Monday, February 04, 2008

Maybe Lulu Could Be As Forgiving/Forgetful/Artificial As OKT

and be bff with Kerismuddin


Anonymous said...

People , don't get conned "again-lah", the clown and the jester were merely posing for the pix to fish your votes.........

After the "undi" you will be screwed left,right,centre,top ,bottom, front,back.......again and again.......

OR.KUI.TAU said...

OKT Sucks!

ycg said... gay can they be.

What A Lulu said...

whooops..... lulu looked further down the bff link.
lulu meant best friends forever, erh... not the meanings found in the lower half of the link.

kisses n hugs said...

emmmm kiss, kiss, hug, hug, kiss somemore, hug somemore.

emmm, muachhhh.

so lovely dovely.

Sharing said...

Is this an Emotional Show?
How can it be emotional for those without heart and soul?
Emotional because something had arrived late?
Something finally arrived after despairs?
Something arrived when many should arrived and not arrived?

Why to hug?
To hug because they are old friends?
Or to hug for a body check if any one carries a keris?
Or to hug because a deal had been concluded with only body language to express?

Emotional to cover Rational??
To cover the many that should come but not come?
To cover the thirst for Education to come?
To cover the pants with many stolen pockets?
To cover the pains and stresses even reminded by any Sway of keris?
To cover the joke when audiences paid for them to show?

Most important of all
We all know they are doing a Show!!
A show the victims as audiences paying the Jokers to perform!!

Anonymous said...

OKT whispering to C4 Nacheap as they embraced: "OK, no problem, extend nep for another 10000 years"

Anonymous said...

OKT is just a sell out. Infact, the whole of MCA should be flushed down the toilet.