Tuesday, March 04, 2008

... And You All Thought Lulu Lived In La-la-land

Lulu's incumbent is definetly a resident of la-la land

from Malaysiakini
3. Will you support that Petronas' accounts be made public?
Chew: I thought they already have their annual report. I thought the annual report is actually the accounts for (listed) companies to disclose to everybody.

12. Will you support the idea of abolishing the New Economic Policy (NEP)?
Chew: I thought the NEP has already ended. The most important thing is that we must make sure that [...] you can actually help one particular race but in the expense of the other race. Everybody must be given a chance to have their own business and work together to create a win-win situation.


Anonymous said...

what an absolute ??? she is!!! how did she get elected in the first place. instead of being the mouthpiece of her constituents, she carries the half baked rhetoric and mindset of her masters.
our nation shall truly be stuck on this side of mediocrity if we continue to have such pathetic reps in our parliament.

myop101 said...

honestly, not too long ago, from what i hear from the ground i.e. people who stays within her constituency, many said good things about her work and stuff.

i wonder if they hear what she just said will make them reconsider. she is poorly informed, arrogant and defensive. where is the sense of responsibility and accountability? where is the understanding the needs of every citizen.

can someone just make her a MBPJ councillor?

Death Note said...

I thought she is a useless MP?

oh.... I'm right...

Anonymous said...

What a dinosaur, she lulu-ed big big time.

time to put her into the mothballs, time to retire this piece of junk.

it's time to change, ppl of PJ-U.

denzook said...

care to pop this image overhere ..


Anonymous said...

all those voters in pju thought they are pretty smart & sophisticated -
help to put a 'longkang' mp in the parliament...

muahhaha!... everyone think you folks down there sure have wonderful sense of humour.

denzook said...

tony's ceramah mention about his tenure in his ex-company


That i don't qualify to be an economist.
I think whether you qualify as an economist or not depends on what policies you put this, are being questioned.

...the Thai bath crash, the Asian financial crisis started. It was painful then. And then 3 mths later everything went downhill.

It was a struggle. 1998 to half of 1999 I can tell you that everyone, I do not know whether I have enough money at the end of the
month to pay salaries. But we kept moving along, we grew the company.

When you don't know whether you have money to survive the next day, the next month or the next half a year.

It is critical because we have employees 60 people, 80 people to feed. You'll feel responsible for them. You'll feel that you must make the company succeed so that these people can remain gainfully being employed and they can grow in their careers. I made sure that every single one of them are paid on time every month. By hook or by crook finding money anywhere i can - via projects, via deals, we will try to keep the company alive.

And we turned around. We successfully turned around the company.

When i was asked to join the DAP .... I was always interested in serving the community .... lurch and end up with the staff without salaries or the company dying on its own. That will be irresponsible. So I told Guan Eng, I told kit siang - no I cannot join you this round. I'm likely to miss this election because I need to take care of the company first.

Because I need to take care of the company first.

But what happenned was that over the past 2 years, that things turned around, the company began to get more and more contracts, bigger and bigger contracts. If I find a buyer, I will join you. It must be worth something lah, ok. Why is it that our opponent has to use this type of dirty tactics to try and defame and discriminate against the company. I think it is not necessary.

I do not want to talk about the company. We are talking about national policies here. By right I shouldn't be here telling you about my company. I should be telling you here what I plan to do for PJ Utara should I be elected as the PJ member of parliament.

It was reported in newspaper, so I'm not quoting her out of context. She said for someone to want to sell company in singapore, and joins politic in malaysia, there must be something wrong with
the company lah. That's why he wants to sell it.

But let me ask her even if the company got problems lah. Even if for some reason other - is a useless company but someone willing to pay a lot of money for it. I take the money i run lah, why join politic, why join dap, why suffer.

...i think most wives would be. She fully support my position here today, my candidacy. I know if I'm able to stay home more, she would be happier. But she understands my dream, my aspiration, and my intent to serve the people of malaysia and therefore she gives me her full support.

Anonymous said...

Chew: I thought the NEP has already ended

Has she been in a 30-year long coma from taking drugs? Or has not been reading the newspapers since 1970? Even a 5 year-ols kid knows that the NEP scrouge is still alive and kicking

Angry Taxpayer said...

Maybe she's a good social worker but definitely, absolutely a LOUSY MP!

Old Fart said...

Lulu, the only time you ought to go on and on on a subject matter is if and when it gave you orgasmic pleasure doing it. Chew Mei Fun giving you that?

I thought she is a total put off! Can't imagine how much until she says some of those things! ....ooooohhhh.

Petronas a listed company????? Boy where does she get that from!!

Bunnies said...

Actually I want to ask 1 question.. unrelated to this issue la... Why is it that DAP keep harping on the wrong doings of BN? I am sure everyone of us are well aware of BN's wrong doings but not many of us understand or know what are the solutions provided by opposition parties such as DAP.

So, what are DAP's solutions to most of BN's wrongdoings? What are the steps or actions DAP will take to rectify, for example la, corruption? What is the first thing DAP will do to address this issue? How is DAP going to minimise such evil practise if DAP has a say in the running of the country? Is DAP itself a party discipline enough to undertake such task?

As a voter who will cast a vote, I am very curious to know if DAP has all the necessary solutions to every single issue that DAP harped on BN?

By the way, the "dont raise petrol price or reduce petrol price" theory is tak jalan la.. Let's get real here. All that talk about using Petronas profits to offset the price of petrol.. aiyah,is cannot be done. So, what is the real solution?

Anonymous said...

Hey bunnies, if the DAP stops harping on the wrongdoings of BN, that means BN would get scot free with its corruption, scandals and parasiting. How would you feel if you get C4-ed like Altantuya and nobody steps forward to ask why, how, who, when, which, whose and whom?

pju voter said...

PJU was a peaceful and serene constituent before this CMF took over as MP in 1999. It’s very peaceful to go out at night and there was no snatched thieves. The crime rate was low. It’s a conducive place to live in.

But since CMF became the MP, PJU now is a nightmare to live in. Every girl/lady has the experience to being robbed by thugs, some even a few times. Every girl in PJU is living in fear, especially walking to or from the Putra LRT.

The mushrooming of properties in PJU just proved that this CMF and her cohorts are taking advantage of her position and power to make substantial money at the expense of the comfort of the PJU residents. They colluded among themselves misappropriating of lands freely and in the process making tons of money for themselves!

CMF is a big time greedy pig who doesn’t know how to stop robbing wealth from the PJU constituency.

Why did she excel in MCA and now a parliamentary secretary and Deputy President for MCA Wanita?

Looking at the haphazard development in PJU area, isn’t this CMF very good in misuse her power to enrich herself, her MCA bosses and cronies?

Why doesn’t her boss Ong Ka Ting the eunuch stand for election in PJU since he is living in PJU but instead asking this CMF? And eunuch Ong he is contesting in Kulai, Johor??

This Ong Kah Ting is a disgraceful MCA eunuch, do you want a eunuch to represent the Chinese in Malaysia? Do you want a eunuch warlord to head a Chinese party claiming to represent all the Chinese in Malaysia?

This eunuch Ong Kah Ting and CMF should be hand-cuffed and tied together and dump into Klang River feeding ikan keri!

Then PJU will be a nice, peaceful and quiet area to live in.

Kick this eunuch Ong Kah Ting’s proxy out from PJU and eunuch Ong Kah Ting out from Kulai on 3/8/08.

No eunuch Ong dynasty and concubine in Malaysia. Send them back to new villages and padi fields for hard labor tasks.

The Chinese in Malaysia loathe to see their ugly faces again!

myop101 said...

dear bunnies,

i used to think like you. i find opposition a waste of time because they rant a lot but get nothing done. i always think it is better to work quietly behind the scene and let the results speak for itself.

well, admittedly MCA did work behind the scene. but what's the outcome? PKFZ? Lina Joy? Subashini? Revathi? Indian temples destroyed? increased crime rate? higher prices? the naked squatting issue? sexist MPs go scot free? Kerismuddin? Land scam in Kg Bersatu Puchong? VK Lingam?

meanwhile, DAP continue ranting. they didn't stop. Lim Guan Eng was imprisoned for trying to help a malay lady. why? because people like me, voted for parties like MCA. yes, MCA will continue working behind the scene. they will. and they will not stop until we put them to stop.

DAP acts as our voice in Parliament. They will speak on our behalf. In fact not just DAP, PKR and PAS as well. They will continue to speak and highlight the problems. When enough people are fed up, they will in turn kick BN out from the Parliament, State Assembly and government.

What will they do next? the new government will then have the power to instruct the authorities to investigate the crimes. they will also restore the constitution to ensure the judiciary is restored to its rightful place under a true democracy. they will also call for freer press. the list can go on but the path to restoration only begins when we give opposition the power to make real change.

it can be frustrating, it may not be overnight. in fact, BN will do all they can to break your spirit. being young, i can understand the need for instant results. sorry dear friend, when you call for collective mass to agree with you on this, you must start convincing people 1 at a time. take for instance, look at what i am trying to do. i may not be doing a good job but you have eyes and ears that perceive the rot in this country.

i have set my sight for the 13th general election. it may not be this year that opposition come into power, but like the old adage, the 1000 mile journey begins with the first step.

if you are interested to hear monopoly and politics of convenience, then read it here.


i do not have all the solution but at least i know when i cast my vote this sat, it will be my contribution to stop the rot. my only hope is you can think and do the same.

myop101 said...

Dear pju voter,

you forgot about caging OKT and CMF first in pig cages before dumping them...

and you still want them to work? i rather see them beg since they love begging so much...

denzook said...

mca members tak ada blog, very hard to directly communicate with them. even they have hotline, website, but it's censored before the info reaches them. on the other hand, i find most dap got blog, at least you can air your grievance and problem to them directly. and they unlike those mca/bn who might be PC illiterate and hire other ppl to maintain the blog.

"i used to think like you. i find opposition a waste of time because they rant a lot but get nothing done." => coz you ppl din give enuf power. if i'm oppos mp i oso quit after 1-2 term, get to parlimen but no one listens, and even get mocked, scolded, jested, humiliated, insulted - where got job satisfaction. how bout mca/bn, even they are empowered they are not moving to do the job, that's even worse..

Scott said...

Would you please post this for the benefit of your readers who will be voting for the first time this 2008?


pju voter said...

Dear myop 101,

The Chinese have 6,000 years of refined and sophisticated culture. A Chinese would never want t betray one own race or another fellow race because history taught us not to!

Sigh! This CMF is just a weak soul being manipulated by her evil boss who doesn’t understand the Chinese culture.

If you are a public icon, would you risk your name being cursed day and night for clandestine dealings at the expense of residents and making life miserable for them? These are blatant corruptions. Do you want to be a traitor selling the interests/rights of the entire race/country?

The punishment, according to Chinese history, is severe- it’s not only the culprit would be beheaded publicly but all members of family would be beheaded publicly. And the name the traitor would be rotten in history for 10,000 years!

Just picture this, all the members- the poor old grand parents, parents, brothers, sisters and all the children- juxtaposing and being beheaded one by one. Under such heart-throbbing scenario, would you think her superior, any or all the Chinese traitors in Malaysia/world would continue these blatant corruptions- selling the rights and interests of one race/people/nation?

The risk is indeed utmost critical and the repercussion is monumental and fatal to one’s entire root being wiped out. Why? Because the crime committed is extremely severe and because this could affect the existence of one entire race/nation.

The disappearance of one entirely family is nothing when compared to the existence of thousand and millions of families.

So it is pure ignorant of Chinese historical knowledge of culture that these stupid Chinese traitors have blatantly committed all kinds of machinations at the pretext of championing the Malaysian Chinese race.

If one sells an entire race’s interests, the punishment is beheading of all members the traitor’s family, period.

Why most of the Chinese in Malaysia would want to send all their children to a Chinese vernacular school? Yes! To learn the 6,000 year refined and sophisticated culture.

This traitorous issue of selling one own race is an icon in Chinese Culture. Every Malaysian Chinese child learns this in the Chinese vernacular school. That’s why no one Chinese in the world would dare/want to sell another fellow Chinese/race because the punishment is severe.

Sigh! If all the Chinese in Malaysia could send their children to Chinese school learning the Chinese culture, we would not have any Malaysian Chinese selling the rights/interests of another Chinese race/people/nation.

That’s why we have those MCAputras who don’t understand the Chinese culture but want to ‘champion’ for the Malaysian Chinese, but paradoxically selling the rights/interests of the endemic Chinese to Umnoputras. Sheesh! Yet they think they are real smart?

If a Chinese traitor knows that he/she risks his/her parents, own-self and own children being juxtaposed and beheaded one by one in public, would he/she dare to do such despicable act? I don’t think any one who is sane would risk that!

No human life on earth will risk this. Only a devil would risk this!

So to all the soul-less traitors in Malaysia of all races, this is a lesson for you! You can continue selling the rights/interests of your voters who elected you or risking you being juxtaposed with all your family members and beheaded one by one.

Please send your children to Chinese vernacular school and learn all the fine and sophisticated culture so that you can live in honor without disgrace your ancestors!

So to dump CMF and OKT into the Klang River in a cage is really a discount and good bargain for them. If LLS has the conscience, he should voluntarily tie himself, enter a cage waiting to be dumped together as well, or risk the whole family being juxtaposed and beheaded one by one, including the one now trying to con the residents in Gopeng.

Crime and punishment - The laws of Ancient China

Bunnies said...

Anonymous & myop101,

I am certain that most of us are well informed of BN's wrongdoings especially in this era where internet and duno what other nets are available for all to read and enjoy. I am sure we are all matured enough to notice irregularities and wrongdoings when something happens.

Yes, opposition parties are the voice of the people in the parliament and when there is a voice loud enough, the ruling party will either have to buck up or buckled out. And thats when a new era begins. All that I understand but what I am not clear about is whether the opposition has everything in place when the new era begin because the opposition has never say what they will do in response to each wrongdoing.

What I am trying to say is this, after all the indian story of telling BN's wrongdoing, what are the solutions proposed by DAP? For example, opposition points out about corruption. After all the hulabaloo....who and when and got video, no video or tape, got witness,etc.. what is/are the proposal(s) by the opposition to stop or minimise the same thing from happening again? This is what I want to know because I dont see any proposal!

If any opposition party is to win big, they must learn that they need to appear if not anything else to be able to do the job better. Harping or pointing out all the wrongdoing is just 1/3 of doing the job better. The solution/proposal to rectify each wrongdoing is what sells! Please do not forget that no opposition parties have any track record of their capabilities when compared to BN. That is a major disadvantage for Opposition parties.

As a voter/consumer, I want to know what I am getting myself into when I vote or buy something. I cannot go buy a say, RM10K washing machine based on the fact that it washes clothes! Duh! I need to know if it will wash my clothes gently, the buttons on my shirt is not going to come flying when I open the washing machine's door and at the same time, remove the toughest stains, is it energy consumption friendly,etc..(for example la) In the nutshell, I need to know if I am going to get the best.

So, same goes for voting, I need to know if opposition is worth my vote and the only way is that opposition must prove to me and everyone else that THEY ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE OR COME UP WITH SOLUTIONS... NOT JUST SOME RHETORICAL OR KISS ASS SOLUTIONS..BUT REALLY WORKABLE SOLUTIONS LA!

So, can Lulu please tell me what are DAP's solutions to corruption? Is revamping the whole ACA the first step? How or to what extend will ACA be revamped? Will ACA be made an independent board like ICAC in Hong Kong or anti corruption board in Singapore? What are the mechanics?

I am very sure if DAP can come up with the above in details, DAP can get dressed for the formal introduction as the new government!

Yup, I am hard to please and that is because I am responsible enough to know that I am voting on behalf of my children's future and they deserve the best!

myop101 said...

dear buddies,

you are right. they should have a detailed plan. but this is very much a chicken and egg problem.

not too long ago, BN criticised opposition for not coming out with any constructive suggestions (like you but the diff is they did it with mean spirit). then opposition via Tony Pua, came out with an alternative budget for 2008. did any of us actually take time to read it and consider it? It is not perfect, that i have to admit but they did come out with something.

now you are asking them to do something which is very obvious. read Uncle Kit's blog. many times he called on the govt to do a lot of things like put the IPCMC into action, investigate the corruption practices, start royal commission and things like that. do you then doubt they don't have the ability to come out with a solution?

yes, they didn't come out with a detailed plan. but why doubt they can't? even a small child can tell you don't cut queue. wear a helmet if you are riding a bike. do you think rooting out corruption i.e. via revamping the ACA, civil service and education is something inconceivable and opposition only know how to rant but provide no concrete solution? on the contrary, they DO KNOW the solution and they have mentioned it before. pls read Uncle Kit's and teresa kok's blogs as examples of what they did if you doubt it.

We don't need more manifestos. The People's Declaration (see The People's Parliament blog) which the opposition endorsed have already laid out the clear manifesto of what the opposition stands for.

When you cite buying a 10K washing machine, may I ask do you read the whole instruction manual of each machine before you choose the one that you like best? and also check each part within the machine to see if they provide the best parts?

most of the time, you don't right? the things you ask for in a washing machine is similarly already stated in the People's Declaration. It has been endorsed.

but being without power, what do you expect their rantings will achieve? it will only highlight to us that ultimately, the fault lies with us. this is the reality. like it or not, if we keep validating BN via no vote or affirmative vote for them means we are ok with what they are doing. Why a no vote is an affirmation? Because the world is a dangerous place not because of evil people but because good people did nothing to stop the evil people.

do you think your children have a bright future under BN? a large part of our economy (some say up to 40% but i am not sure) is based on oil. and you know how "effective" BN spends these monies. when it runs out, who will support the economy? your kids? by being what? think about it...

myop101 said...

dear bunnies,

on the same token, why don't you ask your BN candidate this:

i) to provide you real workable solution to the increasing crime rate be it white collar or organised or petty types?

ii) how are they addressing the issue of uncertainty within the judiciary to decide who's jurisdiction will cover a legal case between a muslim and non-muslim?

iii) do they have a workable solution to fix the increasingly weakening muhibbah spirit enjoyed by this country?

iv) with the rampant corruption yet most cases went unsolved or buried, can you ask them whether they raised these concerns in Parliament.

At least, the opposition did do iv) if you feel they didn't do i) to iii) (i disagree with you on this per my previous comment but i let you decide). BN MPs who did raise iv) have been dropped and those who didn't, you should be happy to see them coming around greeting you soon.

myop101 said...

dear pju voter,

the execution of the entire family and village is something the emperors over the ages employ to get absolute obedience. in this context, i disagree that the virtue of it.

with the judge being the accuser, investigator and passing judgement, this kind of system no longer has a place in this modern society.

the fear of shaming the family pride and clan should stem from knowing what they did is wrong. that is sufficient. history, has taught us that many cultures succeed and fail throughout the ages because the inherent problem is always the same. lack of justice, rampant lawlessness and corruption and indifference to the suffering of the people. when the crux of the society i.e. the people break away from civil law and order, the country will very soon collapse.

similarly, ensuring the drains are cleared, lamp posts fixed and garbage cleaned is good as it shows order but closing one's eyes to crime, rampant corruption and injustice to others being committed will surely one day lead to the collapse of the nation.

Anonymous said...

"Harping or pointing out all the wrongdoing is just 1/3 of doing the job better. The solution/proposal to rectify each wrongdoing is what sells!" You are right here. We the voters have to provide the other 1/3 to make it 2/3 majority to kickstart the first step to rid the country of all the ills. It is up to us to provide that other 1/3.
All along the opposition had proposed solutions but have anyone in the BN party listen at all? Dont be too pessimistic lah. We can surely make the change if we all have the will power and unite to make it happen. It is not easy but it is not insurmountable.

myop101 said...

dear buddies,

oops..wrongly refer you as bunnies.... my bad...

anyway, another pledge made by DAP Penang.


myop101 said...

dear bunnies,

oops... i know it is supposed to be bunnies but i am not sure why i keep typing buddies... sorry...

myop101 said...

Dear bunnies,

here's another link on DAP manifesto...


Anonymous said...

With Chew Mei Fun as the MP, the poor voters got to wake up earlier working like shit whereas CMF and her buddies can use our fund opening more aerobic dances in parks. Who got the keys for the electric control box for the lighting? CMF's buddies.

CMF is a spinster asking people to get married whereas she said she doesn't want to get married?

Is she somebody's pet like A. Yam?

CMF will never reopen the SOS Damansara school. She is a innate liar. The parents are also liars. Never trust liars like CMF and her parents.

Boot all these innate liars from the Chew family so that they can open a stall in Sabah's KK selling meefun goreng. CMF can wash plates. This is more like her job.

OKT and LLS can also set up stalls beside them selling bukkutteh and chicken rice.

They don't deserve to be our MPS!

Anonymous said...

pju voter is right. The only deterrent for rampant corruption is beheading.

There is no law and order in Malaysia. The judges, prosecutors and lawyers are all corrupted and rotten to the core. Did the Linggam's video clip ring a bell?

All these traitors must be beheaded on 3/8. If not, there will be no law and order and the corrupt traitors will continue their plundering free if they are elected again.

Rampant corruptions will still be around if myop is still around.