Saturday, March 08, 2008

If You Are A Voter, Especially Those From PJU, Please, Please Come Out And Vote For Change

for change
for real representation in parliament
for good sensible people
for honesty
for sincerity
for your future in this country
for the future of your children
for your freedom of religion
for security
for less corruption
for Malaysia
for brotherhood in Malaysia
for a Malaysian Malaysia
for Lulu so that she can take down this lousy post
and if you or your friend are PJ Utara voters and are undecided OR have decided to vote the incumbent, Lulu thinks you better watch this (courtesy of Malaysiakini)


taikotai said...

This stupid Badawi is no Mr. Clean nor Mr. Nice Guy but an international terrorist. Only a stupid suicide bomber will utter such stupid threat to the rakyat.

Do we want our democracy to be hijacked by an international terrorist cum suicide bomber?

Do you think the voters who voted this international terrorist cum suicide bomber have a future?

What this international terrorist cum suicide bomber will do if he is reinstated again?

Well! This international terrorist cum suicide bomber will snatch non-Muslim corpses again for sure for another 5 years, destroying our temples and churches and putting people into jails without trial.

With this international terrorist cum suicide bomber at the helm of the Malaysian Al Gaedah group, his terrorist supporters will have no mercy to the voters after the voters have voted them in to this terrorizing group.

It's time to clean up the messes caused by all these international terrorists cum suicide bombers for the past 50 years.

It's time to get rid of all these lawless international terrorist cum suicide bomber today (3rd August).

Send them to hell! Show no mercy to all these international terrorists cum suicide bombers by chopping the heads of all these international terrorists cum suicide bombers today before they ruin the Nation totally.

taikotai said...

Wow! This Badawi is just a religious terrorist who is no Mr. Clean but a dirty politician.

This is a democratic country. Every rakyat has the right to choose who they want to be their representative.

It seems that this Badawi is a hijacker who is very good in hijacking the rights/ wealth of the rakyat.

If this Badawi the hijacker becomes the PM, it's not because the rakyat wanted him to be the PM, but he blatantly hijacking the post of PM.

Looking all the unfair practices in the election campaign, this hijacker is just a devilish hijacker.

This hijacker will hijack all our belongings, money, land and properties. Yes! Even dead people this devilish hijacker also wants to hijack. This is the worst hijacker in the world that Malaysia is honored to having!

This devilish hijacker will hijack the subsidy for the petrol, hijack the toll increment, hijack the land after temples and churches are destroyed, hijack non-Muslim children and convert them to Muslim so that no one can take them back because once you are a Muslim, forever is a Muslim.

This devilish hijacker will hijack people's wife whereas others are forbidden to hijack his wife/daughters.

This devilish hijacker is just not compatible to live together with human life but devils.

Time to slaughter this devilish hijacker today before he attains the devilish power.

This devilish devil must be sent to hell, otherwise there is no peace in this land/world.

Sharing said...

Give them 1/2 of the Parliament Seats for them to work!
Or, Campaign after Campaign they will come bugging you to support them to work!
Why Can't Politicians be Straight Forwards
Or, Can we ask can we change without 1/2 of Parliament Seats to Reform?

Anonymous said...

Bye bye fried bee fun. Go find a stall selling fried bee fun in Taman Mega pasar buka. Before that please return all the loots you plundered or risk being sent to Sungei Buloh!

Hahahaha...... You asked for it, you stupid silly bitch!