Friday, February 08, 2008

Pal Lah's "I work hard to fulfil duties" Made Lulu LOL!

I work very hard.
I really mean it
and you know it
PM at the Chinese New Year open house at the Penang Chinese Town Hall here as reported by the Star


WTF said...

...and you know what he said today in Penang ?

" ...I am not doing this (holding PM post)for myself..."

Hahaha...yeah sure sure sure, you are doing this for your SIL, son, daughter ,"cucu cicik" , mother-in-law, father-in-law, all the in-laws and I suppose all the OUT-LAWS too !!!

I.M.Awake said...

Malu lah.........

always sleeping, always caught on camera.

aiyo. like that also hardworking ah.....

shame shame.

Sharing said...

It is what is said by an old Chinese proverb “此地无银三百两“
"We had not discovered any money or any 300 tael of silver!!"
A statement made by someone who tried to hide his discovery of money from the land!