Thursday, March 06, 2008

Has Lulu Solved The "Who Are The Kena Conned Villagers?" Mystery?

someone out there conned some innocent, blur villagers from Perlis, Kedah and Kelantan. That someone(s) told them that they would not be allowed to vote if they did not have the ink mark on their fingers.
Some of you may think that this is unbelievable.
So, there are now some voters out there walking around with the ink mark on their finger, even before polling day!
As a result, our very honourable and trustworthy EC has cancelled the usage of indellible ink.
Because of that.
Not because the law on indelible ink has not been enacted (see Malaysiakini EC's fragile reputation suffers another blow), making its usage optional, but because there are some villagers from Perlis, Kedah and Kelantan who have been marked.

so, that set Lulu thinking....
Lulu think-think-think
three states were mentioned...
AHA!!!! Could it be that these three girls
are from Perlis, Kedah and Kelantan?

come on... didnt any one of you wonder how those GP girls EC girls are going to vote in March when the EC boss marked them in Feb?
even more twist to the mystery... could this chap be one of those "some irresponsible people"?
yummy... another twist to the mystery


Malay Women in Malaysia said...


Can somebody investigate this further?

Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

Anonymous said...

and he thinks lulu lives in la-la land.he2

myop101 said...


Mafrel just confirmed postal voting secrecy has been compromised.

read it in Malaysiakini.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I saw some documents from reliable sources in the housing ministry.

The government is planning on implementing a solid waste management fee for every house. we would have to pay about RM50 - RM 100 in ADDITION to the current quit rent!!!!!!

Can some press folk ask Badawi this tonight? And also ask Badawi and Ong Kah Ting why did they postphoned the implementation till April. (initially it was supposed to be announced in the beginning of the year) . and when they air their obvious denial in TV, lets record it and use the video against them once the roll the tax out!!!!!!!!

the document i saw also list who will benefit from the program... mostly glc.. DRB is one of them that i remember....

another reason i am giving my vote to opposition this year!!!!!

taikotai said...

This Rashit has just accrued another 10,000 pieces of chops for such despicable tactic. So this Rashit will be chopped to 50,000 pieces for the following serious crimes:

1) Rigging the votes of this 12th GE.

2) Putting a code on the voting slips for all voters in the last GE.

3) Making voting for the army not a secret affair.

4) Conducting this 12 GE at the whims and fancies of AAB- the international terrorist cum suicide bomber.

5) Abolishing the use of indelible ink so that phantom voters can vote as many times as they pleased.

This is the result of greed. This Rashit will do all sorts of dirty tricks as told by AAB- the international terrorist cum suicide bomber at his whim and fancy.

Well! Rashit, how would you look like after being chopped into 50,000 pieces?