Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wanna join Lulu in campaigning for a new MP in PJ Utara?

from NST
from Malaysiakini

and the boys at KMU who have a friend in the kementerian

so how? still sitting back and doing the coffeeshop talk?
wanna walk the talk? wanna meet Lulu?
wanna do something more than just blog or read blogs or comment in blogs? wanna meet Lulu?
wanna join Lulu in campaigning for a new MP in PJ Utara? erhh... wanna meet Lulu?
If you are interested in joining Lulu's Diet Plan, sms your name and email address to the DAP Hotline 016-2208867 and someone will get back to you. They need your help in dethroning the noodle queen!

Update from Tony Pua's blog
Please email directly to ericahew(at)gmail(dot)com or call/sms our Hotline @ 016-2208867.


denzook said...

if the parliament dissolve today, i conclude that the AAB is a PM never speaks the truth:

1) he brush off the speculation of his marriage as rumors.

2) he said he will heret 18 big fish to muka pengadilan for corruption.

3) he said he will not dissolve parliament on 13 feb, and which he does, if he does....

what is this, is this the practice of hadhari which spewing lies and lies and deny and deny.....

wmd said...

Not only they lie, they cannot even lie properly/smartly. Only yesterday he said that he will not dissolve the parliament on 13 feb and see what happens today. *Slap my head ;)

Really how to trust anything he/they says!

team bsg said...

you have nailed it right on , the question is not who lies but what you r gonna do !

we will be directly involved with lim Lip Suan of Kota Raja , will get bact to your diet plan ASAP

would be great to get some noisy hallucinating arm chair holier wannabes into the real act if you can , those talk c types

denzook said...

i/m very very angry with this aab. so stupid he denied yesterday and today he changed his mind. what kind of indeciveness PM (i hope it will be 'ex') we had!

should send this aab balik to kepala batas for good. at least he can play with his wife all time round without tiring travel to putrajaya. oppos should field some strong contender to vote aab out.....

wish list 2008 - kick AAB back to kepala batas!

Charlotte said...

Talk about biting one's own behind.

denzook said...

well, heard erection date on 15 mar = friday. but donno suddenly when everything prepare he changed the date to 8 mar caught everyone surprise..... is it possible to change date in the middle of campaigning ?

Sharing said...

Should GE get on when
a) A complete electoral roll for phantom checking is never available?
b) there is no sufficient proof that EC had done their best to get the about 4 million unregistered be registered?
c) Postal Votes not strike out?
d) All Candidates are still not settled and if they have not sufficient time and media to expose to the voters?

Can a Fair Election be expected?
What happened to the Bersih Rally?

The JOKE is ON
not the GE!!

team bsg said...

its truly amazing to note that there are people in the wilderness who still argue about whether the imminent war is fair or not , to these ignoramus we say shut up or GTH ! tell us is there ever a fair war or not ? Just fight it or die !

denzook said...

i can only lend monetary support, although not much, sigh.....

wits0 said...

Lulu has noticed this too, such typical idiotic double speak within a very short period of time.

It has been long known that within officialdom's pronouncements, a "no" readily becomes a "yes". This has been so, for decades. So, why are we still buying noosepapers to get confounded and insulted?