Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lulu Did A Google On Recovering Shredded Documents

hope that the bags have not left the room.
cos there is technology out there which can help piece the shreds back
wouldnt it be great if the incoming Selangor Government could send the shreds to be pieced back?
Khir Toyo... not time for you to be arrogant-lah. Know that there is a God and he will deal with you in His time.


Anonymous said...

Big sister, why you tell the javanese this? Now he is busy burning the shredded documents and there is no technology to convert ashes back into paper

denzook said...

that's why prev selangor excos are stupid. they should cart away the shreaded documents and incinerate them elsewhere, and say "no such thing happen".....

hope the current admin don throwaway the shredded doc and hire someone to reconstruct them back....

Bunnies said...

Even burn already also got technology to piece it back... The world has advance to that extent!

Anyway, the papers can be shredded or swallowed... there are other sources to get evidence to put toyol boy into prison for good! Sure got one... there... computer leh... computer experts can dig up plenty.... deleted already also can wor... The wonders of IT...

The thing about having power is, there will be plenty who will want to kiss your ass (so to speak la) so, I am sure these ppl can help.

Yah lor.. like you have said lor.. there is a GOD and he will deal with toyol in his time. We just sit back and watch... Sure blockbuster one.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Indeed what a strange new dawn
With shameful documents being sawn
To render them useless in value to pawn
Knowing too well what conclusions could be drawn

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150308
Sat. 15th March 2008.