Monday, February 25, 2008

Lulu's Living On Bread and Water

this has been a regular feature for my breakfast, lunch..... and dinner.
Lulu's been crazily busy because of the elections.
No time to blog.
Am helping out Tony Pua, Dr Cheah and Weng San in their PJU campaign.

Last week, as Lulu was walking back to her car from the DAP office where she has volunteered to help, she passed a restaurant and saw people tossing yee sang at their chinese new year gatherings. Lulu had totally forgotten that it was still Chinese New Year :C sad, isn't it?

but you know what?
It will be worth it when the PJ Utara team gets voted in to Parliament and State assembly.
From there, they (and other opposition MPs and SAs) will voice out their concerns on our behalf about the rot in the country.

The rot has to stop!
It's time to change!!!!


Anonymous said...

ohmigod ohmigod..... i have been readind you for ages lah...

always wondered who wonderful lulu is :)))))

now i rem seeing the packet of bread and water....

so honoured to have met u and i actually shook your hand also.... wow... i am so blessed...

wahooo for lulu...

love ya :)))))

ellessee said...

hi Lulu, good work u're doing! But please take care of your health: eat fruits like apples, bananas, papayas etc..., and don't overdo things! Together we'll make a difference!

Anonymous said...

family of 6 staying in DU converted from MCA to DAP this time round. we dont need a longkang MP>we dont need a MP to remind us of 1969>we dont need a MP who dont even dare to defend herself in Parliament against sexist remarks from her MR BOCOR colleague.
In short, we need a MP who dares to stand up for integrity and fairness.

kaki.ayam said...

sad to hear that you are living on bread(red bean) and water alone.

...and embarrassed that i am not helping out.

Anonymous said...

here u go your effective diet plan ;)

to the team,
take good care
make sure u have all the strength
not to prepare for the poll
but fighting the bodoh sombong hp6 in parliment

denzook said...

i wonder how would tony to counter this when CMF and victor gu attack his credibility -

Lame Basket said...

am tempted to buy you dinner. :-)
keep up the good work.

Free said...

Yes, Change Change Change !!!

Bang Bang Bang !!!

Kick out Barisan Najis !!!

Anonymous said...

so that you want to be considered for next election??

Anonymous said...

YES!! It is time to CHANGE!!!

My whole family has converted to support the opposition this time too.

Take care, Lulu.

myop101 said...

dear lulu,

thank you for your service to the community. i am sorry i couldn't lend any help (other than donations to the campaigns) but the only thing i have been doing is going round telling people to vote for the opposition (my family and i will definitely vote for anything not associated with the scales). hope it helps...:)

Anonymous said...

dis jedyoong a confused lot ..dun bother 2 read her stuff lah adui

it's Confucian we need to study
NOT confusion

Death Note said...


Sharing said...

Your Spirit is High so forgotten what your stomach requires?
High because Chance of Change need much emphasize!
Not only Opposition but the Right People to rise!
You got the Right People so it has been more important than Rice!
Picking Right People with the Right Party really wise!

Having a Good Stomach to stand-up for the Right People is even wiser!!

Take Care and Glad to see your Post or thinking you may have lost for quite a while!!

Sharing said...

Damages caused by BN under ABB to support why BN should be out:
with reference to a video clip

The list realized by the Chinese

myop101 said...

This is kind of a side track but important to highlight.

Guess what? Lee Hwa Beng did write to the Sun (and he published it in his web). This is what he wrote:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dato Lee
Date: Feb 23, 2008 2:25 PM

The Sun
Dear Editor
I refer to the recent article that appeared in your paper quoting me that all churches need to apply for permits from MPSJ.
I wish to clarify that MPSJ has never asked any church to apply for permits. MPSJ has also not taken action against any church for having their premises in shophouses or factories. Hence there is no necessity for any churches to apply for any permits.
I hope this clarification will put to rest all the concerns on this issue.
Thank you.
Lee Hwa Beng
MPSJ Councillor

Do you feel the air being cleared? I still see a thick smog emitting from his e-mail reply.

Hence I decided to write another comment cum letter here to "demand" for answers. You can read it here:

My hope is Kelana Jaya voters please wise up to the antics of BN members.

Anonymous said...


I think you are cute and hot!

Sharing said...

Should anyone take the recommendation of someone "famous" with nice words without references on Candidates?

Especially for Lee Hwa Beng, a Councilor of 20years with MPPJ/MSPSJ with nothing to be referred to?


jacqui_woo said...

So proud of you, Lulu! Wish we could be there to help and VOTE! Sigh...

denzook said...

i think tony should come open with his background as a ceo in the IT company. i first come across this at mca website when i want to learn how cmf and victor would counter in their argument given all the mess aab has incurred. and from there, it gives me doubts how lge on what basis could appoint tony as economic adviser: 1) he's running a money-losing IT firm, cashing the stock instead helping it to recover 2) he's PPE from oxford, but still "just" a degree 3) there are certainly much qualify candidate from dap to hold economic adviser position.

and he was nominated for election candidate just after 1 yr of joining, while some grassroots are ditched and sidelined. It really baffles me, though I will still vote for oppos, I prefer the candidate to come clean and open with their past rather than glorifying what it is not.

more scathing attack on tony:

Sharing said...

Qualification of Candidates starts with their Heart & Soul!
Business depends much on the bigger atmosphere to success than personal efforts.
Many IT firms broke for reason so!
Did he work hard during his CEO?
If he had not cheat and flip-flop his character remains unsold!
Did DAP utilize his knowledge and experience so as to nominate him as Candidate?
Should the Budget 2008 not with his contribution?
If DAP took him by his performance rather than by years of service, isn't it a good sign?
One has to compare him with what can be available instead of just picking him from every angles!
Anyone better than Tony to be named and why?

He might not be the best
But he is qualified than most!!


Auntie Dot said...

Dear Lulu,
Don't feel sad about the bread and water. Here's why.

Eat meat - you die of heart block
Eat chicken - you die of hormone overdose or the embarassement of growing a third breast from the overdose of hormones
Eat fish - you die from mercury poisoning
Eat vegetables only - you die of complication of anaemia should you forget to take iron supplement , or die of no desire of eating.

Stick to your bread and water. We'll all die anyway. Might as well die rich.

Sharing said...

A Slogan to Share!

Future of the State in YOUR hands!
Corruption & Manipulation sheer Human Rights!
When will the Beautiful Country be resumed?
Oppositions looking for PEOPLE with Faith and Responsibility
taking the credible and capable to take over!
Minimum half of the Parliament seats to get hold of the power!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping the PJ U folks. I heard from a reliable source that Tony Pua's speeches are pretty good. No personal attacks but policy attacks. Keep it up. MCA folks are a bit worried.

Unlike DAP Penang, MCA folks are not that worried cause DAP are resorting to personal attacks (it shows that DAP has no ideas at all).

One point for them: Attack on the "Penang Corridor"- use the phrase: DAP is pro -development and are there to see that it goes smoothly, and no wastages or too much environmental damage (a lot of people are against the project but u still have the business people so u cannot be totally against those projects). Instead of that they used the stupid term : Bodyguards of UMNO, and now all chinese newspapers used this to attack back DAP.

This was a rather long post sorry about that. Keep up with the good work! Hope to see Tony Pua in the Parliament!

Sharing said...

"Penang Corridor"
A New Apple after a Rotten one in George Town?

Jessica said...

hi lulu, i am an avid reader of your blog and here's a small contribution on my part to spread the word (and spirit!) :