Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lulu Doesn't Really Need To Wonder Why TV3 Didnt Air This Bit, Does She?

TV3 on the 8 o'clock news featured an interview of Chua Jui Meng bashing DAP.
Pity though, they didnt show the more exciting bit of his interview.
But since they didnt, and since Lulu saw it online in Malaysiakini, Lulu's going to post the more exciting bits which you dont get to watch on BNgovt controlled media.

btw, looks like the MCA winners are those who had their seats grabbed from them and given to OKT's men who in the end, lost the election. Ironic, isnt it?

Ex-MCA veep: Chinese have rejected Ka Ting
Soon Li Tsin Mar 13, 08 5:36pm
Former MCA vice-president Chua Jui Meng made a plea to current party president Ong Ka Ting to do the right thing and step down.

At a press conference in his Kuala Lumpur office today, Chua said the Chinese community has already "rejected Ong in the clearest possible manner."

"For the sake of MCA, please reconsider your decision not to step down. You must do the honourable thing. It is only politically ethical to take responsibility," he said.

Describing the party’s election defeat as "the darkest hour in our history", the former health minister said Ong placed his personal agenda above MCA and Barisan Nasional (BN).

"He dropped all the experienced and senior MPs who consistently delivered the votes and carried huge majorities even in the 1999 elections. They were taken out in name of rejuvenation.

Bakri seat
Chua then proceeded to give several examples including his own seat in Bakri which was the sole parliamentary seat lost in the BN stronghold of Johor.

"I was taken out, the president did not even call me. I built up this parliamentary seat since 1986 which I won for five terms.

"What was the reason? Bakri was a strong division with 13,000 members. People said if I stood, they would support me, not the party," the seasoned politician related.

In 2004, Chua defeated DAP’s Azhari Ismail by a massive 19,059 majority.

However, in the elections that just ended, Ong picked Tay Puay Chuan from the Muar division who lost by 722 votes to DAP’s Er Teck Hwa.

Chua also said that Ong had picked new faces to contest in order to secure their votes to retain his president position in the party elections due to take place in three month’s time.

Silent politics
Another reason why MCA did so poorly was because Ong remained silent on many important issues that were besieging the Chinese community, according to Chua.

"He remained silent when people expected him as party president to speak up for the community. All he would say is that he would discuss this behind closed doors

"A silent politician is no politician. Silent politics is equivalent to zero politics. We paid for that big mistake he made," he asserted.

He added if MCA does not address the problem in its leadership, the party will suffer "a tsunami together with a tornado" in the next general election

Relations between Ong and Chua had soured since the latter challenged the former for the MCA presidential post in the 2004 party elections.

However Chua lost and has been sidelined by the party since then. He went on to focus on his business ventures soon after.

Asked whether he would make a political comeback, he smiled and answered: "I don’t think so. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time now."


Indian boy said...

Well! This Chuah (snake in Hokkien) stood for the last MCA presidential election but lost to emperor Ong hands down.

Dr. Chuah (snake) was the Minister of Health but performance wise nothing to shout about when compared to the pant-down Dr. Chuah (SL), also another snake.

So don't expect much from MCA, Malaysia Chuah (snake) association.

MCA is just a snake association which is a vehicle for all these snakes to excel economically the snake way.

Well, the chinese will dissociate with all these snakes unless you like to play with snakes which bite when provoked or without.

It's time to hit the snake hard and made them pay back all the loots they have swallowed for the past 1/2 century.

Vijay said... this is exciting all by itself. I wonder what other exciting parts were left out, Lulu.

Also, I like this line:

"A silent politician is no politician. Silent politics is equivalent to zero politics"

Now why isn't anyone within the ruling coalition pointing the finger at AAB and asking him to step down.

They'd rather jaga his pride and let him take them down with him, which is perfectly fine with me.

As long as he doesn't take us all down as well ;)

wits0 said...

"I don’t think so. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time now."

Hahaha! Good for him. Better not re-join a moribund estate in its last leg. Bash DAP for all he wants but MCA is a lie, a superstition and a sell out. Jimmy is a more pleasant character than his arrogant successor.

kaki.ayam said...

Lulu, don't fret, majority of the chinese would NOT watch tv3 news. They will either tune to 8TV or NTV7. I watched the NTV7 news and they air the juicy parts of the press conference (in totality) by CJM.

Somehow, i do feel an air of change by the mass media in their attitude towards opposition figures nowadays.

Bunnies said...

Kaki Ayam...

This is what I told Lulu an earlier post...

The funny thing about being in power is.. a lot of people will fight for a chance to kiss your ass (so to speak la).. so, now you know what these mass media (some la... not all, TV3 is still being the blind cow together with THE STAR)are having a change in their attitude towards oppositions? Hehehee.... kiss ass time!

Anonymous said...

This came out in China press recently...........

Tey Phuay Chuan, that's the guy from MCA running for Parliament in the traditional strong seat of MCA. he accuses The Bakri MCA sabotage his campaign.

Incidently, Chua did nothing to stop the Bakri division in sabotaging mr tey's campaign.

word of the ground is that the night b4 the election, sms going round asking ppl not to vote for mr tey.

so, if the MCA loses the Bakri seat, thereby adding to the MCA "casualties" who's he to blame?

he should just shut up and go into oblivion

Anonymous said...


Correction to your statement, TV3 did air Chua JM's statements regarding OKT on TV3's nightline last nite at 12 am.You might want to check your comments in the future to avoid sounding like Ong Kah Chuan.

What A Lulu said...

ANON 2:56,
lol! lulu an OKC?
it wasnt featured at the 8pm news though.
who knows, maybe someone in tv3 reads whatalulu and added it in cos they realise that the papers featured it.

kaki.ayam said...

hehe, Lulu Ong, sound good eh? lol

Anonymous said...

Wow... Chua Jui Meng all by himself can cause the Bakri folks to desert BN in such large numbers eh?

If that were really true that would mean that the Bakri folk really love him then, in which case it was stupid for OKT to drop him in the first place. In other words, still out of touch with the community.

Any way it's spun it just shows that BN in general completely misjudged the mood of the people.