Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lulu Hates It When She Has To Take The Really Good With The Really Bad

It was a pleasant surprise to see Zaid Ibrahim named in the new cabinet line-up. Many, like Lulu, have a great respect for him.

oh... but the bad was really really bad.
Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib named Rural and Regional Development Minister.
Do a google on his name. Read his rave reviews. Lulu thinks there's hardly any Malaysian who does not know about his infamous suitcase and his command of the English language.
Lulu cannot fathom why the "I will change" PM has put him in. The reasons that Lulu can think of is
1. he has some hidden debt to Muhammad Muhammad Taib
2. it is the PM's act of vengeance on netizens considering how much we love Muhammad Muhammad Taib

Lulu looked up the Ministry that this MMT [lol! am empty???] will helm. Link here
Lulu is very worried
Lulu is worried that rural development under his helm will come with "extra charges"
Lulu is worried that none of these [noble on paper] charters will be pusued
- To enhance the livelihood of rural residents.
- To achieve 100% coverage in basic amenities, utilities and infrastructure for rural residents .
- To ensure that rural residents my benefit 100% from information and communication technology.
and that our brothers and sisters continue to live in hardship.

Lulu can only hope that MMT has a close encounter with the Almighty and repents of his way and carries out his responsibilities in the most noble and caring manner.

Lulu does not have a good feel about this.


Crankshaft said...

You're right, Lulu. I doubt this guy can do his job properly.

Anonymous said...

Lulu I am upset with the inclusion of MMT, Kerismuddin, Nazri, Noh Omar, Noh the forex blunder king, the gay girl and yen yen.
I think this blunder will make the demise of party "Barang Naik" faster.

Sharing said...

Without Report Cards on the last Cabinet from PM
Any new Cabinet is just a Change of Mist to the Public!
PM should inform the People the reasons of Changing!
At least what to be expected from these Changes for track of performance!
People should not be given the "Take it or leave" attitude by a PM who meant to serve the People!
McDonald, KFC, Tesco, Carre Four, Jusco, etc.. are better off!!
People should have a Choice!!


May I suggest you put your "Blog Archive" in one Link.
Leaving Space for Links Postings of each "need to be watched" Minister.
So People know what they have promised and the works they had done or not done.
Give them the Pressure of being watched!!
So, People can easily get their own Report Card instead from the long overdue ones from PM!!
So, People could have better choice in GE13!!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

least of your concern, he will save the country lots of cash transaction fee....

he carries cash in suitcase ot kampung and build houses.

wits0 said...

MMT and Almighty? I expect the later to regard the former as an established abomination as we do.