Friday, March 21, 2008

Headlines Like These Make Lulu Wonder

hmm... what next? a reminder to breathe in, breathe out?
what is there to "remind them to stay away from corruption"?
They're not supposed to do it. full stop.

It makes Lulu wonder, if he thinks any one of those "esteemed" ministers and deputy ministers are susceptible to corruption, why did he choose them in the first place?


Sharing said...

A Magician to work?
Magician pray with "abracadabra" and his stick to tell anything to go!
So ALL Malaysian, we have to learn to be Magician and the
"abracadabra" before Corruption would go!

But, Corruption remains!!

Ah! ABB,
Did you use the right "abracadabra" or forgot your stick when playing magic on Corruption?

Did you mention Penal Codes or ACA?
or Penal Codes to ACA when they do not do their jobs?

A Magician without the Stick and abracadabra??

wits0 said...

If they have to be told, they are already unfit to lead or be ministers.

Bunnies said...

Such things have to be told meh?? These people grew up in the jungle meh?? Got no parents to teach them right from wrong, what is good and bad, etc...?? Ish!!

If people in office need to be told or even be reminded, than these people are not worth anything! Not even the air they breathe!

When Abdullah made such statements, he gives the impression that he is damn stupid to have chosen idiots like these who we can now all assume will not hesitate to get themselves soaked in corruption and what have you, plainly because these people need to be reminded!

rudy said...

And here he appoints an ex MB known for his dirty records...why bother...just grab all you can while you still can..or can you?

a living micro~organizm said...

well said lulu!~~

Josh said...

News Flash: Cabinet Ministers tells Pak Lah to stay away from Australia.

lucia said...

i also find the headline strange. do they have to be told? if they have to be told, does that means, they had been and might be corrupted? badawi is stupid lah by saying this.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and the first one to go is Datuk Dr WEE KA SIONG!!!!

Anonymous said...

With that Idiot,he was thinking about bedroom post-erection when he spoke about breathing in and breathing out.

'Cabinet are not known as intelligent persons' but are places where you stashed those Viagra.