore loser .....

Anonymous said...

let's see whether chemical laced water and tear gas will be used? i am no supporter of such harsh measures, but its just a measure of consistent applications.
somebody is behind this. is he gonna face the ISA? or inconsistent applications again?

Anonymous said...

fil endorsed the sil action...

want to be a pm with all ears, pm for all races, pm for people security, pm...

but now he shows his true colour... the BIGOT finally appear from his closet.

Anonymous said...

I listened to a Penang UMNO assemblyman on the news last night and read it in The Star today:
“Call to scrap mega projects”
PENANG: The state Umno will “persuade” the Federal Government to scrap all the mega projects in the state in view of the people’s clear rejection of Barisan Nasional.
Since Penangites do not want development, the Federal Government should not force it on them, said state Umno liaison committee secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim.
He said that this was not Penang Umno taking revenge “but we are actually giving the people what they want”.
“They voted for change, so let us see what the DAP can do,” he said after the party’s emergency meeting at Menara Umno yesterday.
Azhar, who is Penaga assemblyman, was appointed the state Opposition Leader at the meeting.
Meanwhile, Umno liaison committee deputy chief Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah hit out at the new administration for its decision not to practise the New Economic Policy (NEP).
My take:
My dear Datuk Azhar Ibrahim, should the Penangites exclude themselves from paying income tax, road tax or any other form of taxes to the Federal Government as well? I think they are more than happy to contribute to the state government than the corrupted Federal Government.
When you say things without thinking, do not blame other people for calling you an idiot. He even had the audacity to say that it was not a revenge on his part. If that wasn’t the case of an ultimate sore loser then I don’t know what that was. For your information Datuk, the majority of Penangites do not reject development. They reject corrupt governments. Why is it you people in UMNO can’t see until now that rejecting BN doesn’t mean rejecting development? Rejecting BN crucially means rejecting the corruption rampantly exist within the system. Get it?
Because of this damaging statement on your part, there will be 2 outcomes:
1) You are depriving all people in Penang from getting aid from the Federal Government (be it pro BN or anti BN)
2) You are projecting UMNO as owning the Federal Government. When will UMNO leaders learn that they do not own the Federal Government? UMNO needs to wash away this notion that they can do anything they want. Federal government should be the government to every citizen of Malaysia regardless of race, sex, political affiliation and religion. Who gave you the damn right to dictate what is good or not good for the people? This notion was the main reason BN fell in the recent election. Assemblymen from the BN forgot that the reason they got elected was to serve the people. Not the opportunity to amass wealth and became arrogant.
Furthermore, Penangites, would heave a sigh of relief if all mega projects are scrapped anyway as the projects ultimately benefit a few cronies of the PM for instance, the second bridge (UEM), PGCC (Patrick Lim Badawi), Penang monorail (SCOMI), RapidPenang (UMNO owned). So who are you trying to kid? All what Penang need is an effective, clean, efficient and honest government leaders. Obviously, you’re not one of them.
This galactically stupid assemblyman from UMNO really does not know how to make his mouth shut. Really. UMNO leaders should learn not to say stupid things or else they will lose more supporters. As of now, my perception that UMNO leaders are idiots with no common sense is greatly enhanced.

Anonymous said...

No problem.

Lets get our cameras ready to capture these "career rioters". Esp the noisier ones.

Should be able to home in on their paymasters afterwards.

Bring it on..

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! challenges come so fast!!


Please handle with care and wisdom. Please, no more "abolish DEB" blablabla kind of talk. Brain-storm with more comrades and start a contingency/crisis action team.

Regardless of who is behind the scene, "crisis" is always opportunities if handled wisely.

Penangites are watching. RAKYAT are watching.


myop101 said...

I really hope FRU will send it a few trucks and the police a large contingent of police personnel. I think 500 personnel should be enough.

That should add to the drama. Probably a helicopter to fly overhead of them?

Should call in Al Jazeera as well.

Anonymous said...

"Lulu can only hope and pray that the moderate Malays will speak up and explain..."

I received good expalanation about this issue from a fundamentalist Muslim, where he mentioned that 'negara berkebajikan' will cater all poor people, and since most poor people are Malays then it is a non-issue.

Most Malays are still poor no thanks to the DEB that prioritizes(malas nak sebutlah, paham2lah sendiri)members and make the Malays feel rich only just before election.

I believe Lim Guan Eng crafted his word carefully on the DEB issue. It's just that the (MALAS NAK SEBUT! AAARRGHH!)-controlled media twisted his words.

KLConfidential said...

LuLu, you know i'm malay. And i think you should know by now that i'm not moderate.

BN is just using this to scare people of my race who feel that they will be marginalized. It is a fear that has rooted itself in our hearts for 50 over years under UMNO.

You know how you can stop the fear and start the understanding? Easy.


myop101 said...


Read Jeff's blog on Bernama apology to Penang CM.

huey mei said...